Katie Hopkins, Canoe U, and John Paul Jones

Britain could use more, many  more, Katie Holmes. So could the United States. Case in point the US Naval Academy. Senator James Webb from Virginia wrote an article 38 years ago, and this happened last week. Hognose from Weaponsman

For the record, 38 years is more than double the amount of service the mean Academy graduate gives to the nation. And the Marine in question is still serving, albeit in a lesser capacity, as a United States Senator.

The individual in question was Jim Webb, United States Senator from Virginia, once (briefly: the high-strung Webb quit in a snit) Secretary of the Navy; once a bestselling novelist; and once, not long after graduation, a Marine platoon leader upon whom a grateful nation bestowed the Navy Cross, a decoration that used to be respected at the Academy. (Webb also has “lesser” decorations, including the Silver Star and two Purple Hearts). Unlike today’s Academy persons, Webb sought out combat, sought out the fight, and fought to win. It is the sort of person the Academy no longer respects.

Webb was to have been honored Friday as a “distinguished graduate” by the Naval Academy Alumni Association, but withdrew Tuesday evening: “I am being told that my presence at the ceremony would likely mar the otherwise celebratory nature of that special day. As a consequence, I find it necessary to decline the award.”

Better he should have spit in somebody’s eye — but once an officer and a gentleman, always an officer and a gentleman, one supposes.

At issue was a paper he wrote in 1979 objecting to the admission of women to the nation’s military academies on the even-then-unfashionable, but still-not-unreasonable, grounds that assignment of women to frontline combat roles is at best disruptive, and at worst dangerous. Perhaps lethally so.

No one talks about the changes that have come to the Academies since female integration. The cultural change is part of it. There is less direct and physical athletic competition, and more bureaucratic, social-climbing, and backstabbing competition. That suits the girls better. There is less focus on courage — as the Webb hecklers’ veto shows, it’s no longer a value — and more focus on careerism. That’s what the girls want. But even the curriculum has changed: the challenging, engineering-focused and math-heavy courses of yesteryear that provided a pressure all of their own have given way to touchy-feely verbal-games courses, because the girls all were channeling Math Is Hard Barbie. […]

The Navy cannot demonstrate that Webb was wrong. History, instead, seems determined to prove him right. But the new catechism of American public religion stands not upon a doctrine nor on an ideal, but a slogan: Diversity Is Our Vibrancy™. It’s the Mein Ehre Heißt Treue of a new orthodoxy that Shall Not Be Questioned. It’s institutionalized admiration for the Emperor’s New Clothes.

It’s careerism, institutionalized.

Go and read the whole thing at Canoe U: Twilight of the Naval Academy. And the next time you’re in Annapolis, go on over there, not many have seen John Paul John Jones weep, but I think he may well be.

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12 Responses to Katie Hopkins, Canoe U, and John Paul Jones

  1. the unit says:

    So they say that’s why they protest Jim Webb. Couldn’t be because he speaks out about the efforts of D.C. insiders, the media, and academia to discredit President Trump and the people around him could it?

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  2. Sadly, very sadly its the sign of the times, there is not much sacred anymore!

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  3. Bill TheGoat says:

    “But even the curriculum has changed: the challenging, engineering-focused and math-heavy courses of yesteryear that provided a pressure all of their own have given way to touchy-feely verbal-games courses, because the girls all were channeling Math Is Hard Barbie”

    USNA is ranked second only to MIT in STEM undergraduate rankings.


    In terms of general education, we ranked #24 in the USA. In the top 25, the only two public schools were us, and West Point.

    Athletics? Physical fitness standards at USNA are at the Excellent standard for the PFA at a minimum. ROTC standards are much lower for a passing grade.

    Have you ever visited Annapolis (no one calls it Canoe U)?


    • NEO says:

      Sure they do, almost everybody in the big green machine does, including the SF operator that wrote the linked post. And yes, I have many time, as well as a membership in USNI.

      But are they graduating leaders of men, or men managing their career? I see much to much of the latter these days.


      • Bill TheGoat says:

        You’re a member in the USNI? I did not see any articles or publications in your name? Do you use a pseudonym?

        As for what you see, how much military experience do you have?


        • Bill TheGoat says:

          It would appear you have absolutely no military experience at all. Or experience in any of the subjects you discuss here. You never even made it through the engineering program at Purdue, which is much less academically rigorous than my program. Perhaps the math was too hard for you?

          What it appears is that you are a sad, lonely, and spectacularly unaccomplished elderly man living in relative poverty in North Platte having never seen much of the United States, let alone the world. Do you feel no shame for criticizing the successes of others while being so lackluster yourself? You were never the man in the arena, you could not handle the price of admission.

          Sad, sad, sad.


        • Don’t ya just love (not) these people who “judge” others! Where is your blog “Bill TheGoat”? Btw mate, you need a new handle for sure! Btw too, try reading what Jesus said about the difference between “sheep” and “goats”… Matthew 25: 32-33, etc.

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  4. NEO, is a Free-Man, with a Free Mind! Cogito ergo sum: ‘I think, therefore I am’ (Descartes).


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