Gone to Glory

Rev Gavin Ashenden, the former chaplain to the Queen recommends that we pay attention to this last message from Rev Billy Graham.

To our ears these days, it rather sounds like “That Old Time Religion” but it is the same faith, that the Apostle’s embraced, and died for, unchanged for 2000 years. That built the world we live in.

So yesterday it was announced that Billy Graham has left this mortal coil. We say that we can never know who God’ people are here, but if I make the cut, I’d be very surprised not to see the Rv. Graham there. I’m sure he had his sins, as we all do, but I’m also sure that he confessed them and was forgiven.

I was a bit young for his big Crusades, although they were rather ubiquitous on TV, and I watched some of them, but it was with the eyes of a child, my response would probably have been much different in my forties. But even as a child they moved me. And to watch him again on YouTube, moves me beyond measure, as I now have the experience, much of it painful, to understand this faith of ours.

How remarkable it is, that God himself came into the world and allowed us to kill him, as we still do daily, but that was not the end. Three days later he rose again, and if we do what is required, we shall spend eternity with him.

But I’m not the preacher man, Brother Billy was, and one of the best ever, I think, and now he too is gone from amongst us, but he is not gone, for he lives in each of us whom he brought his message too, and yes, one glorious day we will see him again.

Once again the Trumpets sounded on the other side, to recognize one of God’s own children, returning home, to God, and yes, to Ruth as well.

“Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”


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6 Responses to Gone to Glory

  1. the unit says:

    A Silicon Valley Whizkid said not too long ago that the first person to live a thousand years has already been born. Wish it could’ve been Billy Graham and able to have stayed healthy.
    In ’50, me going on 8, with my family I attended his revival in what seemed like a yuge football stadium. Filled to capacity and the playing field filled with people in folding chairs. Toward the end of his sermon he asked that every head be bowed, every eye closed, and to raise your hand if you weren’t saved and knew you needed to be. I did as I was told and raised my hand. Then I had to peek. 🙂
    First guy I saw wasn’t bowed, nor eyes closed, nor hand raised. Most were, I think. Hand position depending on saved or not. Always one in every crowd. Knew then I needed to maintain eternal vigilance to those around me. “When seconds count, the cops are just minutes away.”

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    • NEO says:

      Yep, that eternal vigilance thing! And never think God doesn’t do that too! 🙂

      As for living a thousand years – I just don’t know if I’d be interested, Maybe if my friends did, but seems to me it’s going to get awful crowded.


  2. Billy G, was simply but profoundly a Man of God! And as he always maintained Christians are saved sinners! There are NO other Christians!

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  3. Btw, it is simply amazing to see the effect of the dumb-ing-down of the West, both the Americans and the British, and surely the Europeans… very sad! Where is the Gospel of God today especially in Britain, as Europe? The PC is killing the West, not to mention the message of the Pauline Gospel of Law & Gospel. Grave Apostasy surrounds the West!

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