Fundamental Concepts: Features and Benefits: Part 1

flag-united-states-industrial-power-national-america-american-industry-57691837Let’s get right into this, even divided into two posts, today and tomorrow it’s fairly long. But it really is fundamental, and why I support Ted Cruz, as well.

When people have a product or service that they want to sell you, they will spend an inordinate amount of time telling you about all the features that they offer. They think that this is a good thing, and it is; but what is important to the listener is not what features are offered, it’s how each of these features would benefit the user. […]

[…] I’d like to turn to something that Ted Cruz is doing in this campaign, and analyze how he needs to do it better. Cruz speaks about recreating the “Reagan coalition”, which is mostly code for getting the votes of blue collar workers. He needs their votes, because these people have been hammered by globalization and they are flocking to the pablum that Donald trump is peddling in droves. Cruz is in the ballpark, but he’s still out in left field talking about features (a very lawyerly thing to do). Reagan’s gift was that he was able to bring it home for voters by showing them the benefits of the policies he proposed. Ted needs to figure out how to do that. It might look something like this:

“I talk to Americans every day as I travel across this country trying to earn your vote for President, and I have to tell you that there is a common theme I hear coming from almost all of them: Economic uncertainty. America’s working men and women and women have been hammered by the last 7 years of Obama’s no-recovery recovery, and they’re nervous. Nervous that they might wake up one morning and find that the jobs they’ve been doing for decades are moving overseas. Nervous that they might not be able to feed their families and raise their kids in the environment that they aspire to. Nervous that even if their job doesn’t go overseas, they might be given to lower skilled workers with lower salaries. Nervous that they might even be forced to endure the indignity and insult of being required to train their replacements! You know what? Under the current administration, and under a Hillary administration, they’re right to be nervous; in fact, they should be downright terrified.

“So what will a Ted Cruz administration do differently? Well, first of all, of all of the candidates in the race, I’m the only one who is absolutely committed to building the wall and enforcing our existing immigration laws. You know, Donald Trump likes to tell you that he’s going to build the wall, the biggest, most luxurious wall the world has ever seen. Every time someone challenges him for details, he just roars “The wall just got higher!”. I think in Donald’s mind the wall reaches to Mars by now. What Donald also says, something that the media has taken great pains to hide, is that his wall also has a great big door in it, the biggest, most luxurious door you’ve ever seen. This is called ‘touchback’ amnesty and it’s about as stupid as it sounds. Would you build a dam with a great big hole in the middle of it? Of course you wouldn’t. Touchback amnesty makes about as much sense.

There’s more there, but that makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? And that is how you ethically sell something. You talk about the benefits to the purchaser. I can talk all day about how a $5 light switch is better than a 50¢ one is, but I’ll never sell one. But how about if I tell you (truthfully) that it will lower your light bill by $x per month and last your lifetime. Depending on which $5 switch we’re talking about, that’s entirely possible. That’s enough immigration, I think, but how about jobs moving overseas:

[…] American labor is expensive, and why shouldn’t it be? American workers produce the highest quality goods in the world. There is a reason that “Made in America” means something around the world. If you want quality work, you have to pay for it, and honestly, would we want it any other way? The dream of America has always been that this is a place where you can work hard and make a good living, leaving your kids better off than you were when you started. My father came to this country and worked washing dishes for $.50 an hour, and now his son is running for president. Is this a great country or what? We have to preserve the American Dream for ourselves and ensure that it will still be there for our children.

“What you’re missing, however, is that labor is only part of the picture. There are many reasons for a company to decide to locate itself in any given location, but there are five big ones: Stability, infrastructure, energy cost, labor and regulatory expense. The United States of America has an unquestioned advantage over the rest of the world in the first three categories.

“Stability: Ask any businessman what the foundation of running a successful business is, and he’ll tell you it’s the ability to reasonably project what the future will bring. The United States has been a free market republic, based upon rule of law, for 240 years. If you were starting a business, would you do it in Venezuela? Labor costs are dirt cheep down there, nobody has a job, but anyone who tries to build something immediately has it taken away from them by the government. I’d stay here if I were you.

