HMS Pinafore X2

I’m in the mood to mostly screw off today, so here’s an old friend, for your (and my) enjoyment.

There’s no deep message intended here, it’s Saturday, and time to wind down from another week. Cause we ain’t gonna fix it before Monday, anyway. So sit back and enjoy some of the first (semi) serious music that I fell in love with as a kid. The old Golden Records survey of music opened a lot of doors for me, and this is one of them.

From the 2005 Proms: HMS Pinafore

Any resemblance to the US Government is (I hope) coincidental,

but I wouldn’t bet much on it.

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15 Responses to HMS Pinafore X2

  1. the unit says:

    Honestly, I’ve only gone through 40 minutes, you know life get’s in the way even on Sunday. But already know they more committed, inspired, talented and non-self-serving than any government or bunch of congress critters, house and senate and staff and bureaucracy combined. 🙂

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  2. the unit says:

    I been gone since about 4pm. Was going to give link to movie “Since you went away” Decided not to, but a good one. I was deleting my trial antivirus on new laptop and figured getting it protected would be a chore. And it was. Just got back.

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  7. the unit says:

    I guess OT, but…
    For who might be interested. McAfee anti-virus came on new laptop with 30 day trial. Today was last day. I could have easily punched a button to keep it going, for the price which really wasn’t too bad. But I’ve been using Kaspersky now about five years and bought coverage last year through ’17 for me, wife, and daughter’s machines.
    Being so computer attuned that I be, I knew I had to uninstall McAfee before loading up my anti-virus from my Kas CD. So I did. Loaded CD and got message Kas not compatible with Windows 10. What? Such a headache then. Went online to download McAfee, but then after doing that and the credit card payment, site said my address is not valid ( lived, slept, paid taxes here 35 years). Kept trying to no avail.
    Decided to try a anti I had a few years ago, Avast. So I downloaded and paid the price. Problem was though, it never showed up in programs in control panel. Called customer service and spoke with a guy who at first seemed like he wanted to be helpful. What he said to do didn’t work and he said we are not getting anywhere and hung up. I called back and it sounded like I got the same guy, told him to talk to my daughter about it because I don’t hear so well. Even turned over control of computer to him. He couldn’t fix it. Said my computer is broken and to take it back. And hung up. That near midnight here, don’t know what time it was in wherever part of planet he in.
    Anyway I went back and did another download and it registered in control panel programs about midnight.
    So I have what I call Agasp anti-virus. Will have to watch my credit card bill for a while I guess.
    Well, so far so good at about nearly 8 pm.

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