The Monday Forum over at Watchers of Weasels is always worthwhile reading, as some very astute bloggers give their view of one of the issues of the day. This week, it was exceptional. Taking as their subject: Forum: Is Demonizing Putin And Russia A Smart Move? they gave us some very good thinking on the subject. Rob Miller highlighted something that I’ve long said.

Ahh, Russia! A mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a wonderful sandwich of that Russian black rye, turkey or roast beef, spicy Russian mustard and pickle with kasha on the side and a Stoly chaser (Sorry, Sir Winston).

First, let’s not forget that Barack Hussein Obama and his $ecretary of $tate Hillary Clinton gave Putin whatever he wanted in the beginning. They literally betrayed Poland and the Czech Republic by reneging on America’s commitment to put missile defense units in those countries and all Putin had to do was glower a bit.

Russia’s nukes at the time of the Hillary ‘reset’ were outmoded and out of date, So Obama and Hillary put together that ridiculous START treaty, which not only had the U.S. decommissioning state of the art American nukes on parity with Russia’s obsolete ones, but giving Russia access to our top anti-missile technology like Shoot To Kill, with no quid pro quo from Russia at all. And that doesn’t count Hillary giving Russia control over a chunk of America’s uranium production in exchange for a nice donation to the Clinton Foundation and a $500K speaking fee for Bill. What the Clintons and Obama gave Russia hurt America worse and was worth far more to Putin than they and their surrogate’s wildest accusations about anyone in the Trump Administration!

But as to the question at hand…

The major challenge of our age is the War on Jihad. Nothing else comes close. This isn’t a clash between civilizations as Samuel Huntington put it, but a clash between civilization and totalitarian barbarity. And the Russians know that first hand.

via Forum: Is Demonizing Putin And Russia A Smart Move? – Watcher of Weasels

Keep reading, and read the other views as well.

That’s the priority, in my mind. If we don’t win (or at least drive back) the war on jihad, we lose completely, our civilization disappears into history.

Putin is not my sort of leader, that’s pretty obvious, but then Stalin wasn’t to the taste of either Churchill or Roosevelt, either. But they supplied him because Hitler was the clear and present danger. Was it fairly obvious that Stalin would become a menace at some point? Sure. But if Hitler won, it simply didn’t matter. Neither in fact, did Tojo. Hitler was the Schwerpunkt, the center of gravity of the Second World War. Now Islamic jihad is. That doesn’t mean it’s 1943, we don’t need to send trucks, guns, and food to Putin free. But we would be well advised to not demonize him, to recognize that he will attempt to advance Russian interests, as we should those of the United States. But also recognize that we have many common interests.

Historically, until their revolution, Imperial Russia was mostly a friendly power, by no means an advanced democracy, but not an enemy, either. Putin strikes me as more a new Czar than a komissar.

Churchill said after the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, “If Hitler invaded Hell itself, I would give the Devil a favorable mention in the House of Commons”. So should we. Putin is not a present danger to Western Civilization, he is a part (certainly an imperfect part) of it.

The Jihadis are the existential enemy of this generation, anything else is a distraction. And anyone promoting that distraction does not have the best interests of the United States or Western Civilization at heart.


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13 Responses to Schwerpunkt

  1. I would surely agree about the Jihadis! But, I would somewhat disagree about Russia and Putin, the whole Russian aggression since the lose of the USSR and the old Cold War has been real and profound. And the Russian’s and Syrian’s together in the war, and the east end of the ancient area of the Mediterranean is all too real! And of course too what I believe to be the Biblical Prophetic that is coming (sooner or later) in Ezekiel chap’s 38-39, and again Russia will surely take the lead here, with of course Muslim countries and people, chap. 38: verses 5 & 6… ‘These together represent the “four corners of the earth,” or all the nations gathered for war against the Lord and His people (Israel), Rev. 16: 14-17, etc. ; 19: 19 ; 20: 8.’

    *I know such Biblical belief is not popular today, especially, but its the one I take myself… We are staring at the Eschatological End in my opinion! The weapons of North Korea, China, Russia, just to name the front-runners! I do hope I am wrong, and of course even pray I will not be alive to see such? But…who knows, but GOD alone! It surely seems our world-age is on the edge!

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    • NEO says:

      I somewhat agree with you, in fact. But as the old aphorism has it, “You fight the war with the army you brung”. Russia is not our friend, but they’re not the enemy.


      • I think some of my Irish uncles just rolled over in their grave about Russia NOT being our enemy in the West? 😉 But, I do get what you are saying! Sad btw to hear about the negative happening to Jordon! They have absorbed way too many Syrian’s themselves! Israel just gets smaller, and their enemies larger in some sense of geography!

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        • NEO says:

          Yeah, that is sad. But I think that will start turning as well, probably soon.


        • You are more positive than I! 😉 My sense of realism, and having been in the region (though back to Gulf War 1, and after in the mid 90’s to the end of the 90’s in Israel itself) still is very real to me!

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        • NEO says:

          Perhaps, and perhaps I’m mostly hoping, I don’t know myself. 😉


        • Hope is always a good thing! But Hope In GOD In Christ is best, and I know you agree! It is just hard for me to see what both a Godless modernity & postmodernity have brought! WE are so far now from much objectivity and a sense of the past Judeo-Christian ethic, etc. We are at least a generation (40 years or so) away from a general moral ethics of the past I believe? And only GOD can renew us away! Note, Luke 18: 7-8, followed by the parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector, 10-17. Oh for the true faith of a little child, and before God we are all like wayward children, but we must come to the end of ourselves! But this is a great work of God itself.


  2. Mike says:

    …present danger…

    Putin, as Obama, is just the rosie sore representing a hideous disease.

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    • NEO says:

      Quite so.


  3. the unit says:

    I don’t know where to turn for credible information, i.e. truth. I like coming here. And you said (in comments) Bookworm is smart. Also said Watcher of Weasels has astute bloggers.
    But Victor Davis Hanson wrote for Hoover Institution saying…”The New York Times is no longer any more credible than talk radio; CNN—whose reporters have compared Trump to Hitler and gleefully joked about his plane crashing—should be no more believed than a blogger’s website. Buzzfeed has become like the National Inquirer.”
    Huh? So much for talk radio and blogger’s websites! 🙂
    Anyway, I’m for Simonizing Putin and Russia.

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    • NEO says:

      Well, what I do is compare and contrast, and over time, I come to trust some more than others. You may come to trust others than I do. Who knows, really, mostly we have to figure out probabilities. Not optimal.

      Sounds like a plan! 🙂

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      • the unit says:

        Just kidding really. I find well seasoned, experienced thought and opinion here at NEO. I pretty much cull the rest. Cull… as a noun 1. a selective slaughter of wild blogs. The more sensational and eye candied ones I read for entertainment. 🙂

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        • NEO says:

          Thanks, that is what I try for.

          Well, I do too! 🙂

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