Virtuous Reality Specs

Spring-Heeled Jack jumping over a gate Image o...

Spring-Heeled Jack jumping over a gate Image obtained from: A 19th century “penny dreadful” illustration. From the BBC Hulton Picture Library. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Heh! This is from England, but I’m very sure you’ll recognize the symptoms and easily be able to substitute the appropriate Americans. Zika, who cares (yet anyway), this is really dangerous!

If you think today’s violent porno online culture is corrupting our kids, wait until you see what’s coming next.

Games involving extreme violence, murder, gang rape, theft and misogyny are a bad influence on developing minds, but they are not that lifelike. I don’t care how good the graphics are in Grand Theft Auto, it’s still two dimensional and nobody is convinced this is real life.

However, there’s a new cult that is far more dangerous. It’s in 3D, startlingly realistic, and allows the participant to immerse themselves in a fantasy word of their choice. They become cut off from the physical world, oblivious to facts and data and the geography of their real surroundings, because they have the capacity to make everything look how they want it to. Before information can reach the rational regions of their brain, it is re-arranged into the picture the user wants to see, by being passed through a prism of their prejudice.

They call this Virtuous Reality. Celebrity users include Jeremy Corbyn, trendy vicar Giles Fraser, New Statesman columnist Penny Dreadful and the entire editorial staff of the BBC.

Like many new phenomena, virtuous reality has been around for a while, but it’s only just reached mass consciousness. Recent events in Cologne and Sweden have alerted the public to the power of this reality distorting power of virtuosity, but in truth it’s been around for decades.

via Nick Booth: I’ve rumbled Polly T and Co. Their distorted view is down to virtuous reality specs – The Conservative Woman.

And so we must develop the ‘New Soviet (British, American, German et. al.) Man’. or rather pick one of 20, 50, 100, whatever choices of virtuous reality genders.

Nor can they make sense of Islam, because they can’t make sense of religion, except perhaps as coffee houses full of do-gooders. A real religion, with a God who means what he says, whether Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, or any other, is simply beyond their ken. Daniel Greenfield expanded on this the other day on Frontpage Magazine.

The left’s greatest intellectual error is its conviction that the world can be divided into a binary power struggle in which both sides agree on the nature of the struggle, but disagree on the outcome.

For leftists of a certain generation, it was class. Marx began the Communist Manifesto by laying out a primal class struggle throughout human history. For Marxists, everything in the world could be broken down to a class struggle with the wealthy oppressors on one side and the oppressed on the other.

It didn’t matter that this model didn’t fit a reality in which Communists leaders came from wealthy backgrounds and their opponents were just as likely to be poor peasants. To the left, everything is defined by the model. Reality is an inconvenience that is suppressed with gulags and firing squads.

Today the variable is identity politics. Everything must be intersectional. There are those who stand on the right side of history, in favor of abortion, gay marriage and illegal immigration. Everyone who isn’t on board is a racist, even if they’re black or Latino, a sexist, even if they’re female, or a homophobe, even if they’re gay. Once again, reality doesn’t matter. The binary struggle is the model for everything.

The left believes that there is a binary struggle over the future of humanity with only two sides. It does not understand how the right actually thinks and it has no room for understanding equally compelling belief systems that operate outside this model.

That’s where Islam comes in. Or doesn’t.

The left has never been able to understand religion. It’s not so much secular or atheistic as it is consumed by a compelling belief system of its own which leaves no room for religious conviction.


I would say these loose cannons are too dangerous to let run free amongst us, but we’ve nearly given them the keys to the kingdom. I think it may be time for the adults to reassume control.


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9 Responses to Virtuous Reality Specs

  1. Surely there can be no approach to any control in culture without the true doctrine and teaching of the Judeo-Christian God! And this is basically gone in our culture of modernity & postmodernity now in the West. We can even see this now in today’s papacy with the liberal Jesuit “Francis”!

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  2. the unit says:

    I don’t know much about technology. Talk of Virtuous Reality Specs go above my head.
    I’m sort of G.H.W.Bush at the grocery store check out.
    But I do know something about specs… specifications. Shop 101, how to build the coach a paddle that encourages doing right.
    And one step further…let Judicial Watch with FOIA see who in past needs to meet coach and get a paddling, and worse if needed. 🙂

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    • NEO says:

      Concur! Oh, how i concur! 🙂

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      • the unit says:

        I think you knew some coaches like I did in the ’50’s. Not that I didn’t need it ever, I never met the paddle, but knew and saw some who did. He set some on the straight and narrow.
        But I shouldn’t be too judgmental, but to my way of thinking it still has leeway to not always work. Same coach was high school coach to Mahmoud Abdul- Rauf (formerly Chris Jackson) in the ’80’s. I read though it was Dale Brown at LSU that introduced him to Islam.
        It’s just me, but I think it was a bummer of a direction to send him in.

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        • NEO says:

          I do as well, although relativism might hve been even worse.

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        • the unit says:

          I get your point. ‘I’m Ok, You’re Ok’ damage still coming.

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        • I met Mr. Wood Paddle a few times! And me ass was literally on the straight & narrow of soreness! Not to mention the Irish Nuns rulers and their knuckles off the top of one’s head!

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        • the unit says:

          Ah yes, rolled knuckles could put a knot on your head. And did. I still think my ninth grade teacher, a Mrs., had concealed carry for brass knuckles. My doctor is considering CTE exams. 🙂

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        • the unit says:

          I had to think a while…was Mrs. Brass Knuckles Allgood. So all good i shouldn’t have to worry about CTE, but the again her husband was Coach Allgood. I think both had dementia from teaching. Really they were both great and both passed on now. She was a natural born Maureen O’Hara with a teachers ruler…and knuckles, God given, not brass.

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