Such a Conservative Cabinet?

donald_trump_august_19_2015_croppedIn yesterday’s post, Jessica was addressing the malaise that so many of us felt under Obama. That feeling that the world was going to hell in a handcart. I shared it, of course, and for some reason, Trump’s election has lightened it. That is not to say that Trump is really a conservative, nothing much in his record would so indicate. One of our commenters, Mike, spoke to this, in fact.

I view Ms. Jessica as half right. There is no question Donald is a reaction to everything she points out above. But Donald is not a Joe. So what is he? Why is he the subject of opprobrium? What behavior has he demonstrated that every politician competing for the same office had not? If he’s not Common… what is he?
He’s our reaction to the ruling class. He’s the antithesis of American ‘liberalism’.
It appears he has enjoyed success without the ever present hand of Government feeding it to him.
He represents a Danger to the Democrat Socialism, that Progressive yet patient Communism, which has permeated our (U.S.) political process to the point we have stopped teaching the Founder’s Enlightenment Philosophy to our children, do not require a single class based in Constitutional Law in order to secure one’s Law degree and are seriously considering the removal of any mention of U.S. History and the U.S. Constitution from our Naturalized Citizenship process.
We have wandered far and are in fact lost.
So this brings us to today.
The fear of what Trump represents is disturbing to our home-brewed Socialists because of the difficulty employing the tools of mass media, which they believe they own, to convince us of how stupid we the people are… this time. They’ve been ‘winning ‘ for so long, when confronted with what appears to be a minor set-back in the grand scheme, they’ve literally lost their Collective mind.

He’s not wrong. He has confounded the left, which is a good sign. But he is not to be trusted, ever, no politician is.

But one of the things I look at in a leader is the people he recruits to his team. That’s because experience says that no one man (or woman) can do everything, at all, let alone well. And here, Trump is doing exceptionally well, to my mind. I firmly believe the old saying: First-rate men hire the best men they can find, Second-rate men hire third-rate men, and third-rate men hire lackeys who will say yes to everything. And here, Trump is proving exceptional, on a level with Eisenhower, if perhaps not General Marshall, who had only one misfire in World War II. Others have noticed as well, from  Paul Mirengoff:

It seems clear that Donald Trump will end up with the most conservative Cabinet of any president in my lifetime. And yes, that includes Ronald Reagan (Steve will correct me if I’m wrong).

How did this happen? Maybe Trump, who never seemed all that conservative, has come to embrace conservatism nearly across the board.

He’s right, I can remember (somewhat vaguely) Eisenhower, and this is by quite a bit the most conservative, and I think, likely the most accomplished as well.

Trump might similarly be prepared to adopt conservative policies on domestic issues for the purpose of keeping his base and his party happy enough to let him do what he wants on the matters he truly cares about.

What does Trump truly care about? Pearlstein says what Trump wants is “to demonstrate that he can make good on his promise to cut through the gridlock and get things done.” I would put it this way: Trump is determined to do a few big things to “make America great again.” [Maybe …]

But the theory that Trump is largely indifferent about a wide range of policy issues and wants only to accomplish a few big things may sell the president-elect short. To write off the selection of Rep. Tom Price as throwing a bone to conservatives probably underestimates the extent to which Trump dislikes Obamacare. To write off the selection of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education may underestimate Trump’s disgust with the state of public education and his affinity for school choice.

Right now, conservatives need not worry much about why Trump has appointed such a conservative Cabinet. The point is that he’s appointed one, and that it likely will help the GOP reverse the statist, hyper-liberal course President Obama has charted and imposed.

via Why such a conservative cabinet? | Power Line Do read the whole thing! ™

For me that’s the bottom line, these are really good men, with bags of integrity. If Trump appointed them to provide cover, he’s going to have loads of internal trouble, because these guys and gals will fight their corner, as they always have. I think Trump knows that, and he appointed them because that is the prescription he thinks America needs to

Make America Great Again


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4 Responses to Such a Conservative Cabinet?

  1. the unit says:

    Who and what is he? He makes me hear the sound of music. He’ll make America great again! He’ll have the goats in the Middle East dancing in the streets. 🙂

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  2. the unit says:

    And of course, Famous Irish saying with Gaelic translation – Níl saoi gan locht. There’s not a wise man without fault.

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    • NEO says:

      And like most Irish sayings. very true. 🙂

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