Trump in Arabia

Remember this picture of the Swedish PM (and others) in the UAE?

Well, compare and contrast.

See a bit of difference in the attitude that Melania’s dress, and the whole scene portrays? Look, this isn’t earthshaking, there a lot of difference between Sweden and the US, as well as between the UAE and Saudi Arabia. But it does speak to attitude. The US is obviously being respectful, but so are the Saudi’s. The reception tells you, as it should, that the Saudi government has a good deal of respect for President Trump, and also that they want something. Which they do, but then again, Arabs and Americans, and especially this President are traders, and always have been, and signals are important.

It always signifies something, when the President’s daughter, Ivanka, an Orthodox Jew, looks quite comfortable in Riyadh, as here. But then again, what are the Saudi’s really going to say about it. But later today, for the first time (officially) AF 1 will be the first flight directly from Riyadh to Tel Aviv. That too is significant.

It speaks to the growing alignment of the Saudis and this Israelis against the Iranians, and it speaks of the gradual reform that is becoming evident in Saudi Arabia, not least because of America’s growing importance in the oil market, and thus still another way that the Arabs are losing their power.

And he gave a speech, worthy of an American President, here it is.

Now mind, words are not actions, but words often define actions we will take. It strikes me as a very good start.


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8 Responses to Trump in Arabia

  1. the unit says:

    So what malicious story would the WAPO an other libs be writing if Trump made the Arabian guy get a step ladder to put the medal around his neck?

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    • NEO says:

      Yeah, exactly! 🙂

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  2. the unit says:

    Here’s something I stumbled upon. Off topic, but I don’t often venture off track…too much. Forgiveness please? 🙂
    This sounds like a NWO subset of plans, not of the economic or political order of things to be, but of what to do with the people of the world…”in Washingtons infinite wisdom…”
    “Nothing new under the sun.” Just needs a little fine tuning, open borders, and widespread application for aliens and refugees. 🙂

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    • NEO says:

      Interesting, to be sure. No time to thoroughly digest it at the moment, but I’ll leave it open! 🙂

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  3. Citizen Tom says:

    Good write-up!

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    • NEO says:


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  4. bydesign001 says:

    What a difference indeed, NEO. The top [photo members of Swedish government is all but saying “take our heads, take our heads please.”

    While true the USA and Saudis are traders, there is plenty of respect there that has been missing for far too long.

    As for Europe, they’d better grow a set and quick.

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    • NEO says:

      That was my very first thought on seeing the pictures of Trump’s arrival.

      Yes, if anything almost too much, rather as if Queen Elizabeth met the plane at Heathrow. Still were the best, maybe only, chance, for the arabs to beat off the Iranians, and they know the price is Israel, and it seems they can live with that.

      Britain might, maybe, survive, but I’m afraid Europe is lost. Today’s will be Manchester, no surprise that it ends with Kipling, a prayer of sorts.


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