Decadence, Part 2, Sex

Decadence_Title_(Screenshot)Well, we’re going back to our series on decadence. This time we are going to talk about sex, and yes the video is a bit NSFW.

And that very statement tells you much of the problem, it’s not that we’re oversexed, maybe we are, but maybe we always have been. The problem is that we have commodified people (yes, especially women) to sell everything under the sun, including this video, deploring it. Well, markets tend to use that which works, nothing new here, and physically beautiful women can sell nearly anything to (especially young) men. It is, deal with it.

But nothing says that we have to participate. Don’t believe in this evil nonsense? Turn off your TV, buy other products, whatever. Don’t muck about with a boycott, just do it. Mass media, at least in America, is dying, not least because it only talks to itself. Especially on the internet, while you can find all the vile and disgusting things everybody talks about, you can also find more good, uplifting stuff, than you dreamed existed, so go and explore.

And for the (mostly) young guys out there that think sex is the main thing. Try something for yourself. Instead of thinking only about how to get that ‘babe’ you just met into your bed, sit down and talk to her, get to know her, her hopes and dreams, what she likes and what she doesn’t. You might  be surprised, you might end up with a very good friend. Women are fascinating, but it’s much deeper than their looks and sex. Yes, there are quite a few that are rather vapid and/ or unpleasant. Careful, they might say the same about you, or me and they may well be right.

And you want to know something else? Sex with someone you love is at least an order of magnitude better than rutting like animals. Sex is good, Love is unbelievably better, for everyone involved.

Now, remember this is NSFW, mostly because of nudity.


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9 Responses to Decadence, Part 2, Sex

  1. Right on the money.

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    • NEO says:

      Surely is!


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  3. the unit says:

    Holy mackerel, Andy. I haven’t finished the Petula videos yet and now I got to watch this to formulate a comment. I’ll work on it and try to finish the job…and last more than two minutes to get it done. Tomorrow, or soon 🙂

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    • NEO says:

      Works for me, buddy! 🙂

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  4. the unit says:

    I got to finish the Decadence #2 this morning.
    I can say I think those speaking on the video know what they are talking about. But who is listening? They all over 30 so that hasn’t changed…young still not listening.
    I had heard there is majority porno on the internet and most searched venue.
    Curiosity killed the cat. I think the order though is exposure then curiosity.
    Sometime in elementary school, 4th., 5th. grade maybe, I was riding my bicycle home and found a pornographic magazine in the street. I’d never seen such, but was first exposure. Then I was curious. Knew what I was looking at wasn’t right though. Wasn’t curious enough to ask parents about it. Took it home and placed in one of my cowboy boots, then hid boots in detached garage. Sure it was my dad who noticed boots there and not in usual place, my room. Anyway magazine disappeared, which confirmed to me it was not good. That was it. Never heard anything, didn’t need to.
    I haven’t led a perfect life, but that incident kept me from straying too far off the straight and narrow. 🙂

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    • NEO says:

      Pretty much my story as well, it was found, it disappeared, nothing was said. I perhaps strayed a bit farther, but as I came back, that simply gives me a bit more to talk about, and I don’t think I seriously hurt anyone​ else, which is what really matters.

      Who is listening is always the problem, isn’t it?

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      • the unit says:

        I just mean didn’t stray to far from the road, did take the wrong fork I came to a few times. No need for either of us to give the details! Like who is listening anyway? NSA? I still haven’t been to that website that knows all about me. No need to, I know all about me already. Just not the why about me all the time. 🙂

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        • NEO says:

          Yep, that pretty much describes us both.

          My dad used to say:

          “Good judgement comes from experience,

          Experience come from bad judgement”

          I missed the last line:

          “Preferably others” 🙂


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