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uk-us-shooping-0211We don’t often recognize new subscribers here, but occasionally we do. And one joined us the other day that is about as rare around here as hen’s teeth, but still has ticked some boxes that I like (a lot).

Our new subscriber is a blogger, a new one, I think, although quite good, and works in-depth as well, a young Brit female (three of my favorite categories right there), from Basildon, in Essex, and rarest of all a Labourite. I suspect she’ll disagree with much of what is written here, but perhaps we can learn from her, and her from us. Many of us know that while we have become curmudgeonly conservative types, we started out much more liberal, until life taught us some lessons. Winston Churchill famously said, “If you’re not a liberal when you’re 25, you have no heart.  If you’re not a conservative by the time you’re 35, you have no brain.” Actually he didn’t, according to the Churchill Centre:

There is no record of anyone hearing Churchill say this. Paul Addison of Edinburgh University makes this comment: “Surely Churchill can’t have used the words attributed to him. He’d been a Conservative at 15 and a Liberal at 35!  And would he have talked so disrespectfully of Clemmie, who is generally thought to have been a lifelong Liberal?”

But still there is a ground truth there.

In any case, she is Melissa D’lima, who blogs at Historyxpolitics. She also says she likes modern British history a lot, and so I can’t help but give a plug to a friend of mine, Professor John Charmley at the University of East Anglia because he has done an extraordinary amount to increase my understanding of that subject, especially with his Chamberlain and the Lost Peace and his History of the Conservative Party both of which are available at Amazon. He’s a bit of a maverick in British history, and we’re much the better for his insight, I think. I should also likely say that following him on Twitter at @ProfJCharmley has opened an entire world of British historians to me and I’m much better for it. If I were younger (well, much younger) I would be looking for a way to study under him.

Interestingly, he also epitomizes one of the paradoxes of British political life. like so many of the great Tories, he is a self-made man, who came up from the working class, all the way through an Oxford doctorate.

One of the people whose work he (and Jess) introduced me to is Dr. Suzannah Lipscomb. From her website, “In October 2011, she took up her post as Head of the Faculty of History and Senior Lecturer in Early Modern History at New College of the Humanities (NCH), where she lectures and tutors on British History 1450-1649 and European history 1500-1800. As Head of the Faculty of History, she is a member of the Academic Board, responsible for the academic governance of NCH.” As that indicates, she is far more than a pretty face on TV, and part of why I value her is that I’m convinced one can not understand modern British History (or American, for that matter) without understanding the Tudors, who started modern history for us, and later the world.

If anybody cares, what I’m reading at the moment is Adam Smith: both Wealth of Nations and The Theory of Moral Sentiments, David Hume: The Understanding, and John Locke’s First and Second Treatises of Government, as well as some lighter stuff.

Something else Suzi did that I really like, and something the American left often has trouble with, is realizing that we must not look at the past through our twenty-first-century eyes. It truly is a foreign land.

So welcome, Melissa. I hope you enjoy it here, and I’m quite sure I’ll enjoy your blog as well, and watching as you, dare I say, continue to grow up. I’m impressed now, who knows what the future holds, so ‘Good Luck and a fair breeze”.

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10 Responses to Welcome to a New Subscriber

  1. the unit says:

    Well yes Welcome. Disagree? I didn’t know my wife of 35 years had a blog. 🙂 Who ever she is, I visited her blog. She sounds reasonable and able to give thought to differing ideas in her own party. So I won’t try to find a ugly Youtube of her . 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • NEO says:

      Yep, she does to me as well. I think she’ll be a good addition here. Good on you, Unit! 🙂


  2. NEO says:

    For the first time ever, I just trashed a comment. I simply will not have that language used here. Keep it phrased in civil terms or simply leave.


  3. cathy says:

    This blog reminds me of the immortal Tigg Montague:

    ‘You two are related, and relations never did agree, and never will; which is a wise dispensation and inevitable thing, else there would be none but family parties and everybody on earth would bore everybody else to death. If you were on good terms I should consider you a most confoundedly unnatural pair, but standing towards each other as you do, I look upon you as a couple of devilish deep-thoughted fellows,who may be reasoned with to any extent.’


    Always good to meet devilish deep-thoughted fellows.

    Liked by 1 person

    • NEO says:

      Why, thank you, ma’am! 🙂

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  4. the unit says:

    I’m sort of a subscriber. I never saw a subscribe “click on.” Met you over @ Mike’s Right, back in ’12, right about July, then Rat’s Right, then Rat Nation, been reading since. Anyway I get email for new posts, and for who “likes” and who comments to mine. I figure I subscribed however I did it. Glad about it. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • NEO says:

      Yep, you did, and I’m glad of it ! 🙂

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      • the unit says:

        It’s been Rainy Day and Monday across much of Florida. My area missed the rain, but not Monday (and 97 degrees!). Several blogs sort of deflated this Monday. I’ll try to stay up beat and never let you down (sounds sort of like a constitutional oath, huh?) 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        • the unit says:

          never, well, according to the best of my ability. There, that makes it more oathal accordingly. 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

        • NEO says:

          Yeah, life gets in the way sometimes, as does heat and humidity. 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

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