Sowing the Wind: Reaping the Whirlwind

Great Satan’s Girlfriend makes a very valid point. Japan and Germany are friends and allies now. Why? They used to be enemies. Maybe because they found out that America and Britain will ”bring a gun to a knife-fight” to quote the president back when he believed in defense, or was that only against America? In any case, an excellent point

Anydobby watching the Knife Infatada on telly may be struck with the term dispproportionate” – essentially – i.e., knife wielding attackers shot down down by bullets via guns.

It speaks to deterrence, disproportionate force and moral equivalence.

Under the canons of the last 2,500 years of Western warfare, disproportionality was the method by which aggressors were either deterred or stopped. Deterrence — which alone prevented wars — was predicated on the shared assumption that starting a conflict would bring more violence down upon the aggressor than he could ever inflict on his victim. Once lost, deterrence was restored usually by disproportionate responses that led to victory over and humiliation of the aggressive party.

Source: GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD: Moral Equivalence Myth

And here’s one person’s idea of what’s going to happen in Europe, perhaps next spring.

The unsettled Arab refugees are not committing terrorism, they are simply demonstrating. That is how they demonstrate, that’s all, nothing more. What Europe is experiencing now is simple unrest which will die down over time and as the weather cools. Demonstrators, almost without exception, tend to demonstrate only when the weather permits and once the mercury drops below 10oC the demonstrators will thin out and soon be so few that three police is all that will be needed to monitor their antics. If they were to get media coverage there would often be more reporters than demonstrators. But once spring comes and the weather tops 20oC then the numbers start to return and the demonstrations next summer will very likely qualify to be called riots. But even that is not the worst of what Europe will soon be facing. Europe needs to understand that the influx of refugees has only just begun and will slow until next spring when they will follow the frost line as they head north into Germany, France, Britain and the Scandinavian nations where the life is the easiest and the benefits the most generous. But even with the best of benefits, the most gracious hospitality, the nicest neighborhoods, accommodations for Islam as good as any Middle Eastern nation, and department after government department going head over heels to provide and meet even the most contrary set of demands will only strengthen the image of weakness as polite and caring social services is the most definitive sign of weakness to the Islamist.


Let us explain. By going the extra distances to meet or exceed their grandest expectations, this will simply produce further demands. If the government and the people continue to try and meet even the most absurd and grand of demands, the Islamists will interpret such action as being fed by an innate fear which drives this high level of accommodation and striving to please. The Middle East Islamist mindset expects minimal efforts to meet the mere minimalist needs of the people as their governments were designed more to enrich the klepto-politicians rather than meet the peoples’ needs.

He may or may not be right, time will tell. But I would give him at least a 70% chance of being right. Why? See above, and think about it for yourself.


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  2. the unit says:

    Do you need a new clock? There is a young fellow that will create one for you. No?
    In the meantime…You know what to expect to come from the Hillary hearings.
    So…Breaking News, not CNN.
    Police Officer photographed beating Unarmed Black Man while another Police Officer stands by.

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    • NEO says:

      Imagine that! Wonder why?


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