Character is destiny

w7041Classical education has been growing inside the United States for several decades.

Common Core’s entrance has only accelerated the trend.

This is how you educate men, and women, fit for use as men and women. That it is also the original Western, English, and American model is a bonus. What we have now is a model designed by the Prussians to create an obedient workforce, and soldiery, it does that well, be depriving them of a sense of morality, right or wrong, or a sense of things beyond the horizon. let alone the ability to interpret causally, based on our experience, both personal and as a civilization.

Read on and enjoy, by Joy Pullmann of The Federalist.

[…]‘Classical education is the means to freedom, the sine qua non of a free people.’

In the Common Core era, many parents have taken to classical education for respite, opening new schools public and private and flocking to homeschooling organizations such as Classical Conversations (disclosure: my son attends a CC co-op, and my husband ran one for two years). Catholics, Lutherans, Eastern Orthodox, and evangelicals have in recent years started and expanded societies for classical learning that offer teacher training, curriculum, publications, and seminars. “Classical Education,” the book, succinctly details its subject’s prominent expressions.

“Classical education is always inclined, by nature, toward decentralization, toward localism, towards connecting authority with responsibility,” said the book’s coauthor, Andrew Kern, the founder of the CiRCE Institute, which publishes curriculum and holds seminars for classical educators. It, too, is growing. “You’re not self-governing if you can’t rule yourself. Classical education is the means to freedom, the sine qua non of a free people, because it trains people in self-governance, in perceiving and living with the truth.”

Nothing Like Common Core

Classical education leaders like Kern, Anderson, and Moore draw sharp divisions between them and progressive education, the kind that has ruled U.S. schools since the 1900s and manifests itself today most prominently in Common Core. Common Core aims entirely at job preparation—see its motto, “college- and career-readiness,” which Congress has even endorsed by making it the defining characteristic of federally acceptable state K-12 goals in pending bills to reauthorize No Child Left Behind.

‘It is impossible for [most public] schools to succeed, because the people making the decisions don’t have to live with the consequences.’

Like America’s founders, classical enthusiasts hope their students achieve far more than entry-level job skills. They intend for their students to also exhibit the public and private virtues necessary to cultivate and preserve America’s unique form of constitutional, limited government.

“We don’t know what [students] are going to be—lawyer, garbage man,” Anderson says, with a characteristically direct look. “But you will be an American, and can determine our fate through voting. They will all be humans. Se we want them to be good at it.”

Source: In The Common Core Era, Families Flock To Its Opposite


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9 Responses to Character is destiny

  1. Sadly today, both in Britain and in the US, I myself personally see few classic educated young people. And I do some tutoring at times, of course mostly in philosophy and critical thinking. Thankfully I am sure there are some exceptions, but nothing like it was many years ago. No the West is in real trouble here, and especially in conservatism, we have been almost wiped-out with modernity & postmodernity! The demand and search for truth has lost that primary purpose of all genuine education to the attainment by each individual of self-direction and discipline, herein all personal truth is found, as is any true reality of “spirit and truth”! To quote Blaise Pascal: “Jesus will be in agony until the end of the world; we must not sleep during all that time.” Indeed a trip into the Pensees must be persuaded by reason and true personhood. Surely God In Christ effects everything!

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    • NEO says:

      Yes, and that is the point, we need to encourage those that do it right, as well as call out the others.


      • And my point is the great need for the Judeo-Christian worldview! Btw, in time past theology and philosophy were sought together to some degree… thinking of old F.C. Copleston and even his approach to Aquinas here! See his fine little book: Aquinas (first edition, 1955, Pelican Books).


        • And I will say it once again, Aquinas was an Augustinian, and even called himself such, but where is such in the Catholic Church today? Note Pascal’s hidden “amulet”, or “Memorial” of conversion to Christ.. as he called it, which he carried about, sewn into the lining of his coat or jacket!


        • And as Bonhoeffer wrote in his book: Cost Of Discipleship, grace has become “cheap grace”, oh the great loss and burden now of the West! Where is the visible cost of true discipleship to Christ? Well beyond words, and even so-called proper theology! But God in Christ always makes the true “divide”! Lord have mercy on us!

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        • the unit says:

          Fr. Robert, what we have written doesn’t need sewed in the lining of our coats anymore and can’t be hidden. We just have to confirm and spit it out when confronted when the day comes. I don’t mean judgement day, but government liquidation day, not trade in but turn in your clunker day. 🙂


        • @Unit: Hopefully we will “spit” out Christ, the Living Word from within us? And not HE spit us out at the Judgment! (Rev. 3: 16, etc.) 😉


  2. PatriotUSA says:

    I worked for the state for via two different agencies for a few years and am thankfully done with such nefarious stooge work. I was a program coordinator for high stakes testing to help job seekers show that they have employable skills in math, locating information and reading.

    The tentacles of how this all was all used by employers and now the schools down to elementary SCREWELS is disgusting. Kids take similar tests to tell them what ‘career’ they will be best suited for. Kommon krude is simply an extension of high stakes testing which for decades has been the SAT’s, ACT’s etc.

    Thank the Lord I went to university(NAU, Flagstaff, Arizona) and graduated in 1977. Many of my best profs were retired military men and women across all subjects. Military history is who I am, what I can recall.

    Chelsea Clinton is a ‘perfect’ example of what is wrong with education these days.

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    • NEO says:

      Very little to disagree with there, since my background is similar, although I didn’t graduate, stuff happens sometimes. 🙂


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