Don’t be this woman!

via Dealing With Women


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2 Responses to Don’t be this woman!

  1. the unit says:

    So it was a joke. A radio phone scam setup, father on daughter.
    Well to make a long story short… long before our marriage my wife was out on her own working in the early ’70’s. Her dad had passed away and she couldn’t continue college right then. She had driven her car to a shop for something minor and when she went for it it started but wouldn’t go. She called the mechanic over and he looked underneath and said “Lady you don’t have a driveshaft.” Upon questioning he further said “That’s the way you brought it in.” I don’t know how the problem was solved. Didn’t have the heart to inquire further. And P.S. I think it was a Volkswagen Beetle! This is a true story I think as she’s never been known to prevaricate or lie in the 36 years I’ve known her.

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    • NEO says:

      Yep, it was a joke. That said, I’ve heard of such things happening far too often, mostly to women, but not always. Your wife’s sounds like a scam to me, about 98% sure, and I hate that people do such things.


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