Molon Labe: The European Edition

w1056 (3)Molon Labe is perhaps one of the most famous sayings amongst Americans. We use it most in regard to the gun grabbers, and we use it in exactly the sense that Leonidas meant it, because we know that unarmed sheep-dogs are little more than sheep. But the Greeks remember the Spartans too. Here’s one of them Taki writing in The Spectator this week.

The Brussels dictatorship has enslaved my country; it will not enslave England

The two most beautiful words in the history of the world, in any language, are ‘Molon labe’, the accent on the second syllable of both words, the ‘b’ pronounced ‘v’ in the second. These two little words were the laconic answer of King Leonidas of Sparta to the offer made by the great Persian king Xerxes of not only safe passage, if the Greeks laid down their arms, but also a settlement of lands of better quality than any they currently possessed.

You know what I’m talking about. The Hot Gates, or Thermopylae in Greek. The year is 480 BC, the month is August, and the Persians number more than 1,250,000 fighters, accompanied by 1,800 triremes in support. The rest of the Greeks under Themistocles are praying for time — and gales — further south, and Leonidas has only 300 Spartans he can count on. (The Thebans have already seen the Persian hordes arriving and have left the battlefield.) The Persian scouts who surveyed the Hot Gates’ defenders in astonishment were allowed to gallop around freely.

Later in the day, an emissary from Xerxes approached the Spartans. The offer of safe passage and riches to come if they lay down their arms was made, and Leonidas replied, ‘Molon labe’ (‘Come and get them’). The great British historian Tom Holland called such examples of Spartan sang-froid ‘gems of cool’, and they were the coolest words imaginable in 480 BC.

It’s always reminded me of Brigadier General Anthony McAuliffe’s answer to the German at Bastogne, “Nuts“, in fact.

Nearly 2,500 years later, there are no cool responses. Just a lot of moaning and groaning and cries of let’s do it all over again from the losers. […] Screw Juncker and the technocratic dictatorship of Brussels; they’ve already enslaved my country but they will not enslave England. (Scotland will play it like Thebes did in 480, but then again it might not.) All people should say ‘Molon labe’ to the Circe-like offers of money and comfort from the EU technocratic hordes, ‘Molon labe’ until the bureaucracy reforms itself and its rigid, doctrinaire ways.

We Greeks fought off the Persians because they tried to conquer us through force of arms. The Brits said no to the EU because it tried to conquer through stealth and lies. The EU would never reform itself without a push. Now it has been pushed rather hard. Modern Greece chose the easy way six years ago because we have Ephialteses, not Spartans, leading us; Ephialtes being the traitor who led the Persians to outflank the 300 through a pass. Greece is a EU protectorate, so heaven help us. You Brits chose freedom. You should be proud.

via The Brussels dictatorship has enslaved my country; it will not enslave England

You British should indeed be proud, you’ve rejoined the club that you started in 1215, renewed your membership in 1642, and 1688 that we joined in 1776. Remember, though, it’s a hard road, it took us seven years to throw off Lord North’s bureaucracy, not to mention the bloody Hessians. But it’s easily worth it. We’ll be thinking about you next Monday, July 4th

Happy (British) Independence Day!



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7 Responses to Molon Labe: The European Edition

  1. the unit says:

    Molon Labe eh? The laying down of arms has happened from long ago, results seem the same. Most recently displayed in Paris, Brussels, and Istanbul. Old timers sitting around saloon table in the old Reagan movie, Law and Order, said and asked “Turn our guns, who will protect us? (That scene has been edited out now.)
    Turkish student sums up their (himself and his fellows) protection… said Ege Memis, 24, a student. “The only protection people have is their luck.” Hillary would say “If there is a right to protection via luck, it has to be regulated and shared for the protection of all.”
    Concerning taking back one’s rights relative to national sovereignty and for the people, Molon Labe is playing out. Some have said if you give up your freedom, you’ll never get it back. Winner here?

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    • NEO says:

      Some may be right, it’s usually proved that way, but the Brits have done it several times. We’ll have to see if they hold form on this.

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  2. the unit says:

    Learned a new word today. It’s schtum. I guess a British word. It could be affecting the Clinton/Trump polls too.

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    • NEO says:

      Yep, and it surely could, especially with all the rancor going around. I enjoyed that article a good deal, and I doubt he was the only one.

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      • the unit says:

        A new demographic to blame. Schtumsters!

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        • NEO says:

          There ya go! 🙂

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  3. the unit says:

    Since I saw the breakdown of who voted either in or out on Brexit, now EU is calling for it’s own armed forces. That got me thinking of all factions voting, not one mention on how the UK military voted. I haven’t found that information, but did find this…
    Veterans for Britain launched last month (May). The group have joined some of the most senior former military figures in modern British history to warn of the dangers to Britain’s security if we Remain in the EU. I’m guessing that carried a lot of weight with vets and active duty who have served the Crown and intend to keep doing so. Bet they say Molon Labe!


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