You Had One Job

Sometimes, no matter your job title, you really have just one job. Theresa May was selected as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to execute Brexit, and that was what was expected. I like Mrs. May, then and now. I think she is a steady, dependable woman. But I also think she may a bit detail obsessed, it’s a fault many share.

She decided a few weeks ago she needed a bigger majority in Parliament to carry out Brexit properly. It made a fair amount of sense, the Tories have a lot of ‘Remainers’ and maybe she could weed a few out while increasing the majority. So OK.

But why in the hell, during the campaign were we talking about a Dementia Tax, or, of all the useless distractions, fox hunting, why the stupid slogans, let alone the American style presidential conceits, ‘Team May’ and ‘Theresa’s local candidates’, (we might have some lessons to teach, but the hubris of our Presidential candidates is about the worst thing one can pick up from us.) Why issue a manifesto written by a cabal, that your government hasn’t agreed to, especially one that will cause you to have to make a U-turn. ‘Strong and Stable’? Hardly. More like Hubris meet Nemesis.

And then you suffer a couple of Islamic terrorist attacks, and you let an opponent (who spent a considerable portion of his career supporting the IRA, Hamas, and Hezbollah) take the initiative because you once perhaps cut the number of police.

Of course, part of that is that is that because you’ve (or pretty much anybody else in Westminster) never had the guts to stand up to the racists that run the BBC, you have to be oh so politically correct. So you can’t tell the people the truth. The truth that because you let in all those bearded 13-year-old refugees, and their parents, and their sisters, and their brothers and their aunts, your security services have no idea where the potential terrorists are now, not even the ones that aren’t citizens.

But your police are pretty good at catching Christian pastors who teach what your father did, that homosexual sex is a sin, maybe if they weren’t doing that, they could catch a few of the terrorists. You keep saying that you want to help those ‘just about getting by’. Well, the best way to do that is to get out of the way, and out of their wallet, and let them spend their money on what they want and/or need, instead of sending it to Inland Revenue to fund those who will not work and live off the working poor.

And just how much does the NHS spend on medical tourists, let alone those who shouldn’t even be in Britain but are anyway. Not to mention bloated administration that couldn’t care less about administrating effectively.

But, that is what you let happen, and so now you didn’t increase your majority, you lost it, and now you have a hung Parliament. As Cranmer noted this morning…

With no majority in the House of Commons, the ‘Great Repeal Bill’ fades away and grammar schools whither. With no majority, it’s hard to see how Brexit will now mean Brexit (that is, out of the single market and customs union; free of the European Court of Justice; the end of free movement; out of the CAP and the CFP; and the restoration of parliamentary supremacy). You don’t boast about being a ‘bloody difficult woman’ if those bloody difficulties lead to greater division and more instability. With Brexit in jeopardy and the clamour for ‘soft Brexit’ growing, it is difficult at this stage to see where the necessary leadership will come from.

Steven Hayward adds this…

[B]ut at a macro level there is one big thing in common with the major election results of the past year, starting with Brexit, then Trump, but including the French election (the major parties shut out of the final) and even the Italian referendum on constitutional reform—a rejection of the establishment. Bad news for Angela Merkel I think.

He’s right of course. He’s also right that there will probably be still another election in the UK within a year.

The really sad thing is: The British people deserve far better than this sorry spectacle.


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12 Responses to You Had One Job

  1. Our prime minister – our supposed leader – has just proven herself to be possibly the most incompetent British politician in recent memory. I’ll write a full post on this depressing outcome later today.

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    • NEO says:

      I agree. First calling the election was not wise, and her campaign was abysmal. I’ll look forward to your take. I was watching Sky yesterday afternoon and evening, it was like watching a slow-motion car crash. Diane Abbott couldn’t have improved on it.

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  2. Mike says:

    May, as many other ‘reasonable-western-socialist-democracy establishment types’ world over, continue to believe the BREXIT vote was a fluke. The responsibility starts with her and her advisors… It is this internal mindset that allowed her campaign message to become fragmented and ineffective. It allowed her EU Labour/Socialist/Communist opponents to dilute the voters attention by focusing on tangents and forcing her to address them. It was exacerbated by the absolute disappearance/abandonment of UKIP prior to BREXIT being complete. This should serve as a lesson that the ‘war’ is not won based on a single victory in battle. In my opinion, the ‘war’ for freedom and liberty is never won… never… never… never… never…

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    • NEO says:

      Yes, yes, and did I say, Yes! Like Steve says, there is a trend of the people not buying the establishment nonsense anymore. The disappearance of UKIP hurt, but it seemed very much a personal vehicle of Nigel’s, not very much leadership without him. But Teresa shot herself in the foot, with artillery. If you can’t stay on message, at least don’t get on the other guy’s message. People I respect in Britain are saying that it likely killed Brexit, that I don’t necessarily believe, but it sure wounded it.

      Winnie said, “Never give in, never, never, never give in, except to honourable ideas.” Or something close to that – that ain’t Corbyn. Best news of the night, Ruth Davidson did quite a number on SNP, and what so many call ‘the Fishwife’. So did SLP for that matter. ‘Neverendum’ may well be over.

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  3. You forgot to mention ring fencing from cuts huge amounts of foreign aid as she borrowed money, adding to our national debt and cut services such as the police. Foreign aid which, inevitably goes to countries were Muslims live.

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    • NEO says:

      True enough, I did, probably because we’re so used to the USG wasting huge amounts in the same way, and we can’t seem to get a handle on it either.

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      • When you see it listed like that they catalogue of errors is overwhelming.

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        • NEO says:

          It is. Amazing she ended up as well as she did. Hopefully a lesson learned.

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  4. the unit says:

    Well, this is bad, but somehow I gotta make y’all feel better!
    Ah, those Brits! Always using such connotative words and phrases to express what they mean. “Soft Brexit.” Can’t fool me. My first marriage went downhill fast when my then wife said to me “I like it better when it’s little.” Now at my age just call me “Charmin.” 🙂

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    • NEO says:

      How well I know that feeling, some of the time, anyway! 🙂

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