Into the Fog

Well, we all know it’s going to be a strange year, without much for guideposts. In fact, more than any year I remember we going to have to navigate by our principles. I know that’s hard for many of our friends, especially on the left, so they likely will simply follow some pied piper or the other. But we know what happened to the children of Hameln. And so, as we go Into the Fog, we will continue to think for ourselves and study the only guide we have: History.

And so, off we go, keep your heads up, and remember that only Christ is worthy of our trust, no man is.

Press on!


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Lineman, Electrician, Industrial Control technician, Staking Engineer, Inspector, Quality Assurance Manager, Chief Operations Officer

One Response to Into the Fog

  1. the unit says:

    Into the fog for sure. But maybe a near miss.
    My fog experience in short story to show what I’m getting at.
    Running toward inland from a offshore island many years ago. Sea was calm, boat up to planing speed, fog so thick, could hardly see bow of 18 foot boat. Late 60’s or early ’70’s, no small boats then had GPS or radar. I followed compass without any idea how currents might push me off course. I would make shore but maybe miles left or right from intended port. Moving in un-vetted conditions.
    I encountered a rather large wave which my small boat took in stride, although seconds later I crossed a huge wake and looked to see the stern of a ocean going freighter going inland where I was trying to go. I had crossed a ships channel. Near miss by a very short time.
    Suppose we were coming off two terms of a Hillary presidency with the likelihood of electing the first black president who the folks would elect to be able to say they voted for the first one? A grey foggy day of many to come.
    Time we “made up the hay.” 🙂

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