Of Super Bowls and Common Markets

Well, I did end up watching the Super Bowl, and enjoying it. It was my sort of game, but then long ago, I was a defensive tackle, who loved to see quarterbacks sacked, sometimes including our own (his ego was pretty much outsized!)

But in truth what I liked was that both teams, but especially Denver, are teams, not a few stars with a supporting cast of thousands. And that is what football is so good at teaching–that when we subsume ourselves in a team, the team can accomplish amazing things. So it was last night.

On the other hand, if we look at politics, we nearly always see so-called stars and their unknown supporters, and I’m inclined to think that sacking the quarterback a few (dozen) times might improve their attitude. And from what I hear from Americans, I don’t think I’m alone, and that a majority of Americans, in either party, or none, think the same thing. As always, football teaches life lessons.

In particular, I’ve been watching Cameron’s EU sell-out. Maybe Americans are particularly sensitive to our sovereignty–after all, that was the reason that we didn’t ratify the Treaty of Versailles after World War 1. But the real reason was that we realized that we had built something very special here, and we meant to protect it. Many of us still do.

The same is true for the people who live in Great Britain. After all, most of the sources of the American Experiment are British, as our founders were proud to be. So we watch in sadness, as the cousins increasingly turn their backs on our common heritage to become just more European trash. Suzanne Evans had something to say the other day about Call me Dave’s simple dishonesty in presenting the choice.

So, we finally get to see Dave’s ‘EU reform’ package, and it’s not exactly huge, is it? He promised to go to Brussels and ask for a Bentley, but actually asked for a Suzuki Alto. What he’s come back with are the seat covers for a battered second-hand Trabant, and even those are only on the promise of a loan.

Failure, farce, or both? Let’s face it: Dave didn’t ever even intend to try to win significant reform. To me, the most astonishing feature of his statement to the House yesterday was his ability to tell the most incredible porkies about the ‘strong and powerful’ success he’d achieved, while keeping a straight face.

Two years ago, when Ukip was rising quickly in the polls and Tories nationwide were leaving Dave for Nigel, Dave made a big speech on the future of the EU at Bloomberg and promised an in-out referendum. “Nothing should be off the table,” he said, and laid out reforms he said were necessary, on migrant jobs and benefits, immigration, justice and human rights, and returning laws on energy, environment, crime, social affairs business and employment, so the UK parliament had the last say. The sensible and honest among us shook our heads, knowing he didn’t stand a chance of getting even this, which still left out a whole swathe of issues in which we are in hock to Brussels, not least farming, fishing and financial services.

But on went the charade. Slowly the big issues he’d pledged to tackle were dropped.


via Suzanne Evans: Dave’s European pantomime. A straight lift from slippery Harold Wilson’s playbook – The Conservative Woman.

And that’s part of what really irritates me here: The sheer ignorance of thinking his electorate is so stupid as to follow his self-servicing lies at all, let alone willingly and enthusiastically.

Time for our British friends to sack the quarterback, I think.


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7 Responses to Of Super Bowls and Common Markets

  1. the unit says:

    I’m one who followed Archie his whole career. Once (and once only) took the Shuttle from The Huddle to Tulane Stadium to see him play. Don’t remember who they played, it was one of those 2-11-1 years. But the Shuttle was a bus with a garbage can filled with beer (Buds?).
    I read that Payton was a fine citizen on and off the field. There was one story that he got into a little trouble at Tenn. Don’t remember the details.
    Anyway glad to see him win this one. Read yesterday of the pains Joe Montana experiencing now from his years. Expect Peyton will be needing “lots of Budweiser” as years go by.
    Further credit to him for saying he just wanted to go kiss his wife and kids, and drink lots of Budweiser.
    I did most of my kissing after drinking lots of Budweisers. Then kids came along afterwards. 🙂
    Don’t know much about Dave. England swings like a pendulum do. Bobbies on bicycles without weapons too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • NEO says:

      Yep, he’s a class act, near as I can tell. Cameron is an overeducated fool, in my opinion.

      Liked by 1 person

      • the unit says:

        Overeducated fool. That’s funny. Even my old truck (97) has a warning somewhere not to overfill the gas tank.
        And read an article today about the dangers of keyless ignitions! Bring back GlasPac mufflers!

        Liked by 1 person

        • NEO says:

          You Betcha! 🙂


        • the unit says:

          I got to stop by the shop that’s made extra keys for me for 30 years. How he’s adapted? We haven’t lost a keyless thingy yet, but I recorded the number and dealer said $300 dollars to replace, and that was couple of years ago.
          I used to be able to get supper in a pinch with a .22 cal. Now can hardly find them.
          Also in winter put my gloves on top of the lamp shade to warm them up before going out early.
          Bulbs no longer available. Yeah, blame G.W. Bush too. Really. 🙂
          Key to the problem? But you know. lol

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        • NEO says:

          And that’s about the cheapest of the keyless thingies! So don’t lose them!

          Bulbs, well you can find some special purpose ones – more expensive, of course.

          Liked by 1 person

        • the unit says:

          Yeah, Good Vibrations was a song. Good admonitions about keeping up with thingies. I used to keep a spare key on a message board nailed behind the kitchen door for those times when it seems to disappear is why I called the dealer for a price. Spare key was a buck or two depending where one went, Ace or key shop.
          Bulbs, 60 watts, four for $1.24.
          Have not priced a glass pack lately. 🙂


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