Then and now

Directors_of_the_Union_Pacific_Railroad_on_the_100th_meridian_approximately_250_miles_west_of_Omaha,_Nebr._Terr._The_tra_-_NARA_-_530892Well, we’ve all seen the movies and TV shows about building railroads in the nineteenth century, the armies of men, the towns, usually called “Hell on Wheels’ for good reason. and all the rest. The picture above is from my neighborhood, and without that railroad, there wasn’t any purpose for anybody to live out here, except maybe to hunt buffalo.

But we don’t build railroads like that anymore, Here’s how it’s done now

But if you were paying attention, you noticed those rails weren’t drilled to bolt together. That’s because there is a better way.

And, by the way, those armies of men, and the women who followed them, had to find other ways to make a living over the years, just like is happening now to many of our low skilled laborers, a few highly skilled and paid men, with the proper machinery, can do a better job, and do it cheaper than a horde of unskilled employees. And that means lower prices for us all.


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Lineman, Electrician, Industrial Control technician, Staking Engineer, Inspector, Quality Assurance Manager, Chief Operations Officer

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