Send in the Cavalry

002-Cavalry-Regiment-COAYou know there’s some quite old traditions in America, one of them is that when you’re in trouble, you like to see the Cavalry coming. Still works that way, you know. Take, for instance, the Second Dragoons, they’ve been around since established by Andy Jackson, in 1836. In the years since they’ve spent much of their time on the frontier. In the American west, with the Army of the Potomac, in Mexico, in Cuba, and the Philippines, with Patton, in West Germany, in Kuwait, Iraq, in Bosnia, and back to Iraq, and finally back to Germany, always, they seem to be where there is trouble. The ‘Ghosts of Patton’s Army’ have pretty much always lived up to their motto Toujours Prêt, always ready.

So, where have the dragoons been lately? Czech Republic, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania and in Estonia is where, of course. Where there is war or rumor of war is where you find the cavalry. This is a demonstration of showing the flag, mostly, a patrol (a road march, they call it) showing everybody that the US is concerned and involved.

1-B-lu5Viis48FxuptInneVwDragon Ride II it’s called, and while the Strykers might not be really up to combatting the Russian army, well they said the same thing about the horse cavalry in the Great War, but the Dragoons engaged at the Aisne-Marne as mounted cavalry.

via The U.S. Army’s Great Green Fleet Returns to Eastern Europe — War Is Boring


These Polish folks seem fairly pleased to see the cavalry arrive, don’t they? A picture the US Cavalry has figured in all over the world for generations.



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