Guns: Time to Call the Liberal Bluff?

Gun-Free-2-copyI really like this idea, not least because the best way to call out imbecility, is to slightly adapt it, and adopt it.

Here’s an idea: let’s call the left’s bluff on the Second Amendment. The left is wedded to the notion that there is no individual right to own guns because of the clause the 2nd Amendment that mentions “a well-regulated militia.” […] But why not call for a serious militia program here in the U.S.—akin to the “Home Guard” Churchill set up in Britain in World War II? […]

Since we cannot have police or even private security at every location where a terrorist or mentally ill person might turn up, how about we start a program encouraging Americans to sign up in large numbers to be state militia members, involving a short course in gun safety and threat assessment. Then instead of having signs at schools and malls and elsewhere declaring a “Gun Free Zone,” we’d have signs saying “This facility protected by state militia members.”

Source: Guns: Time to Call the Liberal Bluff? | Power Line

Steven Hayward develops this a bit more in the source article, but I doubt he is entirely serious, neither am I. But that’s not exactly the point. It changes the paradigm of the conversation screaming match, and being mostly rational folk, we will never be able to outscream the left.

Still all he says is true, and while I don’t know about you, part of my choice in service providers, especially providers like banks, and where I’m going to be for some period of time, is that they don’t advertise that they are a soft target for random armed criminals. Even if they are, advertising it is just stupid.

So let’s all get on board with Steve, he’s proposing nothing we don’t do already, only adding a veneer of a state program. I like it!


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3 Responses to Guns: Time to Call the Liberal Bluff?

  1. Well the Swiss or Swizerland have a home guard or militia type, somewhere between their military and their armed citizens, who have once served in their military. Sounds good to me!


  2. the unit says:

    Well, I can’t climb in and out of a trench anymore. So as long as my home and what is inside my door is sovereign territory, which it is if I pay my local property tax. I support with molon labe. 🙂


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