California begins Disintegrating

The Orange County, California Board of Supervisors voted unanimously the other day to join the federal government in its suit against California requiring it to not cooperate with Federal law enforcement, in regard to illegal immigrants released from custody, and in other ways. Amongst other things this law prevents local law enforcement from notifying federal authorities when they are releasing people wanted by ICE under a deportation order.

Along with the above, the Sheriff of Orange County announced that since she is prohibited by state law from notifying federal authorities of release times and dates, she will post all release information on her website. To be honest, I sympathize with California law enforcement. Unless it’s different there, they are sworn to support and defend the United States Constitution as well as enforce California law. What do you do when they directly contradict each other, by design? Of course, so is the Attorney General, although it doesn’t seem to bother him, even slightly.

As of Monday, March 26, an existing “Who’s in Jail” online database includes the date and time of inmates’ release, a move agency officials say will enhance communication with its law enforcement partners.

The release date information applies to all inmates, not just those who are suspected of being in the country illegally. But the goal is to assist agents with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE.

“This is in response to SB-54 limiting our ability to communicate with federal authorities and our concern that criminals are being released to the street when there’s another avenue to safeguard the community by handing them over (to ICE for potential deportation),” Orange County Undersheriff Don Barnes said.

California’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra had a suitably obtuse comment on this.

Meanwhile, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra would not rule out taking action of his own against officials who fight the laws, including the sheriff.

“State law is state law. It’s my job to enforce state law and I will do so. We want to make sure that every jurisdiction, including Orange County, understands what state law requires of the people and the subdivisions of the state of California,” Becerra said at a news conference. When asked if that meant an arrest or lawsuit against the sheriff, Becerra responded, “I think I just answered that.”

I fail to see what is to stop federal authorities from arresting Becerra for obstruction of federal officers and/ or obstruction of justice if he interferes with their taking custody of a wanted person. I also suspect that the deputies would not take very kindly to the sheriff’s arrest.

It’s also interesting that there appears to be a fair amount of doubt whether Becerra himself is a legal resident of the United States. Many of his family, he has admitted, are not.

The Democrats, especially in California, appear to think it is 1860 again, at least that is the playbook they are using. They apparently don’t remember how badly that ended for them.

Best to buy popcorn futures, this could get very interesting, quite quickly.

And a programming note: It is Maunday Thursday as we all know. I was going to write about it, but instead around noon DST, will bring you a repeat of one Jessica wrote a few years ago. I couldn’t then and can’t now write anything even close to as good. Watch for it.


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19 Responses to California begins Disintegrating

  1. Sad! I lived in the OC for several years, the place has gone to blazes!

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    • NEO says:

      I don’t see it that way. They’re trying to find a way to follow the constitution, pitting them against the state government, which is violating federal law, at least in my (and others opinion).


      • Yes, “some” in the Government in the OC I suppose, but just some care. Generally of course the California government is a Democrat run haven! My two cents at least, and I lived there from 06 to 17.

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        • Btw, my younger brother and his now grown kids still live in the OC. He was an American Marine in the 1980’s.

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        • Of course I went back and forth some to both Ireland and the UK, during my time in CA. But now living in Utah is like a paradise compared to CA!

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        • NEO says:

          I no longer even want to visit. Very sad.


        • NEO says:

          The current Board is, i read, all Republican. Of course that doesn’t make them conservative, by any means.


        • Yes, I know. The whole Left/Right, GOP/Democrat lines are a mess in America right now! Not much real difference. Perhaps the real reason Trump won the White House to some degree? But, indeed, the US Federal Government verses the State Government has been a vast problematic line in America, we can see this early with Jefferson, with his idea of the separation of Church and State, and of course after with the American Civil War. It’s a tough Constitutional line! I can even as a Brit remember when Kennedy called in the Federal Troops during the American Civil Rights, remember the confrontation with Governor George Wallace? And of course later with the Riot’s of Watts 1965, and Detroit 1967. In Detroit, even some Army active duty were called out! And since the Fed’s with Ruby Ridge, and Waco.

          Btw, as an American do you think of all of these as something of a Constitutional crisis, i.e. Federal verses State? Many British don’t understand this aspect, one of the reason’s I ask.

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        • NEO says:

          It is a mess (another thing we seem to share with Britain). I’ve not entirely opposed to the idea of the ‘Uniparty’ or what d Souza called “the country vs the city”, or any of several other distinctions along the same lines.

          One could add Eisenhower sending in the 82AB at Little Rock because the National Guard could not be trusted.

          It’s one of the checks and balances actually. That’s why Senators were originally selected by the state legislatures – to give the states a voice in Washington, Wilson et al. were wrong to change, I think.

          Thing is the federal government is an enumerated government, they can only do what the constitution permits. Granted it has been stretched so far that the founders would recoil in horror. But immigration, like war, insuring domestic tranquillity (rare even then) and the currency is one of those areas.

          Rather like the Ten Commandments, Thou shalt not…

          The states however, are plenary governments – they can do anything not prohibited but either the US constitution or the respective state constitution.

          It started quite early really, the Louisiana Purchase for instance was extra-constitutional, neither permitted nor denied, just not mentioned, but by saying that it might have been unconstitutional. Clear as mud, what?

