The Sexes Battle On

So, this will be sort of a point/counterpoint, although I’m going to stress one side because it isn’t said enough these days. Recently, David French wrote an article in National Review about how men are prone to exploit women. I have no argument with him, it’s a good article, although a bit one-sided. A bit…

Here’s a simple reality — large numbers of men enter high-status professions (such as entertainment and politics) in part or even primarily to gain access to beautiful women. Large numbers of men achieve wealth in part or even primarily to gain access to beautiful women. Large numbers of men who enter high-status professions or gain wealth for good and virtuous reasons soon become corrupted by access to beautiful women. As we’ve learned, some men even become so-called “male feminists” primarily to gain the trust of beautiful women.

Object all you want, but it’s true. Indeed, for men, having a beautiful woman on your arm is often seen as the ultimate marker of status. Become successful enough — no matter your looks or social awkwardness or painful dating history — and a beautiful woman is your reward. A beautiful woman is better than a Ferrari. In fact, men buy the Ferrari often to get the beautiful woman.

Well, yeah, but if you think that is news, well you missed the bulletin on the cave wall in France. Some things are simply true. Some systems, notably Christianity, work to ameliorate the fact, and in fact, work to an extent. But nothing suppresses it completely and nothing ever will.

To my mind, he rode this horse to death, but that’s not uncommon these days. In any case, D.C. McAllister in The Federalist thought maybe something should be said on the other side. I agree. She comments.


I’m certainly not going to object, though I do think many men enter high-status professions to best other men in their field of expertise, not just to get beautiful women. Competition can fuel them even more than sex does.

Regardless, we can’t deny that arm candy is part of it. I don’t know many people who would disagree, which explains the popularity of the Hot-Crazy Matrix. Basically it says men will put up with a lot of crazy for a hot woman, and women will put up with a lot of ugly for a wealthy man.

Indeed. In fact, the phrase “Hold my beer,” comes to mind here. Men? Competitive? Who knew? We all, sane men and women, alike laugh ruefully at that matrix because we recognize it’s a basic truth, for all of us.

Here’s a little secret we have to say out loud: Women love the sexual interplay they experience with men, and they relish men desiring their beauty. Why? Because it is part of their nature.

Women want to be desired by men, to attract them, to be the only woman in the world for that man. Their beauty is an essential part of their allure, especially when men and women first meet. They have little else to go on because they don’t know each other, and beauty serves as a guidepost to greater interest.

Outside of a woman looking for a mate, her beauty is a source of power because men and other women value it. This is why married women still want to be beautiful. It’s an expression of their femininity, which doesn’t disappear at the altar.

We don’t need studies to bear this out, though we do have them. A recent Pew Research study says society values physical attractiveness in women the most. Nurturing and empathy are second. The top traits most valued in men are morality and professional success. In other words, men want women who are attractive and emotionally connective, and women want good men who are financially successful.

Yep, personally, I value, brains and empathy over everything, but I still want someone I’m not ashamed to be seen with in public. And D.C. is correct, when we’re watching each other walk down the street, in the office, or the local bar, about all we can go with is physical attractiveness. Ya gotta start somewhere. Sure there are clues, in how we dress, how we comport ourselves, who are friends are, and many other things, but first there are looks.

Do you think the women in Hollywood who show up on the red carpet with plunging necklines, revealing side-boobs, and sheer gowns had a gun pointed at their heads while they dressed? No. They want to do it. They want to dress up in revealing clothes and spend billions of dollars a year on make-up, cosmetic surgery, clothes, and shoes, not because society expects this from them, but because they want to be beautiful.

Women, of course, aren’t always doing this consciously, and not all women focus on their beauty in the same way. Some don’t even think about it and are probably appalled by what I’m writing, but most do. For them, it’s as natural as breathing. Just as it’s as natural as breathing for a man’s eyes to be drawn to a woman’s breasts or long legs.

When men are being their sexual selves, drawn to a woman’s beauty, they’re not exploiting women. They’re responding to them. The women are the fire, drawing a man toward their feminine heat.

This is true even for all those beautiful women who hook up with rich, powerful men—the “arm candy.” I was watching a Premier League soccer match the other day, and the camera focused on one of the rich owners and his wife. He was short, old, and terribly unattractive. She was a foot taller than him, with long blond hair and legs for miles. She was dressed in a fur, and diamonds graced her fingers. She didn’t look miserable at all. In fact, she looked like the cat who ate the canary. One has to ask, who here is actually exploiting whom?

I think she’s got this one nailed. Does anyone really think that anyone watches those award shows because of the awards? It’s a chance to preen on TV, and for other women to get green-eyed. For all that guys never really get tired of looking at women, these shows are simply too vapid, even compared with the NFL to be doable for most guys.

D.C. sums up with this phrase, and I think it a good place to end, if we all, men and women, did this, it would likely be a better world.

Men and women need to show each other grace and respect as they engage as sexual beings in whatever sphere they interact.


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3 Responses to The Sexes Battle On

  1. WE lost the Battle of the Sexes in the Garden, and we straight men are all just like Adam! But according to the Holy Scripture it’s still a Man’s World! (1 Timothy 2: 8-15)… the latter however has been jettisoned since the culture of modernity & postmodernity!


  2. the unit says:

    Well, I’ve been in some pretty precarious situations with some beautiful women. You just have to know how to control what they do and what to say. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • NEO says:

      Indeed so! Wish I did! 🙂


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