Romney and a Cowboy

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I have two videos for you today, one is new and one is timeless, and yes one follows the other.

Mitt Romney made a speech yesterday, and as I watched it, I was struck again by what a good president he might have been. But that was then and this is now. The abyss is both closer and deeper than it should be, but it is. And if we elect Clinton, or Sanders, or Trump, any one of them will push on the accelerator, speeding us toward the edge, and once over, what is by definition a tipping point, there will be no coming back.

You know I dislike Kasich, and to a lesser degree Rubio, but I’ll tell you one last time, I’ll happily vote for any one of them, but I will never vote for Trump. If Trump is nominated, I’ll sit this one out. In any case here’s Romney:

Well, that Romney’s view, and mine. You’ll each have to make your own decision. The other video is the timeless one you think, from a very low ebb in the Republican party, which was like a false dawn in the west, that came to fruition in 1980.

A time for turning indeed!



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4 Responses to Romney and a Cowboy

  1. America’s overt hedonism and now even narcissism is coming to a head! We can even see this in the so-called “evangelical” vote and people who have gone against their own so-called faith in the name of politics and the political need. Shame, shame indeed, but we are surely seeing Gentile Apostasy before our eyes! And this of course includes the whole of the West. WE are on a crash course toward the End and Eschatology…woe be the 21st century! My thoughts anyway, and never popular!


  2. the unit says:

    I did the early vote in Florida at 10:08 AM.
    No need to say who I voted for. Everybody got to decide for themselves. I will say it did Rubio no favors.
    I think I did decide for myself, but reading blogs and internet places learning of party and contestant activities and the ideas of others did play a big part.
    Now it’s come what may. I did my part as best I could. I’ll be keeping my eyes wide open to watch what comes.
    Primary done for me. Hope for best of wisdom to all still deciding.
    But when general comes…I’ll be looking out for the devil… 🙂

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  3. the unit says:

    I forgot to say. Great speech, just a little late. Could’ve been great against Obama. One comment I read today about that is that he didn’t want to be the white privileged opponent to dislodge the first black President.
    I guess get ready for the next round.

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    • NEO says:

      Yeah, four years ago would have been good! 🙂

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