For Democrats, 2017 Will Be The Year of Living Stupidly

Over at Townhall, Kurt Schlichter has caught fire again, and it’s a joy to read. Some excerpts:

[Speaking of Liberals] Fear is going to make them go nuts – not the fear that Trump will be a failure, but the gut-wrenching, mind-numbing fear that Donald Trump will be a success.

And it looks like Trump may very well be one – something I previously and publicly doubted.

Let’s step back and think about who Trump has shown himself to be. Sure, he’s vulgar, and his knowledge of traditional conservatism is … limited. But he’s a competitor, and if he’s stupid like the liberals say then what does that make the liberals who Trump keeps beating as enthusiastically as Josh Marshall tweeting past midnight? Look, the guy is a property developer. If he does not deliver what he promises, the buyer won’t take occupancy and he loses money. Trump knows from his own experience – and the painful experience of the follow-through-free GOP – that the way to win is to deliver on his promises. It may ruffle our conservafeathers, but Trump promised to keep Carrier in the USA and he did it. As promised, the market is in the stratosphere and consumer confidence exists again. Trump promised to nominate conservatives and he did – do you think that whiny puffball Jeb Bush would have put up a cabinet full of Mad Dogs and activists aching to burn their own useless agencies to the ground? […]

News Flash: Donald Trump is not only going dance with the ones who brung him but afterwards he is going to take them to his limo to make out. This guy is interested in trying to please the people who elected him, not the urban swells who write for or read the NYT or WaPo […]

Sure, I think the Russians’ truthful revelations of true stuff that showed the true depth of Democratic corruption in a true way hurt Hillary. I just think that the left is deluding itself when it tells normal people that they were somehow suckered by the Russians’ truthful revelations of true stuff that showed the true depth of Democratic corruption. “You flyover rubes are so stupid that you can be manipulated by the facts that we were too incompetent to effectively hide from you!” is probably not a great way to win hearts and minds, but hey progs, feel free to go with it. […]

That Trump laughs at how a creaky ex-superpower is so relentlessly trolling the feckless Obama – President Faily McWorsethancarter even makes acting butch seem super femme – draws cries of “Treason!” and “Traitor!” from the same set who never saw a flag they didn’t want to burn, mourned Castro, and who know damn well it isn’t them or their gender indeterminate children who would get to fight and die in the war they seem so eager to provoke to close out Obama’s pathetic reign.

For Democrats, 2017 Will Be The Year of Living Stupidly – Kurt Schlichter

Heck, I was going to comment on this, but why? It’s simply glorious to see him writing like this again. And watching their heads explode is going to be even better, in my judgment. Colonel Schlichter really brought it here, read the whole thing™.


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9 Responses to For Democrats, 2017 Will Be The Year of Living Stupidly

  1. Jan Hanssen says:

    Is this logical? Trump’s career has been noted by few successes and multiple, sometimes catastrophic, failures. And his failures have caused numerous people significant harm, economic and otherwise.

    Is it possible that the opposition to Trump may lie in the fear that he will significantly harm the USA, instead of a belief he will be successful? This would be the most reasonable conclusion based on the evidence.

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    • NEO says:

      No, you are simply wrong, and the colonel is correct. You’re (I suspect) letting your prejudices blind you.


      • Jan Hanssen says:

        There is a decent list here….

        with more here…

        What is interesting to me is that what are often classified as successes are branding opportunities, which usually have little to do with Trump other than with his name. This is not uncommon, footballers do the same thing, but usually after proven success. Trump seems to have built a reputation on an image that does not bear scrutiny. He has been successful as a reality TV star, but so has Honey Boo Boo, various Housewives and residents of the beach in New Jersey.

        I am curious what you disagree with in this. I have not seen anything untrue.


  2. the unit says:

    Well well, so his ventures, thus him, met expectations only a third of the time. I must admit the present one’s ventures, and him, has met my expectations 100% of the time. And in the beginning I wished him well, if only for the benefit of my dear ones who wanted to be on the right side of history. You know the ones who wondered if I didn’t want to be on the right side of history, …this time when I voted. In my case two previous wrongs finally got it right. 🙂

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    • NEO says:

      Precisely so. And if he meets our expectations a third of the time, it will be better than anybody but Reagan in my lifetime.


  3. the unit says:

    Visiting around some of the posts you like, I was directed to one I liked. One that maybe some disgruntled ones should heed the admonition of at this time. The direction could be a motto. Not “Forward”, but “Move Beyond.”

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    • NEO says:

      That is one heck of an article. Thanks much. And she’s got a point, there’s no winning without at least risking loss, is there?

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      • the unit says:

        Yeah and Yogi Berra said it in a lot fewer words “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

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