          Still with people of good sense in the government it works pretty well and that seems lacking lately, as it did in the 1850s, when it gets too partisan well, you see it as well as I do. Lack of proper education is at the base of it, I suspect.

          The founders basic belief seems to have been that the only check on a man (or group) with ambition is another group (or man) with ambition. Rather a civil version of Original Sin is how I think of it.


        • Indeed the American Constitution is great, but it is NOT infallible! Using the Constitution to remove the Ten Commandments, and any other aspect of religious freedom and statement is NOT true freedom! As too using the Constitution to allow the moral change of sexual ethics, i.e. the obvious right and wrong of the Biblical Revelation therein, etc. Judeo-Christianity has always been an exclusive revelation, as is the doctrine of God The Almighty!

          Btw, it was surely strange how Jefferson did NOT understand the Bible and Biblical Revelation
          hardly at all, and in his ethics he had over 600 slaves, the most of all the American early Presidents! And we now know he had a black woman concubine, with other children too! Yes, indeed Original Sin is very real!

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        • NEO says:

          Settle down, Fr Robert. I didn’t remove the Ten Commandment, I used them as a comparison of a type of law. On the bvious, well, yes it is.

          he was a deist, as near as I can tell. He did, and it troubled him, but then in that day, slavery was legal everywhere. Yep, he did, and most of the evidence says he loved her, but Virginia law (and the customs of the time) wouldn’t have permitted anything more. And most were southerners as well, most from Virginia, Washington educated his and directed they be freed at his death, all he could do. The others, I simply don’t know, but they were men of their time and station, we would be wise not to judge them by our standards.


        • NEO, I was NOT responding to you, but to the use of a Jeffersoneeal idea of the separation of church and state, which has been used to remove the Text of the Ten Commandments, as also other biblical Texts in public places! (As too Crosses and the Crucifix!) Note, I myself do not follow the American so-called idea of separation of Church and State, i.e. Jefferson’s! I would be closer to a true Judeo-Christian model myself, and even perhaps some kind of biblical theocracy?

          No, I am NOT a fan of Jefferson myself, but more of a Washington, and too a John Adams! And I am well aware of the difference of the time and culture, but that is again NOT my point, but the great truth of the Bible and its absolutes, which Americans as well as the British, and the whole of the West have lost, at least culturally! WE are surely living in the DAY of biblical apostasy! Would that we still had some true 17th and 18th century deists, but even that day is now gone!

          *I have quite studied the American early fathers, and they were NOT all that pure biblically or theologically! In fact more lawyers signed the American Constitution than any other type professionals, and only ONE ordained clergyman, and just one Catholic layman! And yes, many lawyers were then also farmers… wealthy men!

          Btw, least we forget GOD WILL JUDGE, but He will do so by Biblical Revelation & Standards! No sloppy Agape really in the doctrine of God! 🙂

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        • NEO says:

          Remember Jefferson was against the state interfering in the churches, not the church instructing and informing the state. It’s one place where the Bill of Rights is a bit too succinct.

          But yes, I agree with you.

          The only true judge, as they say! 🙂


        • Jefferson was no doubt a good American per se, but he was a quintessential 17th and 18th century deist! But his personal doctrine of Jesus Christ was dead set humanist! I don’t expect to see him in the glory myself, because that will be the place of worship and THE Glory of Jesus the Christ…The Lord of “Glory”, and the Saviour of sinners! Indeed the true Gospel is pretty simple, Redemption and the Redeemer!

          As I have said so many times, we will be surprised who is and who is NOT in the Glory! Though I am a devout historic Churchman, I am sure heaven will include sinners who have never been in an earthly church, but somehow and somewhere on earth they met the One and Only Lord & Saviour, Jesus Christ! And here I cannot help but think of the many Jewish sufferers and seekers who met (and will meet) their true Messiah and Christ, Yeshua-Jesus! WE Gentiles only come into “their” Covenant & covenantal blessings! Jesus Is The King of the Jews, the Gospel flows through the Judeo truth! And yes, I am a “Zionist” Christian myself, though always but an old Irish Gentile! 🙂

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        • Btw, I have had the blessing of being something of a vessel of leading a few Jews to their Messiah and King! What a blessing that was! Beyond words and of course beyond this world… Glory! 🙂 One is never quite the same after the Lord uses one to introduce him or her to Jesus! Jew or Gentile. Yes, the Lord often uses us sinful yet redeemed men and women to bring people to Christ. A grand mystery!

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        • NEO says:



  2. the unit says:

    I bet there are others who, like me, from time to time have to put up with Democrat, liberal in-laws. I hope theirs are like mind. Just bleeding heart libs, and not radical subversives. Still I make no effort to spend much time with them, and don’t.
    My mother-in-law always said these people are just wanting a better life. I’m lucky as I am fortunate to understand where my mother-in-law was coming from with her convictions. Many years ago as a young mother with three children she escaped to Florida from Paterson, N.J. 🙂

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    • NEO says:

      I’ve said that, and the ones we have around here, that is pretty much true. I don’t think it is for the ones Cali is getting lately.


  3. Prophesied!

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