Is Donald Trump is destroying the Republican party?

David Frum published an article in the Spectator this morning. It’s pretty good.

[…]The day after the State of the Union, I’ll take the train to New York to debate opposite David Miliband at the IQ Squared Series. The motion: ‘The United States should accept 100,000 Syrian refugees.’ When the debate was planned, sceptics of the mass resettlement of Middle-Easterners in the West were taunted by President Obama as ‘scared of widows and orphans’. A few weeks later, the government of Germany has been rocked by mass co-ordinated sex assaults by migrants and refugees on German women in Cologne and other cities.

The first response of the authorities was, of course, to suppress accurate information about what had happened. It was like Rotherham, only in full view of thousands of people in the centre of one of Europe’s greatest cities.

Only this time… the suppression didn’t work. The truth, or some of it, came into the light at last. Past evasions have served nobody — except of course the Trumps and the Front National and all the other extremist groups that have flourished because more responsible leaders have ignored or denied urgent voter concerns.

via America notebook: How Donald Trump is destroying the Republican party » The Spectator.

That in one way is the meat of the article. It’s very true, the trouble with covering things up, as we’ve known since at least Nixon, is that whatever you want to cover-up is not good wine: it doesn’t get better with age. This immigrant thing in Europe has the power to deliver them right back to the ’30s if they aren’t careful. Increasingly, I’m beginning to feel that the Britsh referendum on the EU is redundant, the EU itself is about to implode, leaving a continent of angry people behind.

What happens then, is anybody’s idea, but it’s unlikely to be pretty.

Frum’s main point, and it is not unconnected, is that Trump seems to be running like a buzzsaw through the Republican candidates. Trump is hardly my candidate, I consider him a sleazy crony capitalist. But the answer to that is that he didn’t write the rule, but he played the game to win, and did. Fair enough, I guess. Would I vote for him? Maybe. I would vote for Mickey Mouse before I voted for any of the Democratic nominees this year. I don’t think, or more importantly, believe that any of them have the best interest of the US as their main goal. That is completely unacceptable to me. Obama is going to leave a hell of a mess behind him to clean up, and that is the first prerequisite.

But there are some very good republican candidates in the campaign, who, I think, would be quite good presidents, especially to my mind, Ted Cruz. There are also clunkers, who would make me consider Trump on a third party. We’ll simply have to see.

Then there is the headline, “Is Donald Trump Destroying the Republican Party?” You know, I don’t know. I do know this. the party has long since lost touch with people like me. Like everybody, I liked Ike, but unlike the Republicans I liked Goldwater, and Reagan I adored. So maybe it is time for the GOP to join the Whigs on the scrapheap of history, if he does that, it may come to seem Donald trump’s signal gift to history, because I think the GOP is pretty much played out, and as obsolete as a buggy whip.

All that said what we really need is Calvin Coolidge, but who would listen to a man who spoke softly these days?


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9 Responses to Is Donald Trump is destroying the Republican party?

  1. Yes indeed whatever one can say, Donald Trump has certainly turned the GOP on its head! And this itself does not appear to be a bad thing, no politics as usual for this year! And it is strange to hear and see even Democrats who say at least that they would vote for him in a general election?

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  2. the unit says:

    So often a commenter will say give your sources. Well I can’t. My opinion of a certain writer evolved over a long time and it’s just my opinion. Frum not my conservative either. I don’t think he objects to world government and the end of national sovereignty. I leave it there.

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    • NEO says:

      Pretty much how I feel about him. His analysis here was pretty good though, I thought.

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      • the unit says:

        Well my interest in reading Frum is weak. In fact I just went back to read his analysis. Kinda like fact checking what Obama said, which I didn’t listen to, later.
        As much as I’d like Obama out now, I’m glad it ain’t over ’til it’s over. Will watch all the thoughts and wait patiently ’til it is. Then vote any which way…but Democrat. 🙂

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  3. The Republicans are destroying themselves. That is a fact.

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    • NEO says:

      Surely looks like it to me!

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      • Me too.

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        • NEO says:


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