w1056So in a few days, you Brits will decide whether to remain a part of the European Union. In a way, it’s none of our business, but like our elections make a difference to you, this matters to us as well. I’m not about to tell you how to vote, that’s no more my place than it’s yours to tell me how to vote for US President. But, sometimes its easier to see the issues from a bit farther away.

Jess, here, and I, here, have each written our views on the issue. Some of you may have seen them, but the links will take you to them, in any case. Yes, as far as I know, she still favors staying, and I still think you should leave. Interesting, I think that two people who agree on so much differ on this.

The economics, well, I don’t think anybody really knows what will happen if you leave, or if you don’t. I doubt it will be as good as the Brexiteers say, nor will it be as bad as the Remaindeers say. It’s rather like our election this year, nobody knows what will happen, except this: on 21 January 2017, Barack Obama will not be the President. And surely by now you know we are not going to throw away trading with the fifth or sixth largest economy in the world. Heavens, we once went to war with you when you wouldn’t let us trade with France. We, like you, built our country on trade. That’s purely a bogus argument. I think the same goes for Europe, they need you a lot more than you need them. As an aside, have you ever wondered why there are all those banks in London, and even Edinburgh, rather than say, Düsseldorf and Paris? There’s a clue for you, I think.

But I think the real issue is sovereignty, as does Jess. She makes a pretty fair case that none of us have full sovereignty anymore in the modern world, and there is a good deal of truth in that. But sovereignty is exactly the reason we never ratified the Treaty of Versailles or the Kyoto accord. And by the way, we are also the only country to meet the goals stated in Kyoto, and pass them by a fair way. The last time we said it out loud was when President Bush said this, “America will never seek a permission slip to defend the security of our people.” It’s an attitude that has served us, and you, well. Nor will we turn over our people to be judged by anybody else, which Europe is doing to you.

And for me, that’s the deciding factor, like you, we value the heritage of freedom, that has come down from the Anglo-Saxons, and the EU undermines that, above all. As long as it was a customs union, it was a good deal for you, but as it starts to unravel your history and freedom, I think it becomes an intolerable weight. The EU increasingly seems to me to be a return to the divine right of rule, this time by bureaucrats.

There’s things about the EU that we have a lot of knowledge about. I think you’re smart enough to learn from others, even if your Prime Minister is trying to scare you. (Seems to me that people who have tried to scare Britain have usually come to a bad end, sometimes on St Helena.) You know, there once was a bunch of Englishmen who went to war with the slogan

No taxation without Representation

They didn’t learn it from the Native Americans. They learned it at their daddy’s knees, those men who had curbed kings, and barons, and even in that day, made the United Kingdom the most powerful country on earth. Another Britisher said this in 1755,

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety,

deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

By the way, the context is not what you’re thinking. That wise man, a member of the Royal Society, Benjamin Franklin, said it in an address to the Pennsylvania governor in an attempt to persuade him to allow William Penn’s estate to be taxed, for frontier security. Elites don’t change much over the years, you might check how much all those EU functionaries make, and how much taxes they pay.

This will tell you about that, and how the EU costs you so much in lost trade with the world, I keep hearing how you won’t be able to make trade deals with us, or India, or China, and so forth, well so what, none of us have them with the EU either. In fact, of your top ten trading partners, nine don’t. You should be expecting this, and I’m not going to disappoint you.

Well you, like us, have form on that. In fact, I published this today, because 801 years ago, today, your barons had a good bit to say about the rule of law. You can still see where they did so, it’s a meadow on the Thames, not far from London, called Runnymede, and while you are there, you can see the monument erected by the American Bar Association to commemorate your, and our, journey, which started it’s modern progress there. There’s also a poem, which you may have heard about, by Kipling, of course.


I can hear the echo, clean over here along the Platte.


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9 Responses to Brexit

  1. Yes sadly now I believe British democracy (as even the American) is being so pressed by modernity & postmodernity, that especially for so-called Great Britain, who has already chosen in and for the EU in the past, this will not fall towards democracy and ideology, but more towards a One World mentality! And already we are seeing the loss of support for the great democracy of Israel in her region, no doubt the best and greatest democracy in that part of the world! And yes NO modern democracy is perfect, but we live in a very Fallen World, and the West is losing ground… having lost already the Judeo-Christian moral-ethic and culture! What’s up next? World War III of some kind? And Antichrist and anti-christianity… read your Bible folks! I really hope I am wrong? But I surely doubt it!

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    • Secularism, by definition: ‘a system of doctrines and practices that disregards or rejects any religious faith and worship’…And has so compromised historic Christianity, today, that so-called Christians stand for nothing, but worldliness, i.e. THIS world! Yes, indeed, Gentile Apostasy is here and profoundly!


      • ‘The Christian Gospel is an authority for the will, in the will’s sphere of history; it is not for the intellect – except in so far as the intellect depends upon the will.’ (P.T. Forsyth)


  2. the unit says:

    Something I’ve been reading and wondering about when reading about this is this. It is said this is the last chance to vote getting out. Is that so? Or is this idea kind of like I read about our election… that this may be our last one?

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    • NEO says:

      Well, yes and no. There’s always a possibility but if, as I believe, the EU is trying to build a State, rather than a trade union of some sort, it could become rather like the late 1850s, likely would take a civil war to leave. On the other hand Scotland just had a vote on whether to leave the UK, which it joined in 1707. The Brits voted once before on joining what was then a customs union, the EEU, that was about 50 years ago. Nobody really knows if it’s the last chance, but a wise man doesn’t count too much on bureaucrats promises, in my view. Jess might well disagree, I suspect she does, in fact.

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      • the unit says:

        I see. I guess the people voting understand they are deciding on whether they agree or disagree on being ruled by a bureaucratic directive (i.e. like Executive Order) rather than following laws established by elected representatives of their own country. I wonder though if they do?
        I think that’s what the movie is trying to tell what will be.

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        • NEO says:

          About as well as our people do, I’m afraid. 😦

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  3. True humanity maybe falling in the West, who knows? And without true godliness we lose our humanity! So this could be the last round-up (collectively) for all of us? Btw do we Christians still believe in standing fast in the Liberty of Christ? (Gal. 5: 1) It’s much more than a political principle, or certainly a deism! Paul knew that the human heart could vain liberty for mere judaizing.


    • For me of course this is NOT just a British thing!


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