Pots and Kettles: Part 34,295

Pope-and-ProstitutesThere’s been a lot of noise amongst my British friends the last week about how awful it is that David Cameron and *gasp* the Queen, received Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife, and put him up for several days at Buckingham Palace.

Now granted that Xi is no angel, nor should we think him a good model to emulate (some of our leftist friends who have been loudest about this should look in the mirror). I’m quite sure the Queen and Dave both agree. But he is the head of a major trade partner, and not exactly an enemy. If he wants to come to London, there’s not much else to do. And it has to be much easier to guarantee his security at the palace than nearly anywhere else.

Business has to be done, after all. Even Americans didn’t object much when Nixon went off to Beijing, to turn an undeclared enemy into, if not a friend, perhaps a frenemy.

But what struck a very unnatural note with me, was a few (well quite a few, actually) traditional Catholics who were whinging all over the internet about China’s human rights abuses. Well, yeah, they exist, and they are quite horrible, and I wouldn’t want him in my house either. My guess is the Queen feels the same way. Likely so does the Pope.

But that didn’t stop the Pope from receiving Robert Mugabe recently in Rome. You see the most effective way to cure this sort of thing, is to show his people a better way.

From Jonathon Turley:

This is truly something that belongs in The Onion. Indeed, I had to double check to be sure that it was serious. China, one of the most oppressive nations on Earth, has given a human rights award to Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, one of the most oppressive and corrupt leaders in the world. China continues its almost comical issuance of the Confucius Peace Prize, its answer to the Nobel Peace Prize. China was tired of the Nobel people giving a human rights price to human rights advocates, particularly Chinese dissents or the Dali Lama. So it created its own prize to give those hard-working dictators an opportunity to shine. So this year, China is honoring a man who has destroyed the economy of Zimbabwe, starved his people, oppressed dissidents, and maintained one of the most disgusting levels of corruption and personal excess of any dictator in the world. Vladimir Putin previously won the award. Last year the recipient was that great humanitarian Fidel Castro.

Source: China Awards Mugabe Human Rights Prize | JONATHAN TURLEY

Pots and kettles are very often the same shade of black, after all, and head of states, even if they are heads of churches as well, have to do unsavory things sometimes.

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  1. the unit says:

    Applies to skillets too. I been in blackened frying pan lately with service industry (internet). 🙂

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