Agincourt thank-you sceptre to go on display

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Next Sunday will mark St. Crispin’s day and the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt, the near-miraculous victory of Henry V of England over the French Nobility. I’ll have a post on it then but for now, that original ‘Band of Brothers’ knew they had done something special and commemorated it accordingly. Like this:

For the first time in 600 years, a sceptre King Henry V gave to the City of London in gratitude for its support in the Hundred Years’ War will go on public display. The City of London helped finance the Battle of Agincourt, loaning Henry 10,000 marks (about three million pounds in today’s money). After Henry’s forces won so decisive a victory against the flower of French chivalry arrayed in much greater numbers against them on October 25th, 1415, the king had the sceptre made and presented it to the city as a thank you gift.

Made by the finest craftsmen — including French ones — of the age, the sceptre is 17 inches long and made out of two spiral-carved stems of rock crystal with ribbons of inlaid gold. At the top of the sceptre is a gold crown topped with fleurs-de-lis and crosses and decorated with gemstones from around the world: red spinels from Afghanistan, sapphires from Ceylon, pearls from the Arabian gulf. Inside the crown is the king’s coat of arms painted on parchment. The sceptre was made between 1415 and February of 1421 when it appears in a painting of the coronation of Catherine of Valois, wife of Henry V.

Source: The History Blog » Blog Archive » Agincourt thank-you sceptre to go on display (More pictures too!)

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  1. the unit says:

    Good thing it wasn’t on loan to the WH. It would have been embalmed with Osama and buried at sea. 🙂

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    • NEO says:



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