As We Move to Florida

You all (I think) know that for months, my choice for president was Carly Fiorina, and yes, I still think she would make a good president. But it was not to be this year. But she has come down to the same decision I made a few weeks ago. Here, let her tell you…

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Probably not as well, really. I know that some of you think that because she is a bit of an insider, she’s part of the cartel, well, I don’t. She’s enough of a leader, as is Cruz himself, to maintain what she believes, through thick and a lot of thin.

Daniel Payne over at The Federalist the other day told us why Donald Trump is just another Social Justice warrior:

Donald Trump is the perfect social justice warrior president. In short, he’s a whiner, sissy, and coward.

Because Trump’s chicanery is so transparent and so self-evident, many of his supporters have been forced to defend him in some remarkably creative and incoherent ways. Scott Greer at the Daily Caller did so last week, claiming that Donald Trump has “turned conservatives into social justice warriors.” Conservatives, Greer argues, have adopted many of the same traits and tactics of those crazy left-wing activists, among them “hysteria,” “intense virtue signaling,” and “the desire to identify and punish heretics.”

It is true that these are all attributes of liberal social justice warriors. It is also true that they are attributes of Donald Trump, who has proven to be the platonic social justice warrior candidate, insofar as he is incapable of living in a grown-up world and functioning with any degree of maturity.

Read the whole thing, link above.

And you know, there are other good things happening, apparently Planned Parenthood is very afraid of Cruz, especially allied with Fiorina. Think Progress reports that

BOOM: The Most Powerful Statement of Endorsement Ted Cruz Has Received To Date

This is Ted Cruz’s second big endorsement of the day, and it’s related to the first. Earlier, Cruz received Carly Fiorina’s endorsement, which is a big deal. But this is even bigger, and it’s because of the first one.

I’ve got to just let this tweet speak for itself:


This is not being cute with the word endorsement. Think Progress isendorsing the idea that Carly Fiorina and Ted Cruz are a huge threat to the publicly funded Planned Parenthood abortion machine. That is a big deal.

From the article:

Though she didn’t mention abortion in her endorsement, both Fiorina and Cruz are notoriously against pro-choice policies and Planned Parenthood.

During her campaign, Fiorina repeatedly hurled aggressive attacks toward the women’s health organization, which she accused of selling fetal body parts for profit. During her most talked-about debate performance, Fiorina said sting videos at the organization showed an aborted fetus kept alive to “harvest its brain.”

Via RedState

Gee, I hope they’re right, couldn’t happen to a more deserving criminal enterprise err tax supported enterprise.

Carly also had a bit to say about the coverage last Tuesday, which makes for still another boom

Even though we all mostly knew that already!

Just in case, you missed it, Chuck Norris endorsed Ted Cruz the other day as well, as did Senator Mike Lee

Interesting times, aren’t they?


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4 Responses to As We Move to Florida

  1. the unit says:

    Yes, on to FL and I think four other states. FL wont clinch it for anyone on Tuesday. Of all the about 6 or seven blogs I visit all are for either Cruz or Trump since some other favorites have dropped out. Some have flip flopped recently. Imagine that! I pledge to support with my vote in the general whoever is the republican nominee. Something not all the contestants will do.
    “They” sprung my nap forward by an hour today. I do hate that slogan “Spring Forward” and well, that one in the fall…”Fall Back.” I’m set in my ways.
    Then again my movie will also be an hour earlier.
    Maybe accommodate, not compromise is the policy to follow with the left. Accommodate…put up in Leavenworth! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • NEO says:

      Not a bad approach, I think. Took me a while this morning to figure out where the heck the sun was, bloody nonsense! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • the unit says:

        “Bloody nonsense!” Yes to my senses and habits. The change always left me disturbed and unsettled for a week or two in the years I had to get accustomed to work schedule. I guess many who did shift work as did many here working at Monsanto and Westinghouse, wasn’t a big thing. However I read recently that shifting schedules for work shortened life a bit. That could have been a promotion, who wants to limit population anyway, limit…eliminate all who disagree.
        Now retired not as complicated as some days I not sure even what day it is.
        Yeah, where is the sun? Exposure and disinfection of all the evils. Inside and outside of the systems.


  2. the unit says:

    Turns out to be pretty good movie after Sunday afternoon nap. Non denominational. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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