Of Tar and Feathers, and Smoothbore Muskets

Senator Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) was out in San Bernadino the other day, and he has some things to say.

He’ll get no argument from me on any of that since it’s simple common sense. But since he’s being Nebraska nice, there’s more to it than that. Because the Islamic Jihadis aren’t the only ones who dislike our freedom. Kevin D. Williamson writing at the National Review had this to say.

There are many popular demons in American public life: Barack Obama and his monarchical pretensions, Valerie Jarrett and her two-bit Svengali act, or, if your tastes run in the other direction, the Koch brothers, the NRA, the scheming behind-the-scenes influences of Big Whatever. But take a moment to doff your hat to the long, energetic, and wide-ranging careers of three of our most enduring bad guys: laziness, corruption, and stupidity, which deserve special recognition for their role in the recent debates over gun control, terrorism, and crime. The Democratic party’s dramatic slide into naked authoritarianism — voting in the Senate to repeal the First Amendment, trying to lock up governors for vetoing legislation, and seeking to jail political opponents for holding unpopular views on global warming, etc. — has been both worrisome and dramatic. The Democrats even have a new position on the ancient civil-rights issue of due process, and that position is: “F— you.” The Bill of Rights guarantees Americans (like it or not) the right to keep and bear arms; it also reiterates the legal doctrine of some centuries standing that government may not deprive citizens of their rights without due process. In the case of gun rights, that generally means one of two things: the legal process by which one is convicted of a felony or the legal process by which one is declared mentally incompetent, usually as a prelude to involuntary commitment into a mental facility. The no-fly list and the terrorism watch list contain no such due process. Some bureaucrat somewhere in the executive branch puts a name onto a list, and that’s that. The ACLU has rightly called this “Kafkaesque.” […]

Why do we put all the T. Kennedys on the list instead of the actual sack of it we’re interested in? Because running that information down and systematizing it is hard work. Reviewing that information is a lot of work, too, which is why our friend Stephen Hayes of The Weekly Standard and Fox News ended up on the terrorist watch list. (Amusingly, he found himself being subjected to heightened scrutiny by a dedicated cable-news viewer who instantly recognized him.) That’s all the stuff of good stories for a Stephen Hayes or a Ted Kennedy, but if you’re a bodega operator in the Bronx without connections and resources, you’re pretty well hosed. […]

The Democrats and their intellectually corrupt apologists at the New York Times and elsewhere are willing to strip Americans of their constitutional rights, to micturate from a great height upon the entire concept of due process, and to treat all of us like criminals — while doing precisely nothing to prevent school shootings, terrorism, or ordinary crime — because they don’t have the guts to tell their political clients in the schools, the mental-health bureaucracies, and the criminal-justice system that eventually they are going to have to do their goddamned jobs in exchange for the hundreds of billions of dollars we lavish upon them.

Do read it all at: Gun-control-debate-government-laziness-stupidity-corruption.

Charles C. W. Cooke adds this, and, boy howdy, do I agree with him.

Traditionally, we have used an old-fashioned tool to sort out who deserves to be punished and who does not: It’s called “the justice system.” If, as the watch list’s proponents insist, there are people among us who are too dangerous to remain at liberty, then those people must be arrested, charged, and tried tout de suite. Until that happens, they must be left the hell alone, lest the pitchforks and smoothbores that subdued the last set of usurpers start to twitch and grow restless in their retirement..

Source: Terrorism-gun-control-advocates-use-fear.

Frankly, it didn’t work out well for the lobsterbacks, and I see no reason to think the leftists are any more capable than say, Lord Cornwallis.

But for plain common sense on the subject, where it matters, let’s go back to Senator Sasse



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9 Responses to Of Tar and Feathers, and Smoothbore Muskets

  1. Mike says:

    This is disappointing. Frankly, Sasse should get some truth about “why they hate us.” It does have at least a bit to do with what “we” have done wrong. The problems didn’t begin with 9/11. Uncle Sam has been supporting tyrants and demons around the world since the end of WW II. Those tyrants and demons have been using weapons paid for by the American taxpayer to kill, oppress and dispossess millions. If Benny would look at things a bit more broadly he’d see the wrongs done by Uncle Sam. Perhaps he would understand that the Uncle Sam needs to begin to act according to moral principle — according to the principles he says he stands for — rather than political convenience and to benefit special interests. One of the ugliest and most destructive betrayals of the values of “liberty and justice for all” is the continuing aid and encouragement Uncle Sam gives to dispossess and oppress Palestinians. http://goo.gl/EDOL0a Over a hundred billion dollars spent so far supporting these crimes. And there are plenty of others. Money spent making enemies for the American people at the behest of powerful special interests. Nobody should be surprised when hen-by-hen the chickens come home to roost.


    • NEO says:

      Frankly, Mike, and we’ve been here before, I don’t give a damn why they hate us. We’re far from perfect, and so are they, that’s part of being human. That’s is no justification whatever for intentionally massacring innocent civilians.

      If they want to fight a war, fine, man up and meet on the field of battle. May the best civilization win. We had other objectives (and greater evil to fight) between 1945 and 2000. Did some innocent people get used, abused, and likely killed? Probably so. And the method they have chosen to oppose us now, is going to kill a lot more Muslims than we ever dreamed of, in our worst nightmares.

      I’m so damned tired of western civilization taking the blame for everything bad in the world that I’m just not going to countenance it anymore, the west made the Middle East rich beyond dreams of avarice, and they squandered it, and now they blame us. It’s simply whinging bullshit, and I’ll have no part of it.

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      • Mike says:

        We should care why they attack otherwise the cycle of violence will continue and we, the ordinary Americans, suffer. And nobody has made most of the Middle East rich. A few suck-up elites have been made rich beyond belief and those elites are Uncle Sam’s henchmen. I think you do care. Here’s a good article this morning from Sheldon Richman. He gets it. Ben should read this and take it to heart.


        • NEO says:

          OK, now rationalize Lepanto, and Vienna a few hundred years ago, not to mention Spain and North Africa, and the Copts, whom we sure as heck didn’t make rich. the only reason that this is happening now, is that we look (and in many ways are) weak. I’m a realist, who takes them at their word. The say they’re at war with the west. So we either defend ourselves as best we may, or lose, or simply surrender.


        • Mike says:

          Let’s stick to the USA and modern times and what we can do something about, Uncle Sam and his violent nature.


  2. the unit says:

    So didn’t the speaker for Uncle Sam make a basically worldwide apology tour, about 2009? Didn’t they accept it? And all is better now. I forget how soon after the tour came the first multi-million dollar vacation, or even golf game.

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  3. PatriotUSA says:

    Might I suggest a read through the qur’an, a hadith and sura to understand the depth of hatred that exists for any who refuse to convert to jizzlam and accept sharia law. The USA or FUSA for Mike, is not perfect but what we have here is BETTER than the ME has spewed upon humanity since islam was spewed out of hell and the POS Mohammad gets top billing. Islam is still stuck back 1400 years plus in the past. Other true religions have at least evolved and moved onward with the march of time.

    I stand with with freedom and liberty, period. Not with some stupid stone age mussies who want to impose sharia law upon the entire globe. I will not comply nor will sit idly back and watch and let some POS like the so called POTUS toss it all away. Not all fault is at Obamaullah’s feet or arse but one must decide on where they will stand. I refuse to have anyone’s daughter wear a burka or have her genitals mutilated for a perverted cradle to grave political ideology like jizzlam.

    The USA is far from perfect but islam IS NOT compatible with our Constitution, freedom or liberty. Everywhere islam has spread, violence, death, slavery, persecution has been the end result.

    We should have nuked them long ago and Mike, if that upsets your PC sensibilities then piss off.

    NEO, my apologies to you or any who tread here for me words and sentiments. I have been counterjihad since 1979 and know far too many from other countries who have survived the horrors of islam and sharia law. This includes watching from the jungle, many of their family being raped, tortured and then killed, beheaded because they refused to convert to this vile and filthy cult of death and persecution. Delete me comment if need be, I understand.

    Got lead????

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  4. the unit says:

    Well O went worldwide with apologies. Hillary calls for empathy and understanding. That should fix it, well with reparations and submission. lol

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