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I’m going to talk about the upcoming Presidency some this week, and I think Jessica, in this post, speaks to part of the reason Trump won, and I thought it more reasonable to simply repost her article, than to extensively quote from it. We will be looking at some of the reasons but it surely looks to me like one of them is that Trump simply feels ‘real’ to those of us outside the Beltway.

Another thing that I see, is something else she spoke about several times, quite a few of our early presidents were wealthy men, Washington amongst them, who because they had no need for more money, were incorruptible. Of course, there are those, and I think the Clintons among them, for whom enough is never enough, but that isn’t universal.

The third obvious theme is that Trump quite obviously loves America, as we do, and as most of the left seems not to. Trump may or may not be a Christian as we understand the term, but it seems that at a minimum he is willing to accept that we Christians have some valid points, and perhaps that it is our morals that built this country into what it has become. We’ll see, I suppose, and here’s Jessica. Neo.

On my own blog yesterday I wrote a post on St. Joseph – ‘an ordinary Joe’. I hope no one finds it in poor taste to call a Saint that, but for me, that’s the point of him for us other ordinary folk. Neo here speaks, like so many of those who post here, as one of ‘we the people’. From where I sit a long a way aways, the problem I see is the one you guys have – no one is listening to Ordinary Joes.  We, like you, have a bunch of Fancy Dans, guys and gals for whom politics is everything and who get a good living from it; but like you, we don’t think they understand us – or even want to.

The politicians aren’t like us – they are obsessed with politics for a start. Through my co-author I know a few professional politicians, and when they come home they are full of who is ‘in and who is ‘out’ and what job x is getting, or who y is sleeping with; they are fixated on the process. Perhaps they weren’t all like this, and of course, we know they are not and that there are some, like Rebecca Hamilton, who set the most marvelous example; but do these politicians prosper in their profession? How many of them get to ‘the top’?

When that smooth-talking guy Tony Blair wooed us UK voters, I was in my teens, and because I am not easily impressed by such guys, I kept a tight hand on my virtue; I wish others had, as he thoroughly debauched the economy and political life. He rode the great tide of easy money and he made the sorts of promises which seducers to innocent young ladies; but when she woke up and found herself pregnant, where was he to be found? Why, nowhere, he’d found another mistress – money.

There was a time when politicians paid to be politicians because they were wealthy enough to spend their own money on public life. Men like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were not plutocrats or millionaires, but they had enough and they loved off it and served the Republic. Even very recently, someone like Harry S Truman could leave public office no wealthier than he entered it. Over here the other successful Labour leader, Clement Attlee, had his wife drive him round when he campaigned against the great Winston Churchill in 1945. They used to stop by the side of the road and have a picnic, and then she’s drive Clem off to give a speech somewhere. He, too, left office no richer than he had entered it.

Ordinary Joes could relate to Harry S or Attlee. No one had to agree with their politics, and they could be nasty ‘sobs’ when they wanted, but they were like us – they lived in the world we lived in. Attlee looked like a provincial bank manager, Truman-like he ran a drapers store or sold dry goods. When Attlee was pictured smoking a pipe it was because he smoked a pipe; when his later successor, Harold Wilson was so pictured, it was because it was a good ‘image’; made him look down to earth and one of the people, even when he wasn’t.

But hey, at least back then they wanted to look like us. Now they don’t care, they flaunt their wealthy connections and their jets and their privilege. Nothing is too good for the representatives of the people. Shame about the people themselves – where’d it all go wrong?


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9 Responses to Ordinary Joes

  1. Mike says:

    And then along comes a Joe… and the ‘people’ deride him.
    I believe this is one of the oldest stories ever told, because it is us who is to blame and we’ve been behaving like this for a very, very, long time.
    I view Ms. Jessica as half right. There is no question Donald is a reaction to everything she points out above. But Donald is not a Joe. So what is he? Why is he the subject of opprobrium? What behavior has he demonstrated that every politician competing for the same office had not? If he’s not Common… what is he?
    He’s our reaction to the ruling class. He’s the antithesis of American ‘liberalism’.
    It appears he has enjoyed success without the ever present hand of Government feeding it to him.
    He represents a Danger to the Democrat Socialism, that Progressive yet patient Communism, which has permeated our (U.S.) political process to the point we have stopped teaching the Founder’s Enlightenment Philosophy to our children, do not require a single class based in Constitutional Law in order to secure one’s Law degree and are seriously considering the removal of any mention of U.S. History and the U.S. Constitution from our Naturalized Citizenship process.
    We have wandered far and are in fact lost.
    So this brings us to today.
    The fear of what Trump represents is disturbing to our home-brewed Socialists because of the difficulty employing the tools of mass media, which they believe they own, to convince us of how stupid we the people are… this time. They’ve been ‘winning ‘ for so long, when confronted with what appears to be a minor set-back in the grand scheme, they’ve literally lost their Collective mind.

    They’re Flabbergasted… They’re Gob Smacked… They’ve Lost the Plot.

    But to Jessica’s larger point, a ‘joe’ Trump is not. Rather, he is a manifestation of our dismay. He represents our inability to find our way back home to what was once the Greatest Experiment of Self Governance the World had ever known. He is the Hammer we seek to begin breaking down the wall erected by our self-anointed ‘Betters’ in the hope we may enjoy just a glimpse of the Individual Freedom and Liberty our Founders aspired to attain.

    As far as I’m concerned, with Dewar’s in hand and nary a cigar smoked more than half way down, I will never, never, never, never give up.

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    • NEO says:

      One of the things Jess often speaks of is that America is an aspirational country. Our working poor usually don’t envy the rich – they merely want to join them, and there is a (hard and perilous) path for that. No Trump isn’t one of us, but he recognizes what drives us, and that’s enough to set the dream off again.

      You come pretty close to what I was going to follow-up with, in fact. Like Brexit was about sovereignty for Britain, Trump is about individual sovereignty.

      But you know, the regular Joe that Jess took as a model here, wasn’t ordinary either, he was St. Joseph, the foster father of Christ himself, who could have had Mary stoned, but didn’t, but took care of her, and her child, no matter the cost.

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      • Mike says:

        Indeed. I recognized the reference to St. Joseph which inspired my inexplicably, and ridiculously, long comment. That’s why a gave a nod to the oldest story ever told… but was quick to point out while we remain flawed, Trump is no ‘Joe’. I believe we will have to watch him closely as well as watch those who ascribe qualities to him that I’m not so sure exist. You guys are brilliant and I enjoy reading your posts. You cause me to think… it is a gift and I appreciate it. Cheers!

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        • NEO says:

          Thought you did. We always have to watch any of our leaders, and closely, that’s how we got in this mess. He has his cheerleaders to be sure, but so far, I’m encouraged, but we have to watch him. His cabinet is encouraging as well, I think.

          Neither of us mind long comments, as long as they make sense, we’ve been known to write a few posts in comments as well. Thinking, well that’s what we try for, always, glad we succeed sometimes! 🙂

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  2. the unit says:

    Y’all covered the still seriousness of our situation well in above comments. I can’t expound upon it better.
    BUT, ” Thinking, well that’s what we try for, always, glad we succeed sometimes!🙂 ”
    “Hey, I resemble that remark!🙂 “

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    • NEO says:

      Thanks! We have our mindless moments, as well. or so I’m told! 🙂

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      • the unit says:

        Though mostly mindless, I do the best I can. 🙂
        “Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.” – Dr. John F. Demartini
        “Men whose god is their belly, and who mind earthly things are never great thinkers.” – From Soul Hunger by J. Vaughn in The Primitive Methodist Magazine, Vol. 64

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        • NEO says:

          Good ones! 🙂

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