Steam Pron

If there are two things I love in this world, they’d be history and transportation, especially trains. When I say that you’ll not be surprised that I love steam locomotives.

The Brits have brought back a legend, the Flying Scotsman. Yes, the engine, the train still runs.

Coming Home

Gorgeous, isn’t she?

But look, what our Union Pacific is up to!

Now in the UP’s own steam shop being restored in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Meanwhile back east, in Pennsylvania, they’re building one of these from the rails up!

Here’s a bit more (with sound!) from the trust itself, to find out more, follow the link at the video!

Good thing leap day only comes quadrennily, I love posts like this.




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3 Responses to Steam Pron

  1. the unit says:

    Good to have a leap day when one can say politics. What politics? 🙂
    My great uncle was an engineer for Texas and Pacific, T&P. He was engineering diesels by the time I met him, and best of my memory was only once. Route Texarkana to and from Fort Worth. He must’ve worked also on the steams, as he was born like in 1890
    The road to and from my school ran along our local rail, not T&P. I remember those great locomotives chugging along. Riding my bicycle I recall so many times when I’d get soot in my eyes when train passing by.


  2. Dave Smith says:

    Your pictures are not complete without the N&W Powatan Arrow or Pochahantas Arrow. They were the last of the super-heated steam engines before Diesel Electric took things over.


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