Girls with Guns

There was lots of hurt flying around liberal circles this weekend, after Virginia Thrasher a nineteen-year-old from Virginia, won the first Gold of the Olympics, in the 10 meter Air Rifle.

According to the Blaze, Miss Thrasher shot 10.5 on her first shot of the final elimination round and smiled after 10.4 on her second shot put her comfortably ahead of China’s Li Du. Thrasher had a cumulative score of 208.0 to beat Du, a two-time gold medalist, by a point. China’s Siling Yu earned the bronze.

Now don’t ask me how they score either, Olympic shooting is a world unto itself, we all remember that General Patton lost in Stockholm because two of his rounds went through the same hole. But marksmanship is something we’ve always excelled at. Even us regular people, two of my uncles, a carpenter, and a farmer, once squared off to decide the champion between the North Dakota, and the Minnesota small bore champs. It’s what we do

But boy does that offend the looney left!

But, predictably, the gun haters freaked out. Because guns and teenagers.

And not just celebrities with mouths and agendas.

And yes, as is normal these days, they found a vociferous opposition. Nor was their denigration of her achievement unexpected. But no matter, obviously they have no conception of just how hard any competitive shooting is, let alone at this level.

Our friends over at The Victory Girls tell us.

A figure skater growing up, she switched sports five years ago after a hunting trip with her family. Thrasher killed a deer with her first shot of her first hunting trip and has continued to hit the mark wherever she’s gone.

Thrasher was not expected to be among the top five scorers — all that counts in NCAA competition — at shooting powerhouse West Virginia, yet got better as the season progressed. She became the first freshman to win both NCAA rifle titles and led the Mountaineers to the team championship.

Less than a month later, Thrasher won the U.S. Olympic Trials, earning a spot in Rio.

Congratulations to Miss Thrasher, I have some conception of the difficulty, and you are, indeed, a heroine, and a role model.


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