Trump to the Joint Session of Congress

Pretty good speech, I think.

He does set piece speeches quite well. Must have been difficult for many in the audience, he did an admirable job of representing the people who elected him to Congress and the world. What do you Think?


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4 Responses to Trump to the Joint Session of Congress

  1. We can hope! 🙂 But these are days the Western World has never seen in many ways, especially morally and spiritually. May GOD help us!

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  2. the unit says:

    I had to sleep on it, let it sink in. Well maybe it can be. If everybody works, get off entitlements, stop giveaways and etc. We gonna be big spenders too. Difference though in promises is… didn’t say it’ll be free. All those trillions spent in Mideast and other overseas places over decades…we didn’t have the money then either. Debt financed it, I think.
    Maybe pretty smart over there in all those places where we spent. They there who had money loaned to us so we could spend on them. They get the improvements and collect the interest. Huh?
    Same with refugees and uneducated immigrants…why encamp them there in time of crisis when the west will resettle them and pay for it?
    Well OK #Pay UP.

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    • NEO says:

      Pretty good analysis. Or maybe because I agree! 🙂


      • Let’s hope these Trillions and loan debt won’t collide, and fall on the back of the American tax payer?

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