The ‘Gay’ vote


The Democrats, like most leftist political groups, like to think collectively, and in an age of identity of politics we have ‘the black vote’, the ‘hispanic’ vote, the ‘latino’ vote, the ‘women’s vote’ and the ‘gay vote’. You’ll note we don’t have the ‘men’s vote’ – not even the Left is silly enough to imagine men can be categorised as voters by their gender. That doesn’t stop it thinking of the other groups as ‘brands’ whose loyalty can be secured by offering concessions. As Neo was saying the other day, the assumption is that the ‘gay vote’ is mainly Democrat. Historically there is good reason for that, as it was the political Left which was in favour of lifting the various legal discriminations from which gay people suffered. Want to get married to another woman? The Right said ‘no’. Some part of the Right were quite nice about it, large parts weren’t, and no one really likes those who call them ‘dykes’ or ‘faggots’, it isn’t nice. So when it comes to voting, hey, vote Democrat or Labour.

In the UK our last PM, David Cameron, annoyed the heck out of some of his supporters by allowing gay people to get married; but he detoxified the Tory party for gay people. Because under that label, most people whose sexual preference is for someone of their own sex are just as diverse as straights. There is no intrinsic reason why a gay woman or man would instinctively vote for a party that wanted high taxation and more state interference – once the discrimination stuff is gone, gay people are free to vote the way their own instincts and political preference leads them – and many will favour free-market economics and the chance to make a buck or two.

This is hard for the Right, at least the Religious Right, as the Bible is quite clear on homosexuality. But the Bible is pretty clear on lending at interest, divorce and a whole set of things the political Right has managed to absorb and get past. As it does so on this issue, so it frees up people to vote according to their interests. A person who identifies as gay is always liable to put their civil rights at the top of the list, and if, in the past, that meant voting Labour of Democrat whilst holding your nose at the rest of the programme, so be it. Once that ceases to be so, as it now is in the UK, then all those other interests, and identities, come into play. A politics which makes people identify by their sexual preference or skin colour, is a crude politics which works for the crude only when most voters are of one skin colour and one sexual preference. In our pluralistic societies, this is no longer a vote-winner. Trump, who is nothing if not a pragmatist, gets it, and I hope others will too.

All those ‘interest groups’ that the Left targets are part of a wider society, and they can easily be disaggregated by political groupings who do the simple thing of appealing to the common public good. If that means that people of colour get the same rights as white people, well, frankly, great, and not before time; the same is true of the other groups, including gay people. As the slogan goes, some people are gay, get over it. Of course, in church, it is different, but here we’re discussing the political sphere.


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  1. The whole idea that the political is somehow separate from one’s religion is simply false. And either GOD is the Judeo-Christian God and reality or HE is nothing! This is simply the kind of reality coming from the truth that Jesus Christ is Lord of life and death, i.e. “the dead and the living.” Romans 14: 8-9. Thus true Christianity is quite exclusive, John 14: 6!

    *This does NOT mean that true Christians operate in some vacuum of perfection, hardly, for we are all sinful-beings. But we must have Biblical and Theological absolutes, as the Visible Church and Body Redemptive of Christ: this is the whole of being ‘In Christ’!


    • ‘Jesus is Lord over all of creation. Jesus’ Lordship extends through every area and aspect of life – it is not restricted to the sphere of church or of personal piety.
      The idea that all of life is to be redeemed. The work of Jesus on the cross extends over all of life – no area is exempt from its impact. All knowledge is affected by the true knowledge of God through redemption in Christ.’


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  3. “The Democrats, like most leftist political groups, like to think collectively, and in an age of identity of politics we have ‘the black vote’, the ‘hispanic’ vote, the ‘latino’ vote, the ‘women’s vote’ and the ‘gay vote’. You’ll note we don’t have the ‘men’s vote’ – not even the Left is silly enough to imagine men can be categorised as voters by their gender. That doesn’t stop it thinking of the other groups as ‘brands’ whose loyalty can be secured by offering concessions.”

    I am not sure you understand the nuances of the demographics. It is not that anyone has created the “black vote”, the “Latino vote”, the “Gay vote” and there is certainly an “old white man” vote. These subcategories exist….because they exist. In the business world, marketers have been recognizing this for decades, and adjusting accordingly.

    Those who support Brexit, for example, are generally uneducated, older, working class, and travel very little outside of their regional homes. This is not forcing anyone into a category, and there are some outliers, but it is largely true. And the Brexit message was tailored to people who were not as well educated, older, and xenophobic.

    And in truth, this is how politics has worked for all of time. Romans actively courted the votes of different demographic groups.

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    • I would still disagree with (josaphatbartaam) so much of his political ideas, and especially parsing the Brexit vote! It is quite obvious that HE has an axe to grind! And yes, I am a white Irish Brit, but so what, and btw, I am hardly uneducated!


    • These are the demographics. They are not really up for debate, they are facts… What is your CV?


      • I DON”T follow “Politico” per se, I am a conservative and biblical-theological Christian, and I believe we are at the Eschatological End of the Age! Yes, National Israel is the Centre here, Zech. 12-14 / Rev. 1: 1-3 ; 7 ; 19. See also, 2 Thessalonians chapter 2, it does NOT take a rocket scientist to see that we seeing the apostasy and lawlessness at the End of the Age, (verse 3). Next up is surely Antichrist! (And yes, I am Post-trib on the Rapture and Second Coming: 2: 1).


        • Biblical-theological and prophetic demographics! It time for the true Church to wake-up!


        • See Matthew 25: 1-13, and this follows Matthew chap. 24!


        • The Book of Revelation

          “As the last book of the Bible, Revelation is the conclusion, completion and the consummation of the entire divine revelation, the whole Bible. The seeds of most of the truths of the divine revelation were sown in Genesis, the first book of the Bible. The growth of all these is progressively developed in the succeeding books, especially in the books of the New Testament, and the harvest is reaped in the book of Revelation.”

          In some sense this Book is the eternal economy of God In Christ!

          This was a general statement, but we cannot neglect the Book in the sense of the depth of spiritual revelation! But Jesus is the testimony and the spirit of prophecy. (Rev. 19: 10)

          Yes, I am just an old pastor-teacher, “theolog” who believes the Holy Scripture!


        • None of this makes the factual demographic breakdown any less true.

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        • I don’t follow such so-called facts, which is always questionable today!


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