Trumping the Media

Joe Katzman recently wrote an article for The Daily Caller and it is outstanding. Did you ever wonder why our knowledge and logical arguments never win against the left? Well here is your answer, as well as the answer to why Twitter is essential to the President winning for us. Enjoy!

Try this on for size:

People often take public positions in an attempt to increase their social status.

If you’ve been in a corporate setting, or settings with certain friends, I don’t need to offer further examples of this idea. You’ve seen it happen, and you also know that you need to be “reading the room” at all times before you speak and act. Failure costs status. People notice this dynamic, and act accordingly.

I didn’t say it was an ideal state of affairs. But a truly rational person must notice reality. My friend and his wife are picking up on a “we’re higher status than you” signal, and it’s part of the reason they’re so upset.

Macro examples also abound:

Do you really think it’s a coincidence that leftism and its “Diversity Pokemon Points” amount to a full caste system?

Do you have any doubt about The left’s hatred for those who will not stay in their assigned status?

Yes, it is as juvenile as mean girls in junior high, but you know we all play this game some if we want to get ahead in life.

Maybe that’s because American public education is now a 20-year Milgram Experiment. Where the meta-message inside political correctness is to override your own judgement, in favor of deliberately-shifting judgements from people with higher status.

These aren’t accidents. They’re clues.

Leftism isn’t a policy machine or an economic machine. Its economic results would tell you that much in a hurry. But the machine keeps running. Which means it must work for something. The correct question is: in what way does it work?

Analysis: Leftism is a status machine. A very, very successful status machine. Conservatives have lost status battle after status battle, often because they fought it as a policy battle. It rarely is.

That’s conservatism’s most consistent and most damaging mistake.

President Trump’s systematic thrashing of the leftist media is the example that illustrates the theory.

Conservatives complained about the media for a long time. Aristotle’s dialectic approach, against people uninterested in truth. Net effect? Very low. Sad!

So let’s apply what we’ve learned.

Why do the media have power? Because they have social status with ordinary people. […]

And in truth, that is all they have. I was in my early twenties (that’s a while ago) when I learned that if I knew anything about anything the media wrote about, the media would be wrong, it has gotten much worse since.

Trump also acts in ways that cause journalists to fulfill his pre-suasion labeling. He makes “outrageous” statements, which many people outside the Beltway Bubble agree with. Those statements receive over-the-top media attacks, which make his enemies look ridiculous. Then events swiftly show that Trump had a point. Trump rubs it in, using the media’s own “Fake News” term against them and pouncing on every sloppy and dishonest mistake. As a final topper, Trump makes the dishonest media a focus during every massive rally. Which strengthens his out-grouping effect among participants and viewers.

He uses ridicule and lèse majesté, not bended knee and appeals — note that subordinating word — to logical argument.

The result?

American belief in the credibility of their news media is now at about 32 percent. That’s the lowest ever polled, and an 8 percent drop from the lowest point of the 2008-2015 period. The media has lost audience, and a lot of power. When Vogue tried to damage Melania by ripping her wardrobe, activists promptly made memes from a photo of the weird-looking critic. The attack instantly lost its power.

Facebook has tried to fight these trend lines by flagging items as “fake news.” Recently, the social media giant decided to stop. Too many people sought out flagged articles. Or, put another way: In many circles, the mainstream media’s status has become negative.

If you thought those memes, like the ones we rung most weekends, are just for fun, now you know why that while they are fun, bigly, they have a real purpose. I’m a logical thinking guy, I couldn’t do what the President does on Twitter, or those memes, for that matter, but I can laugh at them and say Yep, it is so.

And so, now is the time for us to in the words of the famous quote:

To crush your enemies. See them driven before you.

And to hear the lamentations of their women.

Even, maybe especially, the male ones.


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9 Responses to Trumping the Media

  1. the unit says:

    As Trump might say…” to hear lamentations coming out of their women wherever”.
    Wherever, as in… 🙂

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  2. the unit says:

    Just thinking about why never win. Was over reading about charismatic frustrations. Those labeled “Religious Right” generally are those many would think are the ones that the frustrated one describes. But maybe its the lefts base that it really describes. As MLK said there’s a vast ocean of material prosperity and left’s base is waiting for it to wash up. Genie in a bottle. 🙂

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