I highly recommend that you read it all™ at Fundamental Concepts: Features and Benefits [Weirddave].

Emphasis mine.

Here is the reason, why first Britain and then America became and continue as economic superpowers, especially the rule of law. That means that your company will not be seized by the government (unless you break the law). When did Britain start to slide into mediocrity as an industrial power? After World War Two when the Labor Government began and continued nationalizing whole industries, like steel, railroads, and health care. When did it start recovering? When  Maggie Thatcher privatized industries. The market is always, always more efficient than the government. More honest too, when it is let alone.

That’s likely enough for today, we’ll continue tomorrow.


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9 Responses to Fundamental Concepts: Features and Benefits: Part 1

  1. The grave problem for both America and the British is the loss of the Judeo-Christian ethic in the West! Sadly both countries have become basically secular, and many even apostate to the real Faith and Revelation of God! It is not popular to address and say such things, especially today, but we are losing ground simply and profoundly! (Note the moral & spiritual ground of Hosea chapter 4, especially verse 6. And here of course is the loss (like ours) of the Moral Law of God!)

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  2. the unit says:

    I know this article is written with the utmost common sense and it didn’t take long. 🙂
    I’ll admit I haven’t read it with thoroughness as I try to do. So I really won’t comment.
    Well ’cause I voted in FL on March 4th. Some human gave me a little sticker, as in years past, to prove it.
    My ballot was swallowed by some machine which didn’t give me any indication if my vote was recorded correctly.
    I voted to the best of my ability then. Isn’t that what the President’s Oath says as to carrying out his responsibilities? I think the one there now is a failure for the rightful spirit of what it was about. If I voted wrong it’s my fault, imagine that.
    P.S. My opinion and comments probably don’t count for much. However one Floridian I know abstained from voting Rubio on my beckon …I think and was told. I expect whoever I voted for has already forgotten me and his promises.
    And we quit our 38 year old land line so no robo calls this year. Nice. Haven’t had to sing “Shoo Fly Don’t Bother Me.”

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  3. The market may be more efficient than the State, although the tendency of Capital to aim at monopoly or cartel and to gouge taxpayers to bail them out when they make bad decisions is something that needs watching, but is ‘efficiency’ always and everywhere the most important thing we need to consider?


    • NEO says:

      And if they get close, capital will go the competition because the prices have become exorbitant, unless of course, the government intervenes to prevent it. Which is what usually happens.


  4. the unit says:

    Efficiency and cost. Was told need free trade agreements and have foreign manufacture to be affordable. You mentioned light switch maybe one American made vs one cheaper foreign made. Seven years ago called for two estimates to fix 12 year old AC. Neither company ever looked at unit. Both said nothing lasts more than 5 to seven years and just sat in family room and quoted replacement of at least 5 grand. I was only having trouble with evaporator core freezing up.
    Learned of another company who came out. Could replace the core, forget just how much, maybe $1200 with one year warranty or replace the complete inside unit, heater and all for $2600 with 5 year warranty. I did the latter.
    Last summer 19 year old compressor wouldn’t start. Same company came and replaced a relay, service and part $120. Still going.
    Of course it won’t keep going forever. But cheap is cheap if you know what I mean about foreign made. And I won’t have a choice upon replacement any more when that day comes.
    But like one potential congress critter said (don’t think he won the election)…if you’re getting raped, just lie back and enjoy it. lol

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    • NEO says:

      Yep, that’s the problem, almost nothing is really fixable anymore, no parts, no service information, nothing. If I had to guess, your original problem is that you were low on refrigerant, of course, the stuff used in it was outlawed a while back, supposedly was destroying the ozone layer, who knows, might even be true, in this case. 🙂

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      • the unit says:

        Yep the facts not feelings would have been nice from the companies sitting in the family room giving the estimates.
        I guess the potential feeling of sitting on a thicker wallet overrules. Local profit is free trade to. 🙂

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        • NEO says:

          I suppose, but I never believed in screwing the customer. Probably why I’m not rich, I guess! 🙂


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