Of Caravans and Armies

The increasingly desperate left has decided to try a mass invasion of illegal immigrants, on the southern US border. Like most of their plans, it appears half-baked, not least because they like to brag before the fact, which gives responsible people time to prepare.

There is a caravan of 800-1500 Hondurans coming up toward the Mexican-US border, sponsored by a group called Pueblos Sin Fronteras, or “People Without Borders,” apparently with cooperation from Mexico. From The Federalist.

The organizers said this:

“We’re not here to give anyone papers and we’re not here to give anyone food,” said Alex Mensing, a caravan organizer, according to BuzzFeed. Mexican officials are reportedly not attempting to stop the massive group of migrants as they make their way through the country and approach the U.S. border.

Pretty cold, that, but we should be used to the left using people without any concern what happens to them.

Apparently, President Trump is not amused. Nor should he be. We’ve probably all seen Katie Hopkins depiction of the Jungle at Calais, this is no different other than it is mobile, and approaching the US, rather than the UK. Well, our countries are similar, but here, we still believe in sovereignty, or at least most of us do, and our President does, as well.

Still, it is a very porous border, but this is rather incredible.







Which is all well and good, and he is right. But I think we all know that Congress is owned by various groups who like illegal immigration, for democratic voters and cheap labor, and perhaps even other reasons. The chance of Congress doing anything in time to be of use is probably slim to none. Apparently, the President knows this as well.

Tonight comes the word that they will be met by the US Armed Forces if Mexico doesn’t stop them, and while they are supposedly trying, they appear to be ineffective. Obviously, the Rules of Engagement will be complicated, but there is no doubt that it is justified. In addition, NAFTA is apparently on the table. That too is appropriate, treaties are only effective between countries with goodwill for each other. Mexico is apparently failing that test.

Good. It’s time and past time, that we acted like a sovereign country, whose first concern in our citizens and not every economic migrant in the world.

Do note though, this can lead to trouble, it’s not all that different from the mess back in the 1910s that led to the border war that saw Lt. Patton and General Pershing leading a fairly minor invasion of Mexico in chasing Pancho Villa. Still, we didn’t make the problem, but it is up to us to end it.

Nor is it markedly different than Hamas attempted invasion of Israel over the weekend.


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3 Responses to Of Caravans and Armies

  1. Nicholas says:

    Good on you for posting this, NEO. It’s time for more people to defend their country and the concept of nationhood and citizenship. People do not have the right to claim citizenship of another country. Scoop ought to read this too. If only the UK were as determined and patriotic as your President (not that I agree with all his policies, but nobody’s perfect).

    Liked by 1 person

    • NEO says:

      It’s about time here. I’ve one in curation that describes how afraid the globalists are of trump and the eastern Europeans, which is a very good thing.

      Liked by 1 person

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