Sapphires and Duty

Queen Elizabeth II waves to well wishers from a open top Range Rover in Windsor, Berkshire, as she celebrates her 90th birthday.

Queen Elizabeth II waves to well-wishers from an open top Range Rover in Windsor, Berkshire, as she celebrates her 90th birthday.

Yesterday was the sixty-fifth anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the throne. By all reports, she spent it quietly at Sandringham, in Norfolk, where her father, the King died 65 years ago. She is now the longest reigning monarch in British History. And the only one to have parachuted into the Olympics!

Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith wrote about it in the Catholic Herald. He makes a couple of points, I want to emphasize.

The second thing about the Queen that comes to mind is her unshowy devotion to duty. It really is not about her at all, but about the nation, and of course, the Commonwealth. She serves us, not the other way around. In 65 years she has never failed in her duty. This makes her not simply the most remarkable and admirable woman in the country, but perhaps in the world. Her style is in marked contrast to the celebrity culture that is all around us.

How rare that is amongst our people these days. To stick to your duty all your life, even as a quite young woman in the Second World War we could see that. In fact, for her, it is a family trait evident in both of her parents throughout their lives. We try, she flat did it. And a most difficult duty as well. She has done, no that is incorrect, she is doing it admirably. And that is instructive. Her job is one that pretty much denies her any privacy, or even a chance to ever do as she pleases, and yet she has serenely done that duty for sixty-five years, ever since a girl in a Kenyan tree became Queen of England (and all the rest).

He continues

Fourthly, and perhaps the most important of all, as is clear to anyone who has been listening to her Christmas broadcasts over the years, the Queen is a Christian. She is a particular type of Christian, a Low Church Anglican, of the sort who makes little outward show of her faith. But it is certainly there, and it has sustained her over these 65 years. The way she has acted over the last six-and-a-half decades is a tribute to that faith.

via On her Sapphire Jubilee, the Queen remains a wonderful inspiration to all –

Important? Yes. And perhaps it is the most remarkable of all. The queen has kept her faith (and the faith) for her entire reign while so-called progress has stormed about her, and many of her storm-tossed subjects have had theirs rocked, and sometimes lost. In fact, she is on her fifth Archbishop of Canterbury, and Eisenhower had just become the US president when she became Queen.

It’s been at best a turbulent 65 years, and nobody has shown us better what we can be, should be, and yes, must be, if we are to continue what we started those long years ago at the court of Alfred the Great of Wessex, and yes, in Philadelphia City some 241 years ago, as well. For we Yanks too, find in her a steadying point, one who has been there and done that, although probably not so vulgar as to have bought the T-shirt. Indeed the champion of Western Civilization, itself.

God Save the Queen


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7 Responses to Sapphires and Duty

  1. Myself as an Irish Brit, and too something of an Anglo-Irish I of course respect the Monarchy, but this Queen has not always been my favorite per se. And, she is certainly NOT my kind of Low Church Anglican for sure! Closing, in my opinion, the Monarchy surely needs a change, especially with the trappings of the visible show and the money spent therein. This Queen has amassed a fortune over the years, its time for radical change with this whole institution, and for the British people themselves! Yes to a visible Monarchy, but no to the old trappings. My feelings at least.


    • the unit says:

      Fr. Robert, how about monarchical term limits. Prince Charles might agree as his reign won’t be nearly as long as her reign anyway. If he ever get the chance. 🙂

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      • @Unit: I think the whole thing should be more of a kind of monarchy of a spiritual and historical heritage, rather than the old school idea, based with power and any authority, etc. And for Christians, there is of course only one Lord, King and Kingdom: that of Jesus Christ!


        • Btw, my position really is Low Church! 😉 And yes, I am something of a Calvinist!


        • And to quote Luther as to the Church: ’The true treasure of the church is the Holy gospel of the glory and the grace of God.’ And Jesus Himself is the Shepherd and Bishop of Souls, 1 Peter 2: 25!

          *But NO two Kingdoms for me, Jesus is Lord of life and death! (Rom. 14: 7-8)


        • the unit says:

          No term limits in that eternal Kingdom.
          Now the occupants of that other place might have a burning desire for term limits. 🙂


        • Indeed eternity is just that, eternal! Note Matt.25: 46.


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