F*** you, I’m Millwall

Ferrari Press Agency…hero Roy Larner was left in intensive care after confronting the three terrorists on London Bridge suffering several stab wounds. Pals have now set up a justgiving page to help him. See Ferrari copy

On my post A Most Resolute People? an old acquaintance from CP&S, the Raven, had this to say.

Oh Neo, this isn’t a fair comparison- the people in the later picture are being evacuated by the cops. You’ll find plenty of picture of people online who are looking a lot more cheerful while they are being evacuated (including one chap nursing his pint to safety). I’m sat in an office overlooking London Bridge and Burough Market as I write this: no-one is ‘reeling’, but plenty of people are getting on with their jobs and giving the Islamists the finger.

Well, she (I think, I always thought the Raven was female, but I don’t know that, so if I’m wrong, I’m sorry) had a point. I did select those photos to make a point, and I did see others, including the chap with his beer. Only excuse is that we all do it, to strengthen our words. Not much of an excuse, really, but I’m unlikely to change.

But she gave us another comment yesterday, that included this link:


And we’re going to talk a bit about it. But first

A football fan was left with shocking injuries after he was stabbed eight times by the London Bridge terrorists as he fought them off with his bare hands to allow fellow drinkers to escape.

Brave Roy Larner launched himself at the trio on Saturday night who he said had run in to the Black & Blue restaurant in Borough Market shouting, ‘This is for Allah’ and ‘Islam, Islam, Islam’.

As staff and customers panicked, the 47-year-old shouted, ‘F**k you, I’m Millwall,’ before trying to punch the attackers, who have been named as Khuram Butt, Rachid Redouane and Youssef Zaghba.

His actions are said to have saved lives as people were able to escape while Mr Larner fought the terrorists back, getting slashed in his head, chest and hands in the process.

Mr Larner, 47, from Peckham, south London, is recovering from surgery after being slashed ‘in the head’ multiple times by the assailants.

Speaking from his bed at St Thomas’ Hospital in central London, he said: ‘I’m a bit better. I’ve had surgery. They reckon I might have to be in here a week.

‘I just did what I had to do.’

He was pictured propping himself up in his hospital bed with a ‘learn to run’ manual his friends had given him – which they said displayed ‘our south east London sense of humour’.

Love the book, waste of time though, he wouldn’t run from trouble anytime, anywhere. Thank God for him and those like him. The are the foundation of our societies. They’ve petitioned for him to be awarded the George Cross, second only to the Victoria Cross, and the highest award for valor awarded to civilians. He damned sure deserves it. Rollin’ on in alone against three knife-wielding fanatics is beyond brave, perhaps next time a few could follow? Please?

For me, that highlights something, he’s 47, a bit younger than me, but mostly the same generation, and old enough to remember what could be called ‘the football wars’ when the English fans took apart whole towns. The old Viking Berserkers didn’t have a lot on them, other than better weaponry. His mom was a baby during the Blitz. They’ve made it through some tough times.

You didn’t see any Millenials in that charge, and you wouldn’t here either, except perhaps for our veterans. A lot of it is how you’re raised to see yourself. If you raised to be a (pardon me) special snowflake whom no one will ever offend you will not react as one raised to believe, ‘F**k you, I’m Millwall’. Or ‘f**k you, I’m a Briton and Britons will never be slaves’. Same thing really, just a shorter form.

Jessica used to speak of the movies of John Wayne, especially those done with John Ford as part of the myth of America. She was, and is, right. Very few of us raised watching those (and that likely includes Mr. Larner, as well) ever thought life was supposed to be fair, or that we wouldn’t have to fight, sometimes at long odds, for our life and our freedom. Amongst my friends, I doubt he’d be buying many beers, anymore.

This fits Mr. Larner as well as it fits so many of us.

Hope he gets that bauble, he is the kind of man that built first England, then Britain, and then the world, and kept it free.

“Advance, Banners, in the name of England and St. George.”



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12 Responses to F*** you, I’m Millwall

  1. the unit says:

    Mr. Larner certainly is a hero. And even the BBC, I guess one can say a major news source, mentioned him along with others in a story headlined “London attack: Romanian baker and Spanish banker among heroes.”
    Two items from BBC caught my eye as follows:
    “Gerard Vowls told the BBC how he tried to stop the attackers stabbing a woman. He threw bottles, pint glasses and chairs at the men.
    ‘I tried to help, but at the end of the day I was defenceless,’ he said.”
    And this…”Dr Ramadhan added that many doctors and nurses are not drinking on the weekends in case a major attack occurs.” Surely tea would help now. 🙂

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    • NEO says:

      That he is. I guess one can, they say 70% of Brits get their news there and it is about as accurate as, say, MSLSD.

      About Mr. Vowls, yeah I saw that, maybe on Sky, when it beats hiding under the table, but comparing it’s rather weak sauce, I’d say. But then who knows really what we’d do either, might just foul my britches, but I hope not. 🙂

      Always a good time for a cuppa, they say! 🙂

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      • the unit says:

        Could the underlying message from the BBC to Mr. Larner and his admirers be, “you didn’t do that by yourself? 🙂

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        • NEO says:

          Could be. Mostly strikes me as a bit decisive and pro-British for the Euro-weenie posh boys at the BBC. 🙂

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      • the unit says:

        “might just foul my britches.” The movie clip was “True Grit” not “Oh, S_ _t”! 🙂

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        • NEO says:

          Yep, so it was! 🙂

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  2. the unit says:

    BTW. As far as The Raven’s gender, toadspittle commenting on terrorism 6/6/17 @ CP&S about some of The Raven’s ideas says “Then he babbles.” Maybe he knows she is a he and not a her? Then again maybe he doesn’t know either. 🙂

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    • NEO says:

      Hard to say, but I’d hate to take Toad’s word for much of anything. Guess if he/she cares, they’ll tell us. 🙂

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  3. I never considered his age before, but you’re right. The other have a go hero who very sadly die was a Catholic who fought back with his skateboard. We have so feminised our society that when we need men to fight back they don’t know how. Dear Lord, we need a revival of real masculinity and femininity. Some John Wayne’s with Maureen O’Haras; she can have the babies and have fire in her eyes when she looks at anyone who might do them harm and he can fight all the vandals. Amen.

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    • NEO says:

      It’s somewhat exaggerated, at least here, but there is a lot of truth in it.

      And there you hit the sweet spot. My (and Jessica’s, how I miss her since she retired) favorite John Wayne movie is “The Quiet Man”. What a great pair they made.

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