Why Americans Should Back Brexit

What the UK decides to do about the EU is really none of our business, or is it? Britain and the Commonwealth are the only real friends we, as Americans, have in the world. We have many interests, and allies, but they are our only friends, and if you look, they pay much attention to what we’re doing as well. Most of the news (as opposed to views) that I get on our elections back through 2008 has come through the UK. They pay attention to us, and we should to them, even as we do our personal friends.

Even before our nominating conventions, the British will decide whether or not to leave the European Community. I strongly think they should, Europe has become non-democratic, when I was young there was talk of a United States of Europe, that might have been a reasonable idea, if it had recognized the contribution of Anglo-Saxon law has made to the freedom of man. But what it has emerged is, and increasingly, a reasonable soft dictatorship or the bureaucracy and the judges; exactly what we are trying to fight off here.

We all know, that Obama, Kerry, and the USG support staying in the EU. Well, does anyone really think they have the best interests of the United States, let alone the UK at heart. They are proponents of the ‘one world government’ by almost any means. They would happily throw our sovereignty away carelessly, so why would they be different about Great Britain’s, or Austrailia’s. they’re not. The just want power and influence, and yes to get rich(er) on corruption. Britain has a heaven-sent opportunity to return to the return of rule “under and through the law”. It’s likely the last chance, it would be a shame if they sold out the heritage of over a thousand years of developing freedom, for a very short-term safety.

Because Europe qua Europe is dying, the are not repopulating themselves, they are simply repopulating the landmass with Moslems. There is essentially no hope of France or Germany surviving as we have known them until 2100. Britain is in a little better shape, not least because of the Commonwealth (and America). It can be saved, but not if shackled to the dying continent.

Dan Hannan has something to tell us as well:

The campaign is in full swing. On June 23, Britain will decide by referendum whether to leave the European Union (EU). Most of the political establishment, including the leaders of all the main parliamentary parties, are arguing for a “remain” vote. But the country is unimpressed, and opinion polls remain evenly balanced.

In Britain, the vote is a very big deal. We have had only two national referendums before, and one of those, back in 1975, was also on leaving the EU. Those campaigning for withdrawal, including me, see it as an opportunity to restore our independence, our democracy and our economic freedom. We want to reorient Britain away from the enervated and declining eurozone toward the rest of the world. Since 2007, the GDP of China and India have both roughly doubled; but that of the eurozone, incredibly, remains the same size.

Those who want to stay in, by contrast, argue that we mustn’t take risks. In a sound-bite that they trot out in every interview – they’re very disciplined at this sort of thing – they insist that a British exit, or “Brexit,” would be “a leap into the unknown.”

Why should Americans care either way? For two reasons: first, because it touches the question of U.S.-U.K. relations; and second, because it says something about what kind of world we want.

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7 Responses to Why Americans Should Back Brexit

  1. the unit says:

    First thanks for the link to Family Security Matters. I had it a couple of frozen laptops ago, then couldn’t remember it’s name later with a new laptop.
    I think, to me, this is one of your most important blogs. In a short question sums it up…will the UK leave “the plantation?” And yeah, this election may be about the same thing for the U.S.
    When I think about it Ike’s warning years ago was underneath a warning about the same thing which might come about.
    I guess that’s about all I can say in a comment and I don’t have the expertise or resources to take it any further.

    Liked by 1 person

    • NEO says:

      I think it important as well, that’s why I keep harping on it. It really is the same mess we’re starting to see here.


      • the unit says:

        Over the past six months I’ve seen this.
        There are only eight blogs I look favorably upon. Most of them I’ve read like couple of years(one since 2011)
        Preference results on President…
        Trump 5 (two first for Cruz then changed lately)
        Cruz 2 (one Paul changed to Cruz lately)
        Non-committed 1 (hoping for viable 3rd. party)
        Nice to be among friends with no one with a Derringer up their sleeve. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        • NEO says:

          Yep. How well I know. 🙂

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  2. the unit says:

    BREXIT. Honestly a few weeks ago when I first saw the word, I thought it was a acronym about a new free trade agreement, or a new Miley Cyrus twerk, or a new polar bear game (Breaks-it).
    I did look it up and knew a bit about it before your blog today. Still waiting for Red Ryder to come casually saying after he learned all the facts told the little lady…”I changed my mind.”
    Probably no one watched the 53 minute movie, but that scene was beautiful, holding strong knowing right from wrong and seeing to law and order cause somebody had to. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • NEO says:

      I agree.


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