Women In Combat: Making A Virtue Of Weakness

If you follow the military much you have like seen this video.

Looks impressive (and brave), doesn’t it? She worked through it to manage to complete the march. Good for her!

Thing is, this is a 12 mile, that has to be completed within 3 hours, and the load is 36 pounds. As opposed to the normal 60-120 lbs that our guys carry into battle, for that exactly what this is, an approach march. I also note that no ammunition was carried, no night vision devices, none of the things that make an that make an army patrol lethal, or even survivable.

And yet she barely finished. What kind of shape is she going to be in to fight the upcoming battle? More to the point, how many of her squadmates are going to be killed trying to protect her?

Men and women are simply different, and all the feminists in the world cannot make that untrue. We as a nation ignore it at our peril. In the linked article, Streiff makes the point with 800 meter results, to wit:

Compared with the top 49 California high school boys:

He notes as follows:

Why the top 49 times? Because the top 10 women 800m times, ever, would place between 16th and 48th place among high school boys times in California.

If you want to do a more apples to apples comparison, the top Women’s 800m time would be over seven seconds slower than the 6,258th best Men’s time.

Men and women are not physical equals. And we are playing a very dangerous and very lethal game right now by fantasizing otherwise. Testing by the US Marine Corps that pitted all-male squads against co-ed squads found that all-male squads significantly outperformed the co-ed squads even though the test had been structured to aid the co-ed squad… this is something out enemies probably won’t do:

All-male ground combat units in the Marines were faster, more lethal and less injured than units with mixed genders, according to a Marine Corps study that looked at integrating women into all service jobs.

“All male squads, teams and crews demonstrated higher performance levels on 69 percent of tasks evaluated (93 of 134) as compared to gender-integrated squads, teams and crews,” according a summary of the report released Thursday.

via Women In Combat: Making A Virtue Of Weakness Gets People Killed | RedState.

His last line sums up this tomfoolery as well as I’ve ever heard.

You are seeing a cruel farce being perpetrated upon this young woman, upon her unit, and upon her nation.

You are seeing murder being planned.


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2 Responses to Women In Combat: Making A Virtue Of Weakness

  1. the unit says:

    Ok, I’m going…’Kookie, Kookie — Lend my your comb.’ I might have to lend it to Trump.
    “Murder She Wrote.” Was it Margaret Sanger who said…”Beware of the industrial/military complex?” I know it wasn’t, but if you can’t murder all the babies, extend it to potential mommies and their men @ war. Planned Parenthood Elimination Federation of America, PPEFA.
    The above total /sar. & i.e. plan total/sick.

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  2. I lost all respect for Streiff and Red State after his embarrassingly partisan attack on Rep. Tammy Duckworth for her completely valid takedown of VA fraudster Braulio Castillo. His complete misunderstanding, and complete lack of concern, for Mr. Castillo’s situation and fraud in order to attack Rep Duckworth simply because she was a Democrat was immoral. Added to the fact that Rep Duckworth was a wounded veteran who served when so many either would not or could not be bothered to do so, was over the top. Fake Conservatives like Streiff are one reason that Conservatism is failing.


    But I am surprised you link to an article that references such valid sources such as People magazine. Are these the journalistic standards you hold your commentary to? People?

    Army Ranger Rudy Mac also commented on the situation, as part of the class…


    Based on your experience, what sort of “tomfoolery” is it, and do you think you have a better idea than 1lt Mac? I am not saying it is a good or bad idea, but your sources are bad, and the arguments worse.


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