Surviving the storm


Here is the Western world there is a palpable sense that things aren’t right – really aren’t right. Here in Europe we are seeing great waves of immigration from the Middle East and North Africa – millions of poor people fleeing their war-shattered homes and looking for safety. Sure, there are some among them who have other motives, but what group of people contained only the good and the ugly but not the bad? It’s easy to demonise refugees, but I doubt any of them had anything to do with launching the Iraq war which destabilised the region and created the conditions which have led us here; I doubt any of them had anything to do with the running of British or American foreign policy over the last couple of decades. A ‘war on terrorism’ President Bush said – how’s that working out? Over here in Europe we’ve a lot more of it now than we had then. If this is how we fight a war we may need to rethink.

Interesting that it should be Putin, who gets a (deserved) bad press in the West, who seems to have helped put Assad in a position to retake Palmyra. I never noticed any flowers or hashtags or marches of solidarity – just military hardware and violence in the old fashioned ‘blood and iron’ way. Seems as though ISIS can stand any number of marches and flowers, but not so much real air strikes; makes you wonder what we’ve been doing? Maybe we can’t do this any more? Public opinion wouldn’t like it; Putin doesn’t worry about public opinion, but his public do like it. Have we reached the stage that our own values have hobbled us? I’d hate to think that, but if you compare Putin’s record against ISIS with ours, it’s hard to say we’ve been very effective.

From over here, it looks as though this is what happens when the USA decides to teach the world to sing rather than police it. I can’t speak, obviously for the US, but over here people are worried, and the recent attacks in Brussels are not helping. It’s easy to stir up hate when there is fear. It’s easy to say ‘not our problem’, but Christians have a duty to help the poor and the dispossessed – it isn’t our job to ask whether this is a ‘deserving’ poor person before we give to charity. But how do we combine that duty with one of care and security for all of those already in the country? That’s the hard one for us. It would be easy to call for firm action, but when we look what the firm action in response to 9/11 got us we have, surely to ask questions about just how intelligent our intelligence services are?

As I write, Assad’s men are in Palmyra. These were the forces our leaders wished to destroy two years ago before the Commons and Congress forced them to back down. It’s hard to see what else would have achieved this result. If the US won’t be the world’s policeman, and the world doesn’t want to learn to sing in perfect harmony, perhaps better leave it to Putin and those who are not afraid to use force when it counts?


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4 Responses to Surviving the storm

  1. Historical hindsight is always 20/20! And those of us Christian teachers & theolog’s that believe in the Biblical Prophetic, i.e. the End Times and Eschatology, know that The End will be over the land and people of Modern Israel! Indeed Jesus/Yeshua will be Coming back to the Nation and Land of Israel, Zech. 14: 1-4, etc.; and NOT strictly L.A. or London, etc.

    But now is the Day of Gentile Apostasy! Up next, will be the Person of the Antichrist (2 Thess. 2). Even Irenaeus of Lyons spoke of this and the personal Antichrist in his Adversus Haereses/Against heresies. As too his belief in a literal and real Millennium! (Which Erasmus published fully in his day btw). Yes, God’s divine economy in time has been seen in many of his servants. But the visible church appears to have lost its way! There are but a few “Watchmen” left these days, who but cry: The Word of the Lord! Indeed Come Lord Jesus, the Church’s only hope!

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    • Btw, I have noted today that many are losing belief in the Biblical Prophetic or Prophesy, from Holy Scripture! I see and hear it now all the time, especially liberals who say Prophesy is simply made-up stuff, by people who believe too overtly in the literal Text of the Bible. And this is happening now even in the visible Church! Well I guess I am just one of those that believes in the “literal” authority of the Word of God and Holy Scripture! I read it, and believe it, and stake my life and death on it! But, as I have always maintained, the Bible and Holy Scripture is its own presupposition! WE ourselves can really add nothing to it, nor even in reality take away from it, as it is GOD’s Word alone! This is the Faith of the Church as the Body of Christ, and it will carry us to God’s eternal purposes and glory! To God be the Glory, may our refuge be here to God in Christ, who is the “Logos” and the “Rhema” Himself!


  2. the unit says:

    ” perhaps better leave it to Putin and those who are not afraid to use force when it counts?” I don’t discount that. His opposition from here is from tweets and #tags now. #Go what ever it takes. lol

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