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At the new afternoon show at the High Chapparal theme park in Vegby Bolsgård, four Syrian orphans (left) wait in line as the Swedish Deputy Minister of Refugee Resettlement (right) moseys toward them with their first welfare check

Time for some common sense, from Mark Steyn:

I was in Malmö, Sweden, a month ago, and struck by tensions in the social fabric caused by the remorseless tide of “refugees” from “Syria”. Yesterday Rossleigh from the “Australian Independent Media Network” suggested that it was all confusion on my part and the bearded Muslims were, in fact, “hipsters”. Whether or not they’re hipsters, they’re now going to be the world’s least lonesome cowpokes.

The High Chaparral, presumably named after the Sixties telly show, is a Wild West theme park in southern Sweden (see right). And, because everywhere else in the country is filled up with as many Muslims as the fire code allows, the chaps at the Chaparral are now opening their swinging saloon doors to the new settlers and their covered wagons – whoops, covered wives. My old chums at the Telegraph report:

Few fleeing the civil war in Syria would have imagined they would end up spending the winter in a Wild West theme park complete with potted cacti, mock 19th century furniture, and cowboy murals.

But Sweden’s Migration Agency is now so desperate for rooms in which to house this autumn’s unexpected surge in refugees that it has signed a deal with High Chaparral, an amusement park in rural southern Sweden, to house 400 people.

Emil Erlandsson, the park’s manager and co-owner, said that the park had initially refused to lease out its accomodation for fear of damaging its brand.

“They have asked us five times and I have constantly turned them down,” he said. “But when we saw on the TV that refugees are now supposed to live in tents in Malmo, we took a decision that we should help.”

At the High Chaparral the only people living in tents are the Canadian Indians Mr Erlandsson uses as extras. Instead, the “refugees” will have a grand old time:

Source: Manifest Destiny in the New Wild West :: SteynOnline

Look it’s becoming abundantly clear that these aren’t political refugees, from Syria, or anyplace else, they are at best, economic refugees, and given that they have no marketable skills, at all, they are simply welfare shopping. The obvious thing is that Sweden and Germany, especially, besides destroying their own native culture are killing the goose that laid the golden eggs. Sultan Knish has more here.

There are likely a lot of reasons, not excluding the guilt many German feel/felt for Nazi-ism, and the bleeding that Europe took of its best men in the wars of the twentieth century, and seventy-five years of outsourcing their defense to the United States-kvetching all the while.

But the past is in some sense, prologue, and what we are watching now, is the dissolution of Europe, into if not the caliphate, into at least a Muslim majority continent. I rather doubt it is fixable, for a very simple reason:

Nothing cannot stand against anything.

If Europe does not grow a pair, and soon, it is irretrievably lost. Better visit soon before the cathedrals are all mosques.



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  1. the unit says:

    Molon Labe. And they did.

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    • NEO says:

      Indeed so!


  2. the unit says:

    We will giddy up go here though.

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