Cerberus: Potemkin Village Europe postures in face of the Islamic threat

6007542-3x2-940x627I’ll eventually have some thoughts on Paris that go beyond “God be with you, and we are praying for you”. But not yet. I suspect though they will closely parallel the two articles from The Conservative Woman that I’m featuring this morning.

We have been here before, too many times: 9/11, the Madrid train bombings, the Bali bomb, 7/7, the Mumbai killings, the Charlie Hebdo massacre, the slaughter of British tourists on a beach in Tunisia, and countless assaults on civilians in the benighted cities of the Middle East. Each time, in the West, the response is much the same. Expressions of shock and horror by the survivors and their fellow citizens; condemnation by political leaders engaged in a quest for yet more superlatives to express their revulsion; tightened security; a hunt for the perpetrators of the atrocity and their accomplices; revelations of police blunders that enabled the attackers to strike; and vague talk of military action against the terrorist masterminds.

All this we are witnessing in the aftermath of the inhuman cruelty of the Paris shootings. President Hollande has accused Islamic State (IS) of an “act of war” against France and vowed a “merciless” response. Security has been stepped up in cities across Europe. Special forces are on the streets on London. EU leaders have issued a joint statement pledging to crush IS by all means possible.

Tearful young Parisiens attempt to console one another by hugging in the streets. But no amount of candles, flowers and teddy bears or cries of defiance will change anything. “We are young, educated and liberal. This is what they hate”, declaimed the headline in The Sunday Times. But that fails to get to the heart of the matter. They hate us because we exist. And they have done these terrible things because we are weak.

France and by extension other Western nations have been badly served by their political masters. Nearly 15 years ago, in response to the 9/11 al-Qaeda assault on the Twin Towers, which claimed nearly 3,000 lives, the West, led by America, embarked on the war on terror. But as the war turned sour, failing to produce the instant victory demanded by the video games generation, public support ebbed and the resolve of presidents and prime ministers faltered. The boys were brought home, creating the power vacuum in the Middle East that led to the rise of IS and the mayhem on the streets of Paris this weekend.

Had America maintained the near 200,000 troops it had in Iraq during the 2007 surge would we now be witnessing the implosion of Syria and Iraq and the migrant exodus that threatens to overwhelm Europe and bring in its train a fifth column of young jihadists ready, willing and able to emulate the brutality on show at the Bataclan concert hall?

After Charlie Hebdo in January,  political leaders such as Hollande, Merkel and David Cameron led a march of millions of people through Paris to parade their defiance of the jihadi killers, their love of freedom and their solidaity. Je suis Charlie, was the cry, just as today we hear, in more troubled and muted tones, Je suis Paris.

But is a mass emote all they can do? Isn’t this all about them and not the poor young men and women mercilessly gunned down on Friday night? More pertinently, do our leaders think that all they have to do is parade their virtue – their sorrow, their sympathy, their compassion, their humanity – and all will be well? Can you imagine a Churchill or a Thatcher responding to an atrocity like Charlie Hebdo or this latest horror with empty gestures of defiance?

Source: Cerberus: Potemkin Village Europe postures in face of the Islamic threat

Not to mention:

Yesterday morning I awoke to the news that there had been some terrible event. At first, I wasn’t sure what it was and that bafflement lasted  through my breakfast.  Apparently, according to Radio 4, something terrible had happened to some Muslims in Paris. The Today programme said  there had been a terrorist attack, many people were dead, and an earnest voice said that, ‘Muslims of Europe are now in danger.’

I heard other voices saying the right wing in France was about to go on the rampage and wondered if there had been an Anders Breivik style massacre. Others said that multiculturalism was now under serious threat. A Muslim commentator, Egyptian German, Dr Asiem El Difraoui, discussed the impact the attacks on Paris may have on French politics:

‘We are a couple of weeks away from regional elections. We know that the extreme Right is emerging as a very strong party,’ he said, highlighting the concerns he shares with the BBC and the Liberal/Left.

‘I really hope that France is not going to react hysterically,’ he went on, explaining: ‘Paris is in shock. It’s much too early to draw conclusions.’

Which conclusions was he waiting for, one wondered. By about 8.30am the fog of liberal obfuscation had faded and I was clear, like everyone else, that this was the terrorist attack by Isil in the heart of Europe, long promised by them. One hundred and twenty seven young people had been shot dead,  one hundred more were critically injured. They were not Muslims at all, but Christian and secular, out and about at a rock concert, a football match and drinking in popular bars.

It was clear that the co-ordinated attacks had been committed by well trained young men who took time coolly reloading their assault rifles and Skorpion sub-machine guns. Nothing, certainly not the French security services employed by President Holland’s Socialist government, had stood up to their determination to kill and maim the ‘infidel.’

Source: Mass migration and multiculturalism drive us further apart.

Incidently that French air strike, good as it was, was about two-thirds the size of The Doolittle Raid. That needs to happen several times an hour. My guess is the French don’t have the ordnance to do much more, and nobody but the US/UK have the logistics to get there, unless of course the fired up the trucks and told Turkey to lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way.

But given the West’s leadership, I doubt it matters, they haven’t the guts to even name the enemy.


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4 Responses to Cerberus: Potemkin Village Europe postures in face of the Islamic threat

  1. Can any true Judeo-Christian theology doubt that we are in the definite time of the End, i.e. Eschatological time? No doubts for this Judeo-Christian! WE are seeing things in the West we have never seen, especially in the Middle East, and here of course IS Islam! And again, watch Russia! (See Ezekiel 38-39) And of course only a futuristic exegesis fits with the Book of Revelation and the Apocalypse! (Rev. 1: 1-3 ; 10 -‘Day of the Lord’…NOT Sunday- ; 1: 19, “has seen=saw” and “what they are” = ‘what they signify’).


  2. the unit says:

    I started being a “prepper” in ’99 with Y2K. The day after was just like the day before. Now a blog friend who is EMS and maintains communications in central Texas for the system assured me the reason it wasn’t a problem was all the work of patches and such that was put into the system, this about a year ago. I don’t know enough about it to wonder. He blogged beginning about 2010, I reading and commenting with him starting in Nov 2011. Well he like so many now disappeared So I wonder?
    Of course he passed middle age, about 55 now, and wife been ill. So I understand.
    I still have a 100 gallon propane tank full, hoses and gauges, never used. Generac generator, I think 5000. Griinder. Put up wheat, also oats and whatnot… been dispensed to needy long ago. Used gen for a few hurricanes, but been probably 7 years since last used. Ran fine then. Mechanic friend says douse cylinder with power steering fluid and rotate before trying to start again.
    And bullets. I never put up cases and cases. I got some if someone comes in my door. I never figured I could hold off a whole community which was looking for food and supplies. I thought I didn’t want to give them who finally over powered me cases and cases of ammo. This neighborhood. Who ever lives in Fort Apache could have different opinion.
    Come our next chance to save America, I hope vote matters and those will come out to vote next time.

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    • NEO says:

      Agree witth it all, my friend. 🙂


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