Rewriting History

imageAt some point, where I’ve forgotten, Jess told us that her brother-in-law, a distinguished British historian, had a friend who had been approached after the end of the Soviet Union to help them figure out their history because it had been rewritten so much, that they no longer had a clue. That’s what the left is attempting to do here in the west now. We all know the quote from George Orwell in the picture, and the way you get that control is by rewriting history. And this is how it’s done:

Some time ago–several decades, actually–a group of us at my law firm formed a Chappaquiddick Book Club. We read three or four books on the fatal car accident that should have ended Ted Kennedy’s public career. The facts are much worse than most people realize: Kennedy presumably was drunk, but that is the least of it. After his car plunged into Poucha Pond, Kennedy saved himself but left Mary Jo Kopechne to die. In all likelihood, she could have been saved if Kennedy had simply knocked on the door of the nearest house with a light on, only yards away, and called the Edgartown rescue squad. That is what the head of the rescue squad said after he discovered Kopechne’s body inside the car, where she had wedged herself into an air pocket and probably survived for several hours, expecting help that never came.

Kennedy made no effort to save his companion. Instead, he made the long walk back to the house where he and others had been partying. He summoned his cousin Joe Gargan and tried to persuade Gargan to say that he had been driving the car. Gargan sensibly refused, but insisted that they go back to the pond and try to rescue Kopechne. Kennedy sat on the bank and watched while Gargan tried to dive down to the submerged car, unsuccessfully. Kennedy never did call the authorities, but instead returned to his hotel and attempted to set up an alibi with the night clerk.

It is a sordid story, and it soon will become a Hollywood movie. I couldn’t believe it when I learned that Rathergate was to be made into a film called TruthLies would have been a better title–and it seems equally far-fetched that anyone would want to make or invest in a film about Chappaquiddick. But apparently it is going to happen. Hollywood Reporter has the story:

Source: First Truth, Now Chappaquiddick | Power Line

That is one of the real dangers of the political/Hollywood alliance. Real history doesn’t get told, but pseudo-history does. And in truth, there is more history in any give John Ford, John Wayne movie than in all of these films, about political characters in the recent past.


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5 Responses to Rewriting History

  1. chalcedon451 says:

    Yes, indeed, he was one of a number of British an American historians who were asked to do tis, as no Soviet historian any longer knew fact from fiction!

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    • NEO says:

      Yep, and that’s a place that’s well worth avoiding!

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  3. Yes, sadly in so-called Christian academia we can see this revision of history also! With people like N.T. Wright, etc. I won’t even include Roman Catholicism, with so-called Pope Francis, with his Jesuit social gospel, etc. Things are just a mess in Western Christianity, scholarship has lost the Biblical wheels! The Bible and Holy Scripture is always its own presupposition!


    • And btw, one must be well versed in Biblical and Historical Theology, Vatican II had some good things in it, but also some absolutely awful things! For example the Nostra acetate was excellent about historical Judaism, and somewhat too with modern Zionism. But when it went to other religions, it was terrible! The point is that our view of Biblical Theology, simply MUST BE “biblical”, the loss here today in modernity & postmodernity is obvious!


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