The Anglo-Saxons are Awake!

w1056-5Blaming the responsible


And yes, they are fundamentally unserious



Steve Hayward took a look at the beginning of the Berkely riots. Here is what he saw

Berkeley still has rent control, but it hasn’t stopped Milo Yiannapoulos from living rent-free in the heads of the left. So in another triumph for his ironic performance art, a mini-riot has forced the cancelation of his speech here tonight. I turned up for the beginning of the protest at 5 pm, and it was pretty silly sounding and unimpressive. But I noticed there were TV helicopters circling around above the university, and then I started noticing the professional rioters starting to infiltrate. They were obvious for wearing black apparel an having their faces covered in bandanas or something. There were a lot of people on the periphery talking on their cell phones in what looked like a purposeful way. So I thought the better part of valor was to withdraw from the scene.

Pardon me, but that sounds very much like the professional rioters colluded with the news media, in a planned riot. Is it so? I don’t know, but an investigation wouldn’t hurt.

At the Cologne meeting of European Nationalists, Marine le Pen, who is leading in the French polls, really brought it. The line that stands out for me, is this: “The Anglo-Saxons are Awake! The Continent Is Next!”


It’s going to be a very interesting year.



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7 Responses to The Anglo-Saxons are Awake!

  1. Mike says:

    yes indeed.

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    • NEO says:

      Very much so!


  2. the unit says:

    ‘Nother anniversary tomorrow. Maybe that meeting 72 years ago will finally start making some better sense of what has become of Europe. At least it sounds like they’re getting some better sense of the situation they (and we) be in.
    ‘Bout time they who are speaking up getting some respect for a change! Oh, that Yalta meeting.

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  3. Jan Hanssen says:

    The “Anglo Saxons” are rising….?

    Um….So what?

    How has being “Anglo Saxon” helped any of you in any way David? Was your college life successful? Professional life? Personal life? None of these areas have been successful for you, and your “Anglo-Saxon” heritage is hardly anything to crow about. You’re super white, but why does that matter?

    It has been interesting to watch the spectacular implosion of Donald Trump in such a short time, as well as the commentary from defenders. The previous article about populism misses the main point of the rise of Trump, which was the experience of failure for so many Americans. The myth perpetuating certain segments of American culture is that America has been “shackled” in some manner, that it has not been able to take its proper place in leadership is largely a farce. This is the belief of people who are catastrophic failures themselves, some sort of fantasy that there will be a return to greatness. This will never happen.

    Books such as Hillbilly Elegy are excellent studies in the fall of working class America, but many are failing to miss the obvious fact that this is a segment of society who have simply missed the train with regards to progress. Jobs are still there. I have three job offers in America for a decent salary, six-figures, but I don’t think I will take them. I am looking at the UK. Or Munich. I am not sure what I will do, but if you have a decent resume and studied in school, opportunities abound.

    But not for most people. Secondary School (High School) graduates without appreciable skills are falling behind largely because of natural selection. The Market does not care who they are, how many kids they have, what their dreams are, or if they are Anglo-Saxon. The jobs are simply not there for them, and they are not coming back. But in desperation the bypassed selected a demagogue in Trump to bring the jobs back, and he just might, just not for the reason they want.

    Donald Trump is hurting America in ways that will take years to reverse. He is an agent of your destruction. Yes, the jobs might come back, but they will not be jobs you will want any longer. If the jobs come back, it will be because the USA will be a place where those jobs are viable. Like Mexico. The USA will become Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, etc… It will not be because the jobs came back with the standard of living you have come to know and love, but because the standard of living has dropped so catastrophically that the jobs belong in a place like this.

    The simple fact is so many Americans have failed to keep up the viable skills that equal employment. Nothing exemplifies this as much as this blog. David has been unsuccessful personally as a husband and father. He has been unsuccessful academically, not making it through Purdue. The comments on the space program were somewhat heart breaking because it is obvious David wants to belong to this tradition, but he did not graduate. Making it halfway through a program does not put you in the club. He has been marginally successful as an electrician, but only because he remained in part of the country where there was a deficit of talent, and a mediocre talent could be ok. But even more, he is an Anglophile who will never step foot in the UK, ever. If he did, and started explaining the UK to the British he would be laughed across the Atlantic. He never made it into the military while always talking about service and sacrifice. I suspect he knows the hypocrisy involved, but it is sad all the same.

    But this is what it is, a sad, failed man who never achieved anything he wanted to in life railing against a world he has no part in, and will never really understand. This is a heartbreaking blog, but one that exemplifies the divide in America.

    Oddly enough, it is because people like David and the associated crew here are “snowflakes”. David is a failure, he has failed at almost everything, but because he is “Anglo-Saxon” he is special and deserves special attention. Even Jessica left David.

    The problem in America is not millennials, or liberals, or anything of the sort, it is people who want to return to a world that is gone because the new one is scary but cannot admit that they are responsible for their situation, not the other way around.

    But, what do I know…? I’m only moving to Edinburgh next year with a good job, and engineering degree, happy family, and successful military service under my belt. Everything David failed to do…


    • NEO says:

      Run along little boy, your trolling here is over. Good luck to you, I hope the Brits let you stay, rather than force you to waste your life in the EU. Funny how everybody wants to be in the US and/or UK all the while they spout the denigration of those whom they seek to emulate.

      Bye, Jan.


      • Jan Hanssen says:

        Don’t you see the irony. The people calling everyone else snowflakes are the ones who failed to accomplish anything significant with their lives. Sure, I might leave the UK, but I will do so because I want to. David WANTS so much in life that he absolutely cannot have, because he failed to achieve anything when he had a chance. And then he demands protection for his status, because he’s white.


        • NEO says:

          And banned.


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