A Basket of Deplorable Videos

Ever wonder what’s stalled the economy and killed the American dream?

Clinton’s lie ratchet, yes, yes it is just like this

And it’s the same here, only the subject is different.

And poor little Hillary just isn’t a match for a man, not even Trump.

Hillary Pole dancing, now that’s deplorable!



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6 Responses to A Basket of Deplorable Videos

  1. Why do you think that the American Dream is dead? Just a thought, but you criticized “experts” yesterday? Why? Some people who claim expert status are frauds, but the beauty of a free system is that those who earn the title generally deserve it. And the free market generally ensures that expertise is based on merit as frauds are weeded out. Why is this up for criticism? This is actually Conservative principle, that working hard pays off. But now there is a jealousy of those who succeed based on actual know-how and expertise.

    Likewise the American dream is not dead. It is different. But as the country matures, the dream has to mature with it. What you criticize as “expertise” is, in reality, just the nature of a mature economy. You have to get expertise, keep going to school, go to college, grad school, maybe get a PhD. And in relevant fields. As the kids say these days, “Don’t hate the player, hate the game”. Getting a blue-collar job you can work for 50 years and retire with a small, but acceptable pension just does not exist anymore. But this does not mean the dream is dead. And this is not going to change. Trump is not going to bring this back, he cannot. The manufacturing base that existed 70 years ago is not coming back, anymore than farriers are coming back into widespread occupational use. It has moved on to less developed economies, because the skills involved are less developed. The world advances and people need to advance with it, or get left behind.

    What is so interesting is the educational divide between Trump supporters and Clinton supporters (or Johnson supporters). It is one the the most significant educational divergences in modern politics. Trump is supported, largely, by the uneducated, and it shows. He is a disaster of a candidate. The educated are divided between Johnson and Clinton, and I suppose Stein, but I do not think she matters.

    Brexit was the same way. If you were educated, multicultural, had seen the world, you did not want to leave the EU. It was the uneducated, the provincial, and the scared that wanted out, and out of something that they did not understand to begin with.

    I think the problem is not that the dream is dead, it is that some people were unprepared for the change.


  2. NEO says:

    There is much in what you say about jobs that I agree with, my field has changed greatly in my lifetime, what I learned in school has no relevance on what I’ve done in the last 25 years, except, of course, the underpinnings of electrical/electronic theory. My work now is almost exclusively involved with designing computer control systems and writing code. Working the assembly line ain’t coming back. Your belief in credentialing rather than knowledge is misplaced, and that was my point yesterday. One cannot learn how the real world works in academia, or how fast it can go pear shaped.

    Those supporters (of both Trump and Brexit) exist, although not in the quantities you claim. More are worried about the rule of law, and that is the sense in which both the American (and British) dream are at best endangered.


    • I would completely disagree, and the market supports me rather than you. You may write code, but the guy who went to college, to grad school, and so on supervises your work and will make twice what you do, or more. I know because I’ve supervised the guy who supervises you. Every year I sit down my junior guys and gals and we talk the future, their careers, the NUMEROUS educational programs open to them, and I try to get them involved. Some go that way, some do not, but the ones that do get either cheap or free education and go on to fantastic careers. Those who do not can usually plateau, but nothing more.

      That’s the unfortunate reality that is causing so much angst, people cannot make a living anymore, simply because their skills are not needed or really wanted. It was not like no one could see this coming, but it came all the same, the free market is nothing if not efficient, if ruthless in applicability. Moore’s Law has made numerous roles and jobs completely irrelevant, and those working in them have found their lives overturned, but this is simply the new world. I am not saying it is good, a lot of people have been hurt, but it is not going to change. The modern day farriers are simply out of jobs and they have to learn something new, and quickly, or both figuratively and literally starve. It is a very, very serious problem.

      And education is the ticket out. Certainly an Art History Major is not going to bring in the cash, though for some people that is what they want, so…but engineers will make more than you do for the simple reason that their skills are in higher demand. The market is not good, but it is not evil either. It is largely efficient, however. If you had become an engineer I wonder if your tune would be different, and if you would have ended up somewhere else. I am an engineer, I have traveled the world, I have lived in the places you write about. I have also hated my job, but…that is part of the job. But in the end, I am blessed enough to have quite a few options, for myself, wife, and kids, and most cannot say that, and without numerous credentials, schooling, and a LOT of hard work, it would not have happened. But between the two of us, I have the credentials. I think I would know more about it.

      As for Trump and education…

      “If the gap between Clinton and Trump holds in November, it will be the widest educational divide in any election in the last several decades. And the current gap is particularly pronounced among white voters.”


      Similar studies have been done about the Brexit.


      • NEO says:

        I have never knocked education, which if you actually read the site you would know. I don’t know enough of your background to comment but I have had quite a satisfying career, and yes, I’ve gone back to school many times. I am a technician, and what I do, is translate what the engineer wants into hardware, some engineers can and some can’t, which is fine, that’s my job. If I had wanted to be an engineer, I could have gotten the job done, I simply didn’t, I like the field. I too encourage my people to go to school, and I do agree about the market. I would have made more money as an engineer, but I have never hated my job, although occasionally I have worked in environments that were not optimal.

        I find that the educational divide is most noted by those who are credentialed, and I find more common sense on this side of it. The market will decide, and we’ll try to muddle through, on both sides of it.


        • You could have done a lot, but you never did. You never served in the military, you never became an engineer, you never traveled to the UK, Ireland, Europe, China, Africa, etc… You never got “credentialed” whatever you think that means. There are not a list of letters after your name (that I can see, maybe there are), PMP, CISSP, CEH, PHR, PhD, etc… I am not criticizing your life, it is yours to live and honestly do whatever you like, do not get me wrong, but I am saying it might be a little harder in this modern world.

          That does not mean that people without PMP, CISSP, CEH, PHR, PhD, etc… cannot make a living, but it does make it harder. I know more about project management than most people ever will, but I have to go back and get the PMP, because the industry wants it. After decades of active duty, it is silly, but I am going to do it, because it helps. I could play the vanity card and complain that I do not need it (I do not think I do), and I may never get a job that needs it (not planning on it), or I could play the game as I know it needs to be played. I am getting what I think is a silly and useless credential because I want to be competitive, even if I never use it. But I do not fault the system, it is what it is. The difference seems to be that I am willing, and encourage others to get credentials instead of criticizing them, and they have gotten to get their engineering degrees, seen the Great Wall, lived in London, tried to find Nessie in Loch Ness, and so on…. And they have jobs. I have a job. I have offers. I am not going to be a billionaire, but I am probably going to retire at 67 with around 10k a month in today’s money as a combination retirement, pension, and savings. It is a good life, and we plan on living off half and putting the rest in IRAs for the kids and grandkids, and I owe it to getting education, credentials, and pursuing the needs of the market, not in looking down my nose at those with education, credentials, and significant training.

          Back to the election, the problem is that people are being replaced by technology and are not keeping abreast of the market and falling behind. And they ignorantly think Trump is the answer. There really are two options. Either these very well educated people are falling into some trap because knowledge of finance, engineering, political science, history, economics, and so on have trapped them in their fake knowledge, and the earthy people who know common sense but never got beyond a high school diploma secretly know the “truth”, or the educated who understand finance, engineering, political science, history, economics, and so on really recognize the modern world for what it is and those who never got beyond a high school diploma are simply unprepared to live in it. And the answer is obvious. Experts are not always right, but ignorance never is.

          Now you have also not slept in body armor in Afghanistan either, no one likes that part, but it is the more demanding life for a reason.

          If you were advising yourself today, as a young 18 year old, would you take the same path you did 40 years ago, or would you tell yourself to do something completely different?


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