The Republic and the Preppers

downloadOk, this kerfuffle with General Flynn is either a tempest in a teacup or it may well be the most serious threat to the Republic ever, including the secessionists back in 1860. Too soon to tell, and by the time it is, it may well be too late to do anything about it.

That means that we may end up looking stupid as hell, but we can not and must not allow this to be swept under the rug.

My friend Ooobie, spent a good many years working for the Feds, as did her husband, I’ve found her views to be logical, and rational over the last few years. I do here, as well.

I watch astounded at the audacity of ignorant thugs hired by the left wreaking havoc on our nation. They are the paid hounds of hell, loosed on our society to force confrontation between the Marxist-Leninists (aka socialists) and the deplorables, also known as right-wingers, Nazis, neo-Nazis, fascists, and so on. (Did you ever notice how communists is never a dirty word for these guys?) I see that the unhinged Sarah Silverman became terrified by the neo-Nazi symbols painted all over New York. Those were, of course, utility markings that actually bore very little resemblance to a swastika. A woman contemptuous of Israel on a daily basis, she used her Jewish card to excuse her stupidity. Everything, including the tracks of slalom skiers, reminds her of swastikas, like the hiss of a snake is ingrained in a bird’s brain. Another tweeter skewered her stupidity with a series of tweets featuring “neo-Nazis” (utility workers) doing various neo-Nazi things, like raising the Iron Cross (a utility pole) that bore an obvious resemblance to “T” for Trump. He’s funny. She’s just, well, stupid.

Let’s be frank. There is a paid and coordinated effort to create public hysteria (the Russian menace; the Nazi regime) in order to feed approval for acts of subversion and treason against an elected president and the USG. They want to bring down Trump, and are happy to tear down the Constitution, individual rights and public order to do so. I worked for years for the USG, as did my husband. I have never seen this kind of open sabotage by people paid out of public funds. There was always a Democrat preference, but never the deliberate undermining of superiors. This is scary and shameful. This is unprecedented. These people want permanent power and we are the mote in their eye. […]

Another issue: the Russophobia. The degree of hysterical coverage of Russia has surpassed anything I have ever seen, which includes the entire Cold War. It is not a coincidence that this rise in public fear happens months after the USG funded a major program (under Obama) to counter Russian propaganda with US propaganda aimed at Russia.[…]

The two memes, that Russia is a major threat to the world and that they stole the US election for the evil Donald Trump, could bring an end to our system of government. We have reached a point where the rotten brats brought up in our indoctrination camps, aka public education, think a one-party dictatorship is a good thing, but only if they are it. Otherwise, “by any means necessary.”[…]

Here is what I want to see. I want to see the immigration raids continue relentlessly. I want to see the leakers tracked down and arrested and held without bail pending trial. I want an investigation of John Brennan and Mike Morell. I want an investigation into Soros funding of the rampant violence. I want both the Clinton server crimes and the Clinton Foundation crimes investigated. And I want to see the back of the Clintons (despite those ugly big saggy asses).

I usually have been a few years ahead of the curve in my predictions, although this year is a real drag on my average. But I’ll venture this. We are headed into a deliberately provoked civil war. Prepare for it.

For Christ’s sake, the Preppers were right.

via Sedition and treason stalk America | Ooobie on Everything Do read it.

There’s much I could add here, but there is little point. Ooobie is correct. This is not very far from a coup attempt, against an elected president by the bureaucracy this is why yesterday, I quoted President Eisenhower, he more than anybody else, in my lifetime, saw this coming. No doubt he thought it would be different, we rarely are given to see clearly into the future.

Then again, common sense could, I suppose, break out, and we can all go back to sleep. But I don’t think so, this time. There are too many who have been bought and paid for, by whatever you want to call that group, who adamantly oppose the very concept of the nation-state. To be honest, I see much the same happening in Britain, where the Brexiteers are often being shunted off to the side. On the continent, it’s worse, just ask Geert Wilders and others.

What’s unique this time, I think, is that it is a fair slice of the people, against the government, allied with the part of the population that has the idea that they are better fitted to rule than the people as a whole. As in Ooobie’s comment on Sarah Silverman above, and there are any number of examples, most of which I have, and will continue to, ignored. They aren’t. I’m not entirely sure they’re qualified to change their own diapers. They certainly haven’t the education to be anything but unemployed, nor have they enough social graces to be allowed in to dinner in the meanest of traditional homes.

As Ooobie said, “For Christ’s sake, the Preppers were right.”

I would only add, “Buy more ammunition.


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10 Responses to The Republic and the Preppers

  1. As I have said for many years, the essence of Leninist type Communists is alive and well, and in the West! And in some real sense Russian Communism has never changed, only looking at the outside, and verbiage, the core is the same! Americans and the West must be smarter than the Russians, and this is where Trump must do better! And I think he will over time, I hope at least? Make no mistake Communism, both the Bear and China want to rule the world to some degree! And we can see how Russia has used Syria for its purposes! And now a renewed China in the Islands issue! It’s time to wake-up in the West, and seriously so!

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  2. Btw, in my wee opinion, Americans MUST get past the Right/Left issues to some degree, yes the Left is evil, so lets just let them implode, but keep our eyes on the centre, and our enemies in the West and around the world!

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  3. the unit says:

    Well, I’ve read a few preppers sites through the years. Even did a lot of prepping for Y2K.
    Reading admonitions to “buy more ammo” and “lock and load” at this site tells me this is getting serious. 🙂
    I’ve thought a lot about it over the years. Many questions have been raised, and I guess the main one mostly has been “Will U.S. military and police fire on Americans?” Primarily I’ve thought more about defense from crazed, starving, fellow citizens. You know human wave after human wave coming for my preparations and ammo. They know I must have them because I’m not among them.
    Well, unless one lives on ol’ Rocky Top. Prepping is easy there. Folks get their corn from a jar. 🙂
    Guess I like being silly after all!

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    • NEO says:

      Well, buying ammo is never really a bad idea. I can get through a couple hundred rounds in an afternoon, just fooling around on the range. I miss ol’ Rocky Top, one of the best songs evah, even if it was those boys from Liverpool that made it famous. 🙂

      Heck it’s finally Friday, one of those days that ends in -day, might as well be silly.

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      • the unit says:

        More ammo wouldn’t do me any good. With my hands the way osteoarthritis has done them over time, I can hardly hold a screwdriver anymore. 🙂

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        • NEO says:

          I hear that, my rheumatism isn’t that bad yet, but it’s getting there! 🙂

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        • Light Carbine time perhaps? 😉 Btw, I like the old show, The Rifleman! 🙂

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        • NEO says:

          I do as well, and the Winchester 1896 is a hoot to shoot, nearly as fast as an AR, although slower to reload. Never tried that short barrelled one he uses, though. 🙂


        • I have shot a Winchester 30-30, lever of course, and it was pre-64, made in the 1940’s as I remember? I loved it of course, but it was not mine darn it!

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        • NEO says:

          Neither was the 96 I shot, also darn it. But maybe someday! 🙂


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