13 Days of Glory

Well, I did it again, yesterday was the 182d anniversary of a seminal event in Texian, no make that American history, the fall of the Alamo. Which cannot be mentioned without this…

Brave men holding the line, until death. It’s a recurring story in our history. But let’s just enjoy the music and think about those men.


That Mexican Army that was delayed at the Alamo got itself surprised at San Jacinto with a bit of help from an unlikely source.

Yeah, I know that this is the cleaned up Mitch Miller version but, I suspect we all know the story, and I like this one. Something about those Texas girls, isn’t there?

Then came the big war, and over Sam Houston’s objections, Texas cast its lot with the South.

Those of us that keep up with history will notice something in that song, in the English speaking world revolutions are fought to restore rights that government has taken away. It’s a tradition that reaches back, at least, 800 years to Magna Charta, and it still lives.

Back in 1898 in that “Splendid Little War” with Spain, well there were a lot of cowboy boots that went up San Juan Hill, with those Yalies.

And you know, it just keeps going on, there were a fair number of those boots flying in those Mustangs and Fortresses, back in the Forties as well. To the point that one officer in the Eighth US Army Air Force provoked a protest from the Ambassador from Ireland when he commented that the Allies would have lost if it weren’t for Ireland and Texas. But he may have been right, although he actually meant the Irish-Americans.

But you kind of have to feel for the Mexican Army, they’ve always done their best, and twice they’ve won engagements fought to the last man but both times the glory has gone to the losers. The first was the Alamo, and the second made this unit famous.

Who is, of course, no one but the French Foreign Legion. Sort of sad though, when your best and most famous military unit is made up of every nationality on earth, except the one whose flag it fights under.


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9 Responses to 13 Days of Glory

  1. the unit says:

    Heck, we temporarily be absent minded sometimes. Can’t rely on the calendar or MSM to remind us about important dates of history anymore. However, due to our convictions we strive to remember and honor those deserving on certain days for reasons we know.
    Maybe the mayor of Oakland could remind us of upcoming special dates? Article title of story at Drudge this morning: ‘UPDATE: Illegals with convictions evaded capture after mayor warning…’. Illegals with convictions? Does that mean they have strongly held beliefs against being captured and deported, some deported again? 🙂

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    • NEO says:

      I think their convictions have more to do with raping women, if I heard right. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, the mayor of Oakland. 🙂

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      • the unit says:

        Yep, she’d only give a reminder to protesters to remember to protest remembering the Alamo or Independence Day.
        No not sharp. Dullard. 🙂

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        • NEO says:

          Yepper! 🙂

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  2. I have an older Irish cousin who did a tour with the French Foreign Legion, he now in his mid 70’s.

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    • NEO says:

      Impressive mob, from what I read.


      • Early 1960’s as I remember? He was in some rapid deployment force. I don’t know much of the details. He is now a retired Bobby.

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        • the unit says:

          I think I saw him Fr. Robert. Which one was him? 🙂

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        • He is a serious “Abbott” type for sure, straight face and no nonsense with him!

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