The Milwaukie Bomber

I hear there was a debate of sorts, last night. I missed it, intentionally. There may well be Democrats out there who believe enough of the same things for me to support them. if there are they aren’t running for President. Personally, I’d vote for Jeremy Corbin before any of these cretins. So if you want to know about it, and their enabler from the Chicken Noodle Network, you’ll have to keep looking. Here we do important, American Stuff. Like the Milwaukee Bomber. Enjoy!

Art Lacey & his crew of filling station attendants at the Bomber Gas Station; Milwaukie, Oregon


Art Lacey was a crazy sumbitch. You have to understand that from the beginning or this story will make no sense, not that it will anyway. Still, it’s something you should know.

Art was celebrating his birthday in 1947, had knocked back a few, and, from out of nowhere, proclaimed he was going to slap a B-17 bomber on top of his gas station. A friend of his told him he was crazy, which, of course, was true but made no never mind and was all the provocation Art needed to prove him wrong.

So, Art turned to his friend, Bob, and asked him if he had any money on him. How much you need, asked Bob. About $15,000, said Art, pulling a number out of his butt. Sure, said Bob, I got that on me. Now, it may seem odd to you that folks would be carrying tens of thousands of bucks on their person but it was perfectly normal in post-war Portland, which was a wide open town, hip deep in vice of every kind.

Some sober people of sound mind may ask why, exactly why, would you want to put a bomber on top of your gas station? Maybe you are one such curious person, so let me explain you the answer: Because this is America, that’s why. If you want to hoist a bomber above your place of business, that’s what you will damned well do. Why do I even have to even explain this to you? You should know this. Stop interrupting me, for Pete’s sake, and let me tell the story. Sheesh!

America built 12,731 B-17s during the war, which, even allowing for the terrific attrition they suffered in ferocious aerial combat, about 4750 aircraft destroyed, left the brand spanking new United States Air Force with thousands of B-17s it did not need parked at air bases all over the country. Art found a field in Oklahoma, Altus Air Force Base, full of idle B-17s where he charmed the officer in charge into selling him one for $13,000, a considerable discount from its original price of $238,329 and who knows how many cents. The officer told him to show up with his co-pilot and he could fly it away, just like that. This was before gun control and background checks and waiting periods and whatnot. You could just buy a bomber and do what you wanted with it.

Source: The Milwaukie Bomber – BLACKFIVE


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7 Responses to The Milwaukie Bomber

  1. the unit says:

    Many would say that is a made up story. Art had idea after “knocking back a few.” And then did it. Well I was only five then, but I was driving in ’57. In those days if you pulled over to the side at midnight to let a friend barf, usually there was a policeman who showed up right then. He didn’t ask if you guys had been drinking. Just asked if you could get him home? There were times they’d get after you though. Speeding or having glass paks on your car. However if you could make it home in your driveway before stopping, they’d pass on by. Today in Florida try riding your lawnmower to cut you lawn with a beer in the cupholder. And especially if you’re riding a push mower. 🙂
    I’m not condemning DUI, speeding, and noise laws which are necessary these days. Nor condoning the way it was back then.
    Just saying why I can believe Art and story real, “movin’ West.”

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    • NEO says:

      Yep, i think it’s a true story as well. That’s pretty much how the country was back then, and man, do I miss it! 🙂

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      • the unit says:

        “and man, do I miss it!” Me too. I guess that is a combination of critical thinking, reason, and feelings. So maybe I’m a moderate after all. I do have my limits however, “knowin’ when to hold’em, knowin’ when to fold’em, knowin’ when to walk away, knowin’ when to run.!” 🙂

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        • NEO says:


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        • the unit says:

          Fixin’ to fold’em. Dentist appointment in morning. Cleaning only. Then I’ll decide if it be time to run! 🙂